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>> So here we are not storage options that are you. Welcome. So first of all I want to kind of start with. Just a general overview of this whole project that we've been working on here at Ikea trainings so there's this whole go paperless. Initiative at the university and we've been very busily putting together articles to.

Support that initiative and that's kind of the point of today we're going to be talking about our cloud storage options here at the university and I want to kind of point your attention to it right up that idea of the pros and cons of different types of cloud storage this U.R.L. If you're curious and since you two are I.T. trying to walk.

Into our go paperless category. But the top post here is just an index of our go paperless topics. So let's go ahead and just start jump right into our content for today. There are many many many different types of cloud storage available in the world lots of different options what we're going to be talking about today are they basically fall into two categories services fall into two categories.

And this is all related to how things work here in the nursery so we have officially supported cloud services and we have unsupported services and the distinction between the two those two categories have their own sort of implications and how they can be used in projects at the University.

So before we actually get too deep into all of this you need to understand a little bit about how data is classified at the University. And just as a brief very brief conversation there are. Several different classifications there's a University Public. University internal there's university restricted and university critical essentially.

Those are more. Movement higher on the classification each time the knowledge base actually has quite a bit of. Content about. The. Bigger classifications that I mean. Just search for up I didn't the big green bundle is not in search. So here are the cloud Well this is related to how data.

But here are the classifications top down it's the data management that identity critical restricted universe internal in public. So. This is essentially the framework that we're working with when we talk about a story which aired on you and specifically we're talking about what can go where and how you can use cloud storage that are you in the first service I want to sort of point out minute you probably heard of a service called Are you anywhere that you anywhere.

That Are you getting you. It's software streaming It's technically called client side virtualization but it streamed software to your device well something could stream to mobile devices there needs to be a way to store that day that nobody has this service called Cloud Storage I do not even.

This cloud storage service allows me to. And together your. Storage devices so that if you are working in. For example if you're working in the you anywhere or you're working on a computer lab on campus you will actually see your Dr Knapp you know cloud services maps. As drives in your profile so you can actually get to them that way we're going to come circle back around to this after we talk about to get an options one of the end but keep in mind that this this is all part of a larger framework there were moments today.

The first service I want to talk about is the only truly cloud storage option a supported by the university now there are lots of different things we're going to talk about today that are kind of like cloud services but the only one that is really a cloud service by the definition of what a cloud services is box.

And box if you you've probably heard of it. If you haven't heard of it I really I highly suggest taking. Attending our box the web and on the box woman and I can on a nice once a semester. There is a recording of that you can find it at the same blog where the paperless items are stored just look under the box category you'll find that there.

Box is a cloud storage and collaboration platform not using the word platform errantly it really is a place to build off of to create other applications but one of the main focuses of it is its cloud storage capability I you users have really access to unlimited cloud storage.

OK. So and the one thing that you can see right here on this is home page the box. Box is not. Acceptable for any student data classified as critical you could put restricted data in you could put University internal data in a good and just not anything hot spot as critical now that it is current status quo there are some movements in progress to store that critical data if you're trying to figure out do I store new critical data hopefully if you're working with critical data you know it if you're not if you don't know that you're working with critical data I highly suggest checking out this article that I go home and check out as well.

It's really important to know what you're working with. When it comes to data cloud services so let's talk briefly about what box does and I want to turn it over to just about Share Point but box is a way that you can store content saw you could see that I've got some content stored in here.

You could see that that content can be images it can be presentations box Alex flip allows for the direct. Editing inbox. You could see what this interface here is kind of pointing everything out you can get comments assigned tasks control how you view. And so on here and box one of the cool things about box since box is a cloud service if.

You can you can collaborate easily with people who can set up commissions and allow people to collaborate on things like OK So box does allow the use of notes. And I could talk about box for two maybe three hours not going to do that today. There are any questions about box I'm happy to address and but essentially it's a place to store BIOS you can synchronize Balder selectively that's what these little so.

Dimes icons mean you can edit piles directly from box without the actual down them and you have a limited storage and value. So when you log in with your are you username and password box that I'll leave you. With logon but. You will be able to use this service and like I said we do have extensive training on this in that we actually have quite a bit of documentation in the knowledgeable as well.

