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Access 2016: Analyzing and Modifying Data With Queries In this training, you will build many different types of queries and explore advanced query functions such as aggregate totals and calculated expressions. Download
Access 2016: Designing the Database Interface In this training, you will learn how to create and modify forms and reports. Download
Access 2016: Structuring and Relating Data This training is intended for participants who are familiar with the basic features of Access but are interested in learning how to define relationships in relational databases and how to create relational queries and forms. Download
Access 2016: The Basics This workshop introduces database terminology and relationships concepts. Download
Adobe CS6: Pen Tool Basics for Advanced Graphic Design Learn the basics of working with the Pen Tool in both Illustrator and Photoshop. Download
Audacity: The Basics Audacity is a free digital audio recording and editing program, which when used in conjunction with the free LAME encoder application, enables you to export your recordings into an MP3 format. No Files
Captivate 8: The Basics Captivate is frequently used to create online training, software simulations, product demos, and more. Download
Creating Graphics for the Web This training introduces the different tools available in Illustrator and Photoshop for creating web graphics. Download
Dreamweaver CC 2017: The Basics Learn how to use Adobe Dreamweaver to create a simple web site. Download
Excel 2010: Working with Dates and Times In this training, we'll learn how Excel might be used in situations that involve working with dates and times. Download
Excel 2016: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables Participants will learn to create, format, and modify pivot tables. Grouping, filtering, pivot charts, and calculated fields are also covered. Download
Excel 2016: Basic Automation Using Macros Participants will learn to record and edit macros in Excel. Download
Excel 2016: Charts and Graphics Create and format effective and accurate charts. Work with chart templates and incorporate Excel charts into PowerPoint. Download
Excel 2016: Data Management Learn how to import and clean up data, create Excel tables and custom lists, validate data entry, and sort and filter data. Download
Excel 2016: Formatting and Analyzing IUIE Data This training is specifically designed for any IU staff member who uses Excel to format IUIE data. Download
Excel 2016: The Basics Users will create a workbook, utilize formulas and function, and format worksheets. Download
HTML5 and CSS: Creating Style for the Web Round-out your HTML5 and CSS knowledge by learning more techniques for creating style for a web page. Download
HTML5 and CSS: Structuring Pages Expand your HTML5 and CSS: The Basics knowledge by learning how to fully structure your pages. Download
HTML5 and CSS: The Basics This is a beginner training on how to read and write HTML and CSS. Download
Illustrator CC 2017: The Basics Learn the basics of Adobe Illustrator with this training. Download
InDesign CC 2017: The Basics This training introduces users to InDesign, Adobe's page layout program. Download
InDesign CC 2017: Using Page Masters for Efficient Design Learn how to work with page masters, as well as other advanced features of InDesign. Download
IUIE Reporting Basics A basic introduction to the IU Information Environment (IUIE) and how to run general reports. No Files
Javascript and JQuery: The Basics Learn about Javascript, the most used scripting language on the web, as well as Javascript's most popular library, JQuery. Download
Photoshop CC 2017: The Basics This training will introduce you to the basics of using Adobe Photoshop to edit images. Download
Photoshop CS6: In-Depth Healing Tools This training teaches how to use the various Healing Tools in Photoshop to repair damaged images and even replace missing parts of images. Download
Photoshop CS6: Restoring and Blending Images Learn to create photo collages and refurbish digital images of aging photographs. Download
PHP: The Basics In this workshoptraining, we'll create a simple program in the PHP programming language. Download
PowerPoint 2013: Slide Masters In this training, you will find out why most advanced PowerPoint users prefer to create their presentations using slide masters. Download
PowerPoint 2016: The Basics These materials are a broad overview of PowerPoint. Included are: creating a presentation, formatting slides, working with images and video, and delivering a presentation. Download
Premiere Pro CS6: The Basics This training will introduce you to digital video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. You will learn the basic skills necessary to produce a professional looking movie. No Files
Python: Dynamically Created Web Pages In this training, we'll examine how Python allows you to dynamically generate a web page. No Files
Python: The Basics This training introduces the basics of the Python programming language while creating a basic application used to search for movie showings. Download
SAS: The Basics This workshop is designed to introduce you to the basic use of SAS for Windows. Download
SIS Academic Advisement Report (AAR) Programming 1 This training will introduce users to the fundamentals of AAR programming. No Files
SIS Academic Advisement Report (AAR) Programming 2 This course is for people who have already completed the SIS Academic Advisement Report Programming 1 class and are going to be actively involved in programming AARs No Files
SIS Basics for Administrators Covers how to login via One.IU, basic SIS Navigation, basic academic structure, review of FERPA and Service Indicators, and Bio/Demo Data. No Files
SIS Degree Audit Exception Processing Learn to create Course Directives, Requirement Changes, Requirement Waivers and how to handle unusual situations encountered in exception processing. No Files
SPSS: The Basics This workshop, which is intended for people who already have a basic understanding of statistics, introduces SPSS for performing common basic statistical analyses Download
SQL: Advanced Data Retrieval and Data Modification Building on what was covered in SQL: Data Retrieval, this training is intended for anyone wants to learn how to use SQL to add, update, and delete data. Download
SQL: Data Retrieval Learn SQL: the standard programming language used for querying databases and answering questions about the data in databases. Download
Unix: The Basics This workshop is intended for people who have little or no experience working with Unix from the command line. It gives a quick overview of how Unix works, explains the directory structures, and provides guided practice with core file management commands and setting file permissions. No Files
Word 2010: Mail Merge In this training, we'll explore the tools available for automating the creation of individually customized documents in Microsoft Word. Download
Word 2010: Regaining Control with AutoCorrect and Styles This training will help you understand how Word's often-intrusive automatic features work so you can keep them from making unwanted corrections. Download
Word 2013: Publishing Research and Longer Documents This training explores the best method for structuring long documents in Word and demonstrates how to reliably assemble long documents from multiple source files. Download
Word 2016: The Basics In this training, we'll create and format documents, utilize styles, insert images and lists, work with headers and footers, and create a PDF. Download
XML: The Basics XML is a common tool for web development, as well as a universal medium for storing and exchanging information. Download