Illustrator: The Basics

Learning Objectives

  • Gain familiarity with Illustrator’s interface
  • Draw, edit, and manipulate art elements
  • Work with the Shape tools
  • Work with the Pen tool
  • Create complex shapes by combining and transforming simple shapes
  • Learn how to save in various formats

Prerequisite Skills

  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic file management and organization skills

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This course is part of an IT Training Certificate Series, which awards a certificate on successful completion of a final online exam. Learn more about the Media Design Certificate Series.

Materials and Files

For IU learners, if you're interested in the content for this title, but prefer not to enroll in the online course, you can download the PDF and exercise files below.

Note: The PDF and exercise files provided here formed a basis for the online course, but may vary from the online course.