So. Are there any questions about. Our. Know your docs that is NOT go with you that is that does not happen when you need the university you will no longer be able to log and cast into university internal services or university restricted services meeting you won't be able to log into banks and more depending on your status I think some students now can keep.

The will I don't want to be you know address with the ever that is completely separate from the University. But when you leave if you have an exchange account will no longer be able to access that exchange accounts and goes for Bob. That's a good question Donna you're welcome.

So I'm going to go ahead and relinquish my share and let Jessica go and a little bit about shot on. The right thanks Tom So Thomas talks about box which I it's certainly the. Primary cloud storage now it's the only true cost or supported by the university I'm going to talk about as our Share Point service which is and I use service so it's not a true cloud service I would say maybe at.

Steam I consider it a private cloud tongue Mike actually I'm wrong it's you know. There is a part of the Bob service but it's all one of them and. How it is that the data just goes somewhere in the Internet goes were there. Right so we have duplication based on the way our data is structured you know among a few different data centers but it's not truly cloud service in the way that.

That that's actually defined so what share point is is it is essentially. A service available to faculty staff and graduate students for document storage and also some collaboration. It is intended best case use here at the university is for groups sites to support departmental functions so a lot of departments have various tasks and group work that needs to be supported on line and so where some of the other services namely.

Follow a little bit short and really robust tasks support Share Point is was originally seen to kind of fill that gap now box and other cloud storage services have really come a long way in sort of shoring up that gap on their side and they actually do support a lot of task management and project management types of work but Share Point does fill a nice gap here for some departments now for example Share Point has features like calendar that can be shared among groups used to manage schedules.

And I'm showing the very most basic out of the box form of these types of tools that are available at and Share Point so they can really be customized and kind of tricked out to be much more complex but you've got your starting base sort of this calendar that can be viewed in many different ways.

We have various different tape takes on task lists and Share Point allows infinite ways to structure the data that is available for any list but for a task list for calendar items or other types of lists that you're trying to keep track of information and then one of the most popular uses is of course document storage and there is a folder structure that you know that will feel smellier you've got folders and then you've got a lot of different file types that are accepted within Share Point.

The best case for it is for working with Microsoft Office documents to Share Point is a Microsoft product I don't know if I mentioned that so Share Point is in that Microsoft family and Microsoft likes all of their things to play very well together and so it does to a point plays really well with Microsoft Word Excel Powerpoint one note.

You'll notice if you're familiar at all the Share Point you'll know that we're still back on the twenty ten version here at the university there is a twenty thirteen available publicly but we haven't made that transition at the university I'm not sure if that is even really in the plans but we are and Share Point two thousand and ten and he said matters to use so how can you work with Share Point if you are a grad student faculty staff your department may already be working with Share Point some capacity if they are that's the environment that you're really going to get involved with primarily if you are an undergrad student you'll need some kind of.

You'll need to partner with somebody who was faculty in order to get an account and you have to make requests. To make requests for groups sites if you if your department needs a site like this you can go to share point that I. Got you. In there is an option they.

To request a site this is a little megaphone and I'm not really sure the question with a megaphone there but if you want to be louder when your quest to site it's in that upper left corner. And. That I freeze up let me try this one more time.

Right. Arm and go OK I wasn't doing anything terribly exciting and till about a minute ago so if you can can see my screen now you know wait and see if you guys can see. Chat and you should be seeing Share Point and I resources. Everyone see that.

Right. I can do you is asked time to pull that up and then I will. Keep going with that if you do go to the Share Point that I die easy use site. You'll see that there is requests a site option there and the group can request a site in order to work as a department you can also access something called on my site.

And I'll show you guys that to. Check up my sleeve in order to get around this issue. Tom is showing you the Share Point Dad I need a edu site and you guys can notice that the icon and I was talking about for a question site looks like a megaphone.

And what you'll want to do is probably work with your group to decide you know what is the best place for us is it Box is it going to be Share Point. And it wants to make that decision then you can go ahead. Request a site and you'll see something very similar to what I was showing you.

And I'm going to go ahead and I flipped over Tom So I'm going to keep going here. Computer. You know and here's the site that I was talking about. Are there any questions about Share Point it's also a very large topic so I want to see if there are any questions before I sort of wrap up about this service and talk about a few pros and cons but any questions about Share Point from this group you have a small group so we can kind of have a conversation here.

