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Learn technology skills at your own pace with IT Training's online courses, hosted in IU Expand! Available courses cover a range of technology skills and topics, including productivity, web development, design and media, and coding.

These online courses are free to everyone.

All courses consist of a series of short lessons, examples, demonstrations, practice quizzes, and hands-on exercises.

To complete the course content, you will need:

  • a web browser and internet access to use the course material on IU Expand
  • a copy of the software relevant to the training installed on your computer

What is IU Expand?

Expand is IU's portal for online non-credit and continuing education coursework offered to the IU community as well as the general public. Based on Instructure's Canvas Catalog platform, IU Expand allows you to browse through and enroll in courses covering a variety of topics. While some courses on IU Expand have registration fees associated with them, IT Training's offerings on Expand are available at no cost, and are self-study courses that you can work through at your own pace.

Earn certificates

Some of our courses are part of a Certificate Series. Each series offers the option to earn a certificate to prove your knowledge.

Visit the IT Training Certificate Series page to learn more about the available series and how to enroll.

Online Courses Frequently Asked Questions


Courses provided by IT Training are ongoing and self-paced. There is no start or end date for learning the content.

NOTE: Due to software updates or changing needs of users, some content might become unavailable after a certain date. This allows us to keep our course catalog up-to-date and consistently provide users with instruction on the latest topics and practices.

Our courses, by themselves, are not available for academic credit. Enrolling and taking IT Training courses via IU Expand will not grant academic credit to participants.

The exception to this rule: An instructor of an academic course can import our course content into an academic course via Canvas Commons and require that students complete certain exercises as a course assignment.

All IT Training Online courses include:

  • Step-by-step instruction
  • Exercise files to allow you to work along
  • Instructional videos for reinforcement
  • Quizzes to check comprehension

Each course is fully online and self-paced. One course may take two to four hours if completed in its entirety. Content can be explored in shorter, non-sequential segments as well. 

Since IT Training courses do not have a start or end date, there is no deadline for completion. Complete the course content at your convenience. Once you are enrolled, you are enrolled for as long as you have an IU user or guest account.

If you get stuck in one of our courses, please contact the IU Support Center


Of course! After completing a course, you will remain enrolled. Feel free to log in to either review the content, use it as a reference, or take the course again.

You can also access the content of the courses directly from the course descriptions in the Explore Topics catalog.

You can access the course content without enrolling in a course by finding the course description on the Explore Topics catalog

To see the available PDF manuals and exercise files created by IT Training, visit our training download page. This content is only available to IU students, faculty, and staff with a valid IU CAS login.

If the title you are interested in is not listed on that page, we no longer offer its content as a PDF. Please find the course description in the Explore Topics catalog or enroll in the course via IU Expand.

If you are an instructor and would like to include IT Training content in your course, the following options are available:

IT Training does not provide PDFs of material that has been converted to the online delivery format.

The only PDFs that are available to include in a course packet are the PDFs listed on the PDF Material Download Page. If the PDF you desire is not on that page, IT Training does not grant permission for the content to be reproduced.

For assistance enrolling in one of our online courses, contact us

If you find an error in course content, contact us through the Canvas Course Feedback Form to let us know. In the description field of the form, please be sure to include the course name and the name of the page where you found the error.