The IT Training team is part of the Learning Technologies division of University Information Technology Services (UITS).

IT Training has recently become a more focused strategic partner within UITS, in order to quickly respond to and support critical IT priorities affecting Indiana University.

Our team serves all IU campuses, providing award-winning educational resources on IT topics, as well as custom IT educational events. 

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Our mission is to provide critical training and educational support for the technology education needs of the IU community, to enable the success of our students, faculty, and staff.

Enable success for critical IT initiatives

Support and accelerate learning on critical IT initiatives across IU, in partnership with IT leadership.

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Provide custom classes and self-paced resources

Create and provide training on core IT applications and topics to advance career goals and academic success at IU.

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Bring in leading training vendors

Provide affordable, high-quality training by leading online training vendors on a broad range of IT and professional skills.

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Leverage IT education network

Collaborate with a broad network of IT education and support services at IU to ensure the unique learning needs across IU can be met.

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