Anything that someone wants to know about specifically. Yes So it's time mentioned for data classification is approved for up to restricted data. And Share Point has a lot of robust tools for setting those permissions that a site administrator. Can be very granular about that too and Marlene I saw you were typing to you if you have a question but if it's using Share Point as opposed to designate it drive.

There is so Share Point one of the things that I haven't really shown you and it which is kind of hard to show in a limited amount of time is that in addition to having just a document folder. And get into documents folder here. We have a lot of different permission things that you can modify but we also have things like.

The ability to email a link directly from a folder for a document you can set various alerts you have access to our excess feeds based on. The information within a library or folder you have a lot of other nice feed. Do you connect well with other Microsoft products and.

As Tom said there's a different learning curve so it can be. And I missed your question as it operates similar to box there are similar but I would say if your department needs to support very specific tasks you may be looking at Share Point what I will say is that you want to have someone in your group who is willing to kind of become the Share Point advantage and to become that expert so if you are in this decision making his own and you're wondering if Share Point is for you.

Box has a lower learning curve box I think is much easier usability wise to get to know that's my opinion and I've heard that from many other people so whole usability wise box definitely has the upper hand Share Point is going to be if you have someone in your group who's willing to kind of become your Share Point admin and run the site and get to know it and also if you have specific workflows that you want to support a specific calendar.

Integrations that you may be interested in. Yeah I mean ultimately the direction the university is going is they would rather use box for your every day collaboration and and file storage if you're using a cloud service and then share point would be you know departmental or to support specific initiatives and projects and departmental work that distinction makes sense if you're in that decision making zone most likely the answer will be you should use box but if you have some of the things I've mentioned concerning Share Point and your decision making matrix you will want to give it a look at least to see if that direction you should go.

And when I talk about one drive later you'll see that some of the different features that you can you know that it. Really easily within the Microsoft Office. Products you can add it on line and there are some really nice features baked into Share Point two. That's correct Share Point as well.

So if it's your Shasta if you're able to access once you leave the university Share Point is only available to I you internal so we can even make it available someone outside the university who's copying with you on a project would be able to access Share Point any capacity so Share Point it's only designed to be used internally.

And Tom with box you can actually make that available you can invite outside participants is that correct Yeah that's correct we've got to know how to do that on our web and are all about location to know if somebody's side of them all those who don't want something that was for them.

Yes you can walk through the service a good bit about the anybody in the world. With outside sources. Or. Not so gentle Yeah I mean the real cons for Share Point are you have to kind of have a power user who's willing to get to know it to make it really work for you something you have to wheel to basically to get to that shape that you want it to you want to do it can be really nice.

It doesn't really integrate well it's not Microsoft products you do have to be an I.E. user mac users are not going to have a fun time Share Point and what they try to make it accessible on Macs a but there are definitely some limitations there as well and mobile capabilities there are some that they're working through but essentially it's limited to kind of document viewing and editing so some of the more robust features of the actual Share Point platform are not available through any kind of mobile app or mobile access I think that.

Covers there any other questions about the services and these are two kind of this is kind of the bread and butter of I.E. although I would say that. Box is the bread and point people that are sure that analogy works but. I hope that creates a nice picture so you guys can tell what the differences are.

If you are in that decision making area and the other questions before I turn it back over to Tom to talk about. Or I'm sorry a box. No I wouldn't really say it but. I would really fade out but it is it can work really well to do very specific things I'll give you guys a for instance so I'm not totally playing it down but we use Share Point within our department to support a calendar that basically allows people to mark when they're going to have an office we have a workflow that kicks it to the appropriate manager and the manager approves that and that person or students and notification that their P.T.O. are paid time off requests been approved so someone had to go in and figure out how to set that workflow up but now that it's working it works pretty well for our group so to support some tasks like that that are a little bit larger and not necessarily just really to document collaboration Share Point might be the ticket but you really have to kind of plan and know that that's how you're going to use it going into it if you're just looking for the collaboration and document storage aspects that say boxes pretty much home base.

So I don't see any of the questions coming through we can always you know circle back so I'll try to back over to Tom and help talk about the next supported solution here. Supported solution that we're going to talk about where we get there I want to circle back around to the classification.

Of. Boats every one of boxer restricted and below so restricted universe internal and public. Slash can't allows for critical temporary storage OK so the whole weaseling including slashed open this conversation is just so we can give you something that if you needed a place to share critical data slash companies that quails and the U.R.L. is slashed that you've got leaves us.

