HPC for Biologists

Learning Objectives

Users will learn about the bioinformatics HPC resources and support services RT provides. By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Find and/or install bioinformatics software on the systems
  • Know where and how to transfer large datasets on and off the systems
  • Get information from a job log

Prerequisite Skills

  • Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC) (https://go.iu.edu/2bj4).
  • For online courses, you will need your own computer and access to the internet.
  • For in-person workshops, a laptop is required—if you do not have one, contact the organizer to borrow one.
  • Recommended (but not required): S4ES: Unix the Basics (https://go.iu.edu/4vdw)


  • Finding available software
  • Installing custom software
  • R and Bioconductor
  • Memory and wall time
  • Job logs
  • Reproducibility

Go to the recording from February 29, 2024 workshop.

HPC for Biologists (on YouTube)

View hands-on material from the workshop.

HPC for Biologists (on GitHub)

Go to the recording from October 12, 2023 workshop.

HPC for Biologists (on YouTube)

Go to the recording from February 16, 2023 workshop.

HPC for Biologists (on YouTube)

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