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Requested Session Frequently Asked Questions

You can request a specially scheduled session of one of our instructor-led, hands-on workshops for your academic class, department, group, or business. We ask that each requested session be attended by a minimum of 5 people. If your group has fewer than 5 people, please still fill out the form and we'll work with you to meet your training needs.

Generally, a requested event can be scheduled as soon as three weeks from the request date.

IT Training will contact you about your request within three business days to begin the scheduling process. 

Any topic listed on the Explore Topics training catalog is available for request. 

Additionally, IT Training can offer special sessions on hot topics including (but not limited to): 

  • Top 10 technology tips at IU
  • Digital security
  • Think Before You Click - phishing awareness training

Yes! IT Training offers custom sessions to help meet your group's training needs. Once you have requested your session, you will be contacted by IT Training to help narrow down your training needs.

IT Training online course content can be imported into any other course in Canvas at IU. To learn more, see our instructions on importing content from IU's Canvas Commons.

Complete the request form

Request a session

IT Training offers online courses on many core topics. If it suits your needs, you can use our online content rather than schedule an in-person class. 

Consider sending students directly to these courses to self-enroll, or use our content in your own Canvas site with Canvas Commons.

Import from Canvas Commons

You might consider importing our course content into your Canvas site if you:

  • are an instructor teaching a course in Canvas.
  • want to be able to assign one of our courses to your students.
  • need to track course completion.
  • want to view your students' scores in your course gradebook.
  • need to create a custom schedule around our course content.

You can satisfy all these needs by importing our course content from Canvas Commons!

Canvas Commons allows instructors using Canvas to publish their courses to be imported by other instructors. All of our courses hosted in Canvas are available for import via the Canvas Commons! You can import our assets, assign them as assignments, track our quiz scores in your course gradebook, and pick and choose the content most critical to your course!

Important Considerations

If you are importing our content into your own course, you should be aware that the course content is only available to users with an IU username and passphrase. If your course includes non-IU participants, they will need to register for the course on IU Expand