And that are you not even you. And you can see here that there are quite a bit of rules that you know when. Asked by what is critical but most of the time unless you're dealing with this type of information driver's license numbers are steered in that those credit cards debit card passwords as freighters pin.

Well those types of things it's not but it is not critical so you can use the simple version. Slash ten is temporary storage. And want to emphasize a temporary This is not a permanent solution document upload the slashed I'm only exist for thirty days but if you need just share something that does have this critical classification slash temp is the way to do it it's really quite simple solution I'll show you the critical version here.

You choose the file give it a password. You know to description require that people have a network ID for download and there you go. The file maximum size of Port gigabytes. And that then I mean that's how that's how the. This works. It's really straightforward really easy the key to remember is that it is early days still but it's absolutely temporary.

That's the end of our officially supported cloud storage devices the Start cuts or services. The other services we're going to talk about are only allowed for public data storage OK Anything that's freely available to the public can be put in these other services they are not officially supported for university internal restricted or critical data.

And the first one that we're going to talk about is Dropbox. Drop boxes kind of the group it kicked up a whole cloud storage idea. And they were really kind of the first one to take up and gain popularity. Worldwide. But Dropbox and basically you get to get in bytes of storage anybody can sign up for this kind of like box.

And if you need by you since you're signing up independently your content goes with you. Now above that that gigabytes is you can pay money to get up to a terabyte of storage or more but. Two gigabytes is what you get. When you can see that you just basically Lagann you can drag files here one of the key Beecher's of boxes that is drop boxes that synchronizes owners across mobile devices.

And like ox Dropbox allows you to select some bits speaking select specific problems to synchronize so you would only synchronize certain folders unlike box that setting it on a device by devices. Basis so if I want a certain folder on my desktop and not on one tablet I can have it since my desktop but not seeing my palette Where's the box when you sort of voted to send anywhere where you have a box and consult the folder when synchronize so it's of the philosophy between the two.

The main focus of box I'm sorry of Dropbox is so great is a shame the main focus of bugs is collaboration OK In fact the but he would boxes that you don't supervise unless you absolutely need the content for offline news that's kind of the general rule whereas drawbacks it really only synchronizes.

So anything that is public can be stored here and think that it doesn't matter all the hands of the public can be stored and drop bombs. But that's another very much about. Get two gigabytes for greed the main focus here is a grid as Asian they are starting to build and some cooperation features but the main focus is so great as Asian across the country.

All right just going to talk about our Google Drive and one drive. And then we're going to ram everything up come back to that stored page talk about it all right there the one I'm going to talk about next is Google Translate and I think I had and share my screen so I can show you know.

It'll drive and another cloud storage option. And I'm showing sort of a test Psalter here now Google is very popular on what is called Google campuses there are several universities and. And you know secondary education that are considered Google campuses and they will have really tight integration with all the Google services now if you're if you and kind of in the business world for a while you're probably used to the Microsoft products so you've got some competition here right now what I'm showing you right now you'll see this is kind of a test folder because what I want to show you keep in mind all of this.

Senator are restrictions this is all public information. And they're actually drafts that I've done for a public facing blogs I'm I know that work at their And some tests folders or test files noticed that next to this document on the upper left that looks like a slide deck or getting a little preview of the first slide There's a P.

that's telling me this is actually a Microsoft Powerpoint document that means that it's been uploaded it was created in and you know a desktop installation of Microsoft Powerpoint and then uploaded to google drive so you can certainly upload various different types of documents this was a Microsoft Word document you can see the extension is Dot D O C X.

And it's got this W next to it was a Microsoft Word document the one next to it directly to the right has a different icon this is the Google Docs icon and what happened is I opened up in Microsoft Word document and converted it so that I could edit it with think drive which you can show you that in just a moment.

So think of you've got your Microsoft Word and then the Google competitor to that is a Google Doc Microsoft Excel the Google equivalent would be a Google sheet Microsoft Powerpoint the Google equivalent is Mike is Google slides so we're here and a Google Drive and environment my my.

Dr if I click on the my drive drop down I'm going to go down to the new file option look at the different types of files that I can create these are not Microsoft products these are Google native Google file types. Line it's really. Fresh and that helps so we can create a Google Doc sheet lives just like a Powerpoint we can also create forms drawings and I have a play with the my maps feature to be honest I'm not sure all of the power behind it we have some different options there.

