Resources for instructors

IT Training offers a variety of resources to support instruction at Indiana University. As an instructor, you have access to training resources to better your skills, help your students, and to create more robust course material. All of these resources are available at no cost to IU's teaching faculty and course instructors.

Request a custom training session

Invite one of our instructors to your classroom to deliver a custom training session to meet your instructional needs! Requested sessions are a great way to help meet the academic goals of your course.

To learn more about requesting a session, visit

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Use our material

Canvas sidebar with Commons highlightedAll IT Training online course material is available on Canvas Commons. Canvas Commons, sometimes called Commons, allows instructors to share course material as modules or as a whole course. Every course we offer through IU Expand is available as a module on Commons. As an instructor, you can mix-and-match modules from our courses and use them as modules within your own academic course's Canvas course.

How to find IT Training course content

Canvas Commons can be an overwhelming experience when looking for course material. The next few sections of this page will help you locate a title on Commons to import.

1. Find the title that contains the modules you would like to import.

The easiest way to find all shared IT Training modules is to first find the title (or titles) that contains the training modules you would like to use. There are two ways to find titles on our site:

Once you have located the module you would like to use, make a note of the title associated with the module. For example, if you would like to use the module "Beginning a new workbook", the associated title is Excel: The Basics.

2. Import the modules from Canvas Commons to your course

Once you have located the title you would like to find in Commons, it's time to find it and import into your course.

Follow these instructions to find and import the modules to your course.

Some helpful hints:
Identify our training

All IT Training course material tiles look similar in Commons:

Excel: The Basics module tile in Canvas Commons.

Collect your favorites

Add the course to your favorites by clicking the "Add to Favorites" link in the Canvas Commons sidebar:

Canvas Commons module sidebar highlighting "Add to Favorites" link.

Adding to favorites will allow you to more easily find the content for future imports.

3. Find other IT Training modules on Canvas Commons

If you would like to find other modules created by IT Training, you can see them all from one listing. From the module's Details tab, you can click on "IT Training Course Development" to see all of the modules IT Training makes available:

 Canvas Commons details page for Excel: The Basics highlighting IT Training Course Development

If you have any questions or run into any problems, contact us. We're happy to help!

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Resources for students

Sometimes students need additional help when working on an assignment. Fortunately, our training resources are available in two ways for students: 

  • Enroll in a course from IU Expand.
  • Use the training material as a reference in the IT Training course catalog.

Enroll in a course

Enrolling in a course provides a comprehensive look at a particular topic. You can find self-study training in two ways:

Use training as a reference

If enrolling in a full course doesn't meet your needs, you can also find the individual training modules on the IT Training site. Each module has its own exercise files included (if they're required). You can find individual training modules in two ways: