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IT Training Certificate Series

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IMPORTANT NOTE: IT Training has discontinued sign-up capability for our workshop-based Certificate Series. If you have already signed up for a Certificate Series, you can still check your progress under “Your Account,” then “IT Training Certificate Series Progress.” Our Certificates Series are not going away—they are moving! In Fall 2017, content from our workshop-based Certificate Series will be available in Canvas courses, which will issue certification upon completion. Check our site frequently for more updates. If you have started but not completed a workshop-based Certificate Series, you can view our Summer 2017 workshop schedule to register for any remaining workshops, or you can choose to finish the remaining workshops as modules in the coming Canvas courses, which will allow your Certificate to be issued.

About IT Training Certificate Series

IT Training Certificate Series will help you enhance your skills in Office applications, web development, creating graphics and desktop publishing by taking a series of related IT Training workshops. It is the perfect way to learn an application or topic in a comprehensive way! You will earn a certificate if you attend all workshops in a series within a one year period.

What Certificate Series are Available?

Follow the links below to learn more about each Certificate Series and to register:

What are the Benefits to Taking a Certificate Series?

There are multiple benefits to taking an IT Training Certificate Series:

  • You can take up to 1 year to complete the series enabling you to take workshops at the time that suits you best.
  • You will earn a certificate and recognition when you expand your computing skills with us.
  • You will receive materials to keep for each workshop you attend so you can review the material later on.
  • Paying customers will receive a 10% discount by registering for all workshops in a series at once.

How Much do Certificate Series Cost?

  • The standard fee for taking an IT Training Certificate Series is the sum of the enrollment fees you would pay to attend each series workshop on its own.
  • Paying participants will receive a 10% discount off their series enrollment fee if they register for all workshops in a series at one time.
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