So if I open a. If I open a dock. Double click it's going to open this up as a Google doc and the real power behind the Google Docs and draw and she lives is they've really optimized that real time Co adding. A one drive is on its way which I'll show you there soon but there it's really nice seeing.

My Maps and Google Maps and that's OK thanks. I wasn't sure about that have I got to play with that one yet. So what you'll notice is a lot of students I actually hear a lot of undergrad students even though Google Drive is not necessarily and I use supported solution a lot of students here and I you are still using docs and sheets and slides to collaborate to maybe create a document as a group that's true for a class or something like that because what I can do is me and Sam and Fred and Sally can all get in here and add it and work together on a document.

And then once it's ready now keep in mind we have some basic editing functionality here it looks kind of Microsoft Word it's not quite as robot. Asked. How he got some table tools that once I've got my contents I get there in pretty basic formatting if I go to the file download as I can choose to now download it as a Microsoft Word file type or it's a P.D.F. file so you've got some flexibility there notice I can't save it so why can't I save it because I'm actually editing this line it's telling me right now at the top all change is saved in a drive which means I don't have to keep looking say because it's automatically saving it very well with a high level of frequency for me as we're working.

So that's really the power behind Google Drive and you can work very similarly with the slides product and with product although I think she. Is probably falls you know very. Very short compared to excel whereas. Some of the docs to Word doc is a little more similar I think you lose a lot of functionality which vs Excel.

So now if I call back I can just close this document because remember it's already saved there. And now it's saved you know back and I'm in my my drive. Drive here. There are a couple of other things that we could possibly show. You'll notice that I am looking at it in a certain way right now this is in the tile view got my folders at the top and then I've got documents that haven't been categorized in the folder below with a preview but I can also view as a list I'm up here in the upper right and different view options will go ahead and talk about the main pros and cons we've talked about real time multi user editing which is a real.

It which is really the strongest plug I think for Google Drive A. As well as the fact that this is a service that would go with you because it's not tied to your. Profile in any way. And we do have some different options for sharing permissions. That you can sign the document folder level as you can imagine we have a really strong search capability within your Google Drive with and all the things that you're creating.

Because they've really kind of got a strong market on search as you would imagine you can save out to the Microsoft Office document formats and you can also you can't add it with. A desktop application in real time. So this is one where you're adding on line or you're saving out as a file or you're uploading and then editing mind help them a sense box and.

Share Point one drive have an option to actually use your. Desktop application to edit real time Google Drive does not have at this time but also keep in mind that your ownership is really tied to the person who creates the documents so that can be a little bit limiting it's Parise.

You know transferring ownership and having things that are shared in kind of a group Group way but the actual collaboration works really well it's not and it's not a proof or institutional data. The Google native dark sheets and slides are not quite as fully featured as competitors and.

I will say that it requires a Google account of course and you have a free quota for storage but keep in mind shared across your G.-Mail if you have G. mail on your Because they are Google plus photos so you can kind of. Get that. You can. Your limit pretty quickly in that time do you want to elaborate a little bit about the ownership I know I use it primarily for my own.

You know working on it myself but feel free to jump in and explain a little bit about that on our ship. Yeah I mean it's it's quite difficult to. So what I mean by ownership is if I were to put something in the box into a shared folder and then I would have leave the university conference still in our shared border when the people who are members other consume it.

Google Drive as soon as you can I mean it's just it's a lot more tricky exchanging ownership of a document from Bergkamp or me Jessica. Is really going to bury quite the inside of Google Drive. So it's intended to not have that ownership transfer so the owner owned that wherever for the most part you can do the transfer but it's really.

Yeah. In just a kind of expand. If they're going to extend a little bit on the quota I think Google kowtows since this blog post is written Google kowtows has its own separate quoted aisle but they've removed it from the Google Drive you know all or all. Life people say can about that because it's something that I know that shared with us it's with the e-mail that kind of surprised me too so they may have separated out.

Yeah so want to check on the storage I know this is an account that I use and I just send it out today and yeah looks like it separating out Dr G. Mail and photos. And I have fifteen games. I mean Able to me right out of the box.

