Intro to High Performance Computing


This workshop introduces IU faculty, staff, and students to High Performance Computing (HPC) and the resources UITS Research Technologies (RT) makes available to them at IU to empower their research. This hands-on course will cover the basics of using IU’s supercomputing systems, from logging-in to job creation and submission. Knowledge of Unix is useful and recommended, but not required for the hands-on exercises!

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Intro to HPC February 2, 2023

Agenda for in-person training

  • Overview of HPC at IU and RT services
  • Short break
  • Hands-on exercises

Go to the recording from February 2, 2023 workshop.

Intro to HPC at IU (on YouTube)

View hands-on material from the workshop.

Intro to HPC (on GitHub).

Download/view the handouts from the workshop.

Intro to HPC (on Google).

The Supercomputing for Everyone Series (SC4ES) aims to bring more users into the realm of advanced computing, whether it be visualization, computation, analytics, storage, or any related discipline. Research Technologies can take you to the next level of computing.

Supercomputing for Everyone Series workshops and seminars are led by personnel from Research Technologies, a division of University Information Technology Services and a center in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University.