IT Training Certification

IT Training Certificate Series goes online

IT Training now offers on-demand online courses of our most popular content areas. Gain control over when and how you learn with high-quality, hands-on courses, and earn digital certifications to show your skills.

IT Training has launched five online course series based on our award-winning content, making it even easier to get the training you need when you need it. Choose a series to learn more and get started. 

About IT Training Certificate Series online courses

Learn more about IT Training's Certificate Series by exploring questions and answers below.

  • Which tracks are available or planned to be available?

    The following tracks will be available as IT Training Certificate Series:

    • Excel Essentials Series (5 courses) - Available now
      • Excel: The Basics  
      • Excel: Charts and Graphics  
      • Excel: Data Management  
      • Excel: Basic Automation Using Macros  
      • Excel: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables  
    • Access Essentials Series (4 courses) - Available now
      • Access: The Basics 
      • Access: Structuring and Relating Data 
      • Access: Analyzing and Modifying Data with Queries 
      • Access: Designing the Database Interface 
    • Web Creation Series (5 courses) - Available now
      • HTML5 and CSS: The Basics  
      • HTML5 and CSS: Structuring Pages  
      • HTML5 and CSS: Creating Style for the Web  
      • Dreamweaver: The Basics  
      • Creating Graphics for the Web 
    • Media Design Series (5 courses) - Available now
      • Page Design and Layout Basics
      • Photoshop: The Basics 
      • Illustrator: The Basics 
      • InDesign: The Basics 
      • InDesign: Using Page Masters for Efficient Design
    • Office Productivity (6 courses) - Available now:
      • Outlook: Managing Your Email  
      • Outlook: Calendar Essentials  
      • Word: The Basics  
      • PowerPoint: The Basics  
      • Excel: The Basics  
      • Access: The Basics  
  • What features are included in the online courses?

    All IT Training Certificate Series courses include:

    • Step-by-step instruction
    • Exercise files to allow you to work along
    • Instructional videos for reinforcement
    • Quizzes to check comprehension
  • How long is each online course?

    Each course is fully online and self-paced. One course might take two to four hours if completed in its entirety. Content can be explored in shorter and non-sequential segments, as well.

  • How much does course enrollment cost?
    • IU students, faculty, and staff: No cost.
    • Non-IU learners: $9.99 per course via IU Expand (
      • Enroll in a full series as a one-time purchase for a reduced rate and access to the final exam for the series.
  • How do I access the online courses for a Certificate Series?

    IU students, faculty, and staff will access the Canvas courses for no cost using provided self-enroll links.

    Learners outside of IU can enroll for an affordable cost via IU Expand (

    The best way to access the online courses, regardless of your IU status, is to follow the instructions on each Certificate Series description page.

    Available series description pages:

  • How do I earn the certificate for a Certificate Series?

    The certificate for each series is awarded on successful completion of a final online exam, which is linked to within each course.

    All audiences are eligible for being awarded a certificate on successful completion of the final exam for this series.

    Once earned, the certificate is automatically awarded and available in the IU Expand student dashboard. Instructions for accessing your certificate are within the final online exam.

Import from Canvas Commons

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  • are an instructor teaching a course in Canvas.
  • want to be able to assign one of our courses to your students.
  • need to track course completion.
  • want to view your students' scores in your course gradebook.
  • need to create a custom schedule around our course content.

You can satisfy all these needs by importing our course content from Canvas Commons!

Canvas Commons allows instructors using Canvas to publish their courses to be imported by other instructors. All of our courses hosted in Canvas are available for import via the Canvas Commons! You can import our assets, assign them as assignments, track our quiz scores in your course gradebook, and pick and choose the content most critical to your course!

Important Considerations

If you are importing our content into your own course, you should be aware that the course content is only available to users with an IU username and passphrase. If your course includes non-IU participants, they will need to register for the course on IU Expand