You can always pay to increase more and that's what they want you to do course. And Patricia that was a good comment I know you mentioned that your kids in high school are using it and. You know I will say that a lot of high schools high schoolers and even undergrad students very popular with with them I think because it's so easy to get into and use.

And some of you know there may be a slightly higher learning curve with some of the other you know with the Microsoft Office products but Google Drive is. Pretty heavily used and secondary education right now. So yeah we'll probably be seeing some more of that and I hope that we can i have a good understanding of the distinction between the Google Drive the Google native file types and the microsoft ones that's a quick jump into Google Drive and I'm going to show you guys one drive now and you kind of are going to see that you know we've really got quite a few similarities between them now.

The devil is in the details that kind of depends on how heavy a Microsoft Office user you are as to whether you're going to really lean toward that one drive. Kind of office three sixty five solution or to really lean on Google products and the google way that things are organized and handled so we're actually looking at one drive and.

You're going to see some things that are a little bit similar here I'm looking at the tile of you to see a fuller that I brought up to share today I'm going to click and folder and here I've got. Some really nice previews that I'm looking at the tile got some really pretty robust previews of these documents I've got a Powerpoint slide deck and I've got a.

So Microsoft Word. Documents as well. The really nice thing about working with and one drive on Microsoft Office products is the ability to read it very easily on line. So I really I really do actually like I like this ability to do this and keep in mind it has to be.

Data and information that can be public facing based on the classification rules but I'm here looking at the base it on line word editor. And let's just go back a little bit to how I got there so we're here and my folder and all I have to do you is click on the document that I want to edit one time and it brings me up in this kind of preview mode where I'm looking at it and I'm deciding what I want to do am I going to edit it or do I just want to print it or do I want to invite someone to look at it and I do have commenting available here is kind of similar to box now notice if I click on at it I've got two different options I can edit in word which means I can use Microsoft Word that is installed on my machine.

Which is nice analysing got a magically Let's say that this is a shocking scenario this day and age but. Gasp I don't have Microsoft Word installed on my computer Tom would that ever happen in any scenario but word you know we don't have it installed we don't want to open it so I'm going to choose at it and where it all on line I choose that option I completely and editing on line I'm not using anything and stalled on my actual desktop at all on my laptop but I've got quite fully featured.

Editing ribbon here that will remind me a lot of Microsoft Word if I'm used to that it's not as fully for. The desktop application but it is I think a closer match certainly than your Google Docs. Editor that they provided and we can add it right here on line and we have a few different options that you may be familiar with if you're used to working with Microsoft Word we can insert pictures you can search for on line pictures work with tables although some formatting does get a little.

Tricky within this it's really complex formatting in a table you'll want to actually open your desktop editor. But it's quite a few different options here. And and it's also saving it as we go so down here at the bottom you'll notice I'm kind of moving my mouse is a saved saved to one drive so it's that same situation I don't have to click save because this is being edited real time you know in the cloud it is saying it with every key presses but Thomas and the very frequent saving and once I am done I can close out of that.

Rouser tab and save just like I would have and it edited it in the just application and closed it. We have some really nice features with Powerpoint as well. You know here's a preview and I can actually show Powerpoint front right from one drive that's really nice. Things that are really specific to these files high as you can imagine they've really built up the functionality around their native file types which most of us are pretty used to they're pretty ubiquitous and then we can edit the presentation minor and powerpoint So you'll see similar options with Powerpoint excel were it and also one no one no that's a nice job seeing as well and all of these do once you're you know using your one drive.

We've got some really nice ways to sync get. Across your Microsoft profile as well. And let's make sure you covered everything with one drive. We've talked about the online versions really nice sharing features I didn't get into a lot of those but there are really nice ways to.

Yeah I think one no sink at it's really truly is amazing I'm not going to show it here I don't really have a one no that I prepared for today but if you are a one note user at this think ability of one on one drive to your desktop.

It's really really nice. Let's talk about anything that would maybe be editor actor is you know certainly that it's not approved for its institutional data which means it's internal or restricted or critical and it really doesn't and integrate with non Microsoft types again they have a family. And requires a Microsoft account that you can actually register it with H.T.M.L..

Email address you just have to use that to get your account and I think that those are really kind of the main features about one drive and Google Drive and maybe asking what is the difference at this point of all kind of come down to some things I mentioned about how heavy a Microsoft Office user you are and then just preferences about your workflow and what seems easier to use for you I've used both.

And they both have their pros and cons but we've talked about so Tom I'll turn it over to you see if there are any questions and I know you wanted to kind of wrap this back up into the cloud storage di di edu so I'll go ahead and turn it over to you.

Are. Quite a bit but I want to. Before we. Finish out one of the things remember we talk about University supported and unsupported services now one of the things that you have to keep in mind about it and support services and the reason they are only allowing universities public data is because Microsoft Dropbox and Google they will index the content that you upload to those services to provide insight it into you and to help them determine which products to be marketed to you better that is their business that the three products.

You're the your what's actually being sorts of keep that in mind Dropbox who will drive one drive or do that Bob's has an agreement with the university that everything upload to part of our enterprise box account is not index it's not categorized let's not quote that's one boxes of Cooper things restricted and below so just keep that in mind when you're using the services if you're using a free service chances are it's it's not a secure as you might think it is.

Just consider that when you're using service there are three other services that I want to just mention I'm not going to go into them in the in the detail as you've probably seen a Google Drive and one drive Apple has their own cloud service that has web versions of pages.

And pages numbers and keynote at the equivalent of Word Excel and Power Point respectively. So Apple users typically use one note to synchronize choir I'm sorry I come to synchronize quite a bit of stuff. Amazon has an own I'll drive as well because you get so much storage for free with an Amazon account but then after that you can buy storage.

On top of that very similar to one drive Google. This is mostly just for stores make more alone Dropbox why and then one of the coolest ones that I encountered in my research or something called Space Monkey. And it sounds really bizarre but what statement years is that a wireless enabled hard drive basically to one terabyte hard drive that you purchase and you get to use one terabyte of that and then everybody else in the world gets out back up their content their one terabyte a cut on your space.

So it is kind of cool it is truly cloud because you don't know where your country is being. But it's interesting that you can buy a device and then once you have the device you get your cut of storage so it's a one hundred because of storage and of interest and.

So kind of to bring things back or Circle let's talk about how you can connect your content to the services. So remember we talked about are you anywhere to begin any application streaming service at the university and we talked about last computers and how you can get your accounts nap so these labs are live computers automatically as well.

This is how you do it I have stored data you don't need you will ask people log in to prove who you are then you basically just open up one box for example and choose opera they'll send you to box. Maybe. This was where things. Start working out but it will send you to box.

And box will ask you hey you can have storage what Access will you allow it will say yes and then automatically you can now get your bucket when you where. You get a same thing for Dropbox same thing for Google Drive and the same thing for one side we all have a third party up in the case.

Then you can do you can logon prove that you are who you say you are than allow that with patients to use. Your resources on those services you can also map file sharers so we didn't we don't how about BT you're not really cloud storage but a file share is like a network drive so you can see that there is this machine there are lots of network drives but one provider for who that coming from cloud storage is your storage not all the recipes or map is part of a machine here.

But mine are you have storage down through Google Drive those are coming from cloud storage. So that's kind of one of the nice things about storage if you're finding yourself and computers quite a bit definitely suggest a new king at the accounts that you. And so what's best for you well if you're a good university How about ducks.

Probably box of using critical data only slashed cap if you need something to help with the work well or with a very specific task it work most likely ship. As far as everything else when it comes to Dropbox Google Drive one drive remember those are university public their own.

And the features. Which ever service out been meets the feature set that you need allows you to synchronize where you need it so that it the type of documents you need to edit that isn't a service that you should go if your primary Microsoft I would suggest looking into one for a primary where you will earn your primarily Google and you need to really incorporate with real time collaboration I would definitely check out Google.

For example if you're only interested in short story which check out Dropbox. Spartan university goes boxed Share Point or slashed. Her member slash numbers on an. Are there any other questions about any of this have. That's the end of what I think we have that's just a kind.

But I would suggest checking out that one of an article you a sheet. We saw this out of us know what you thought of putting these workshops. What today's weapon are. You know you're welcome her to shut. It can be really confusing there are all these things out there and what you can use for all you work which you can use for your health and other systems compare it's nice that.

We would like you to fill out what our valuation for this is that which is not it's no cheap but and. There were questions things that went on. Were happy to answer any questions you might have so it would have happened and I thought question sign next to news X.

I thought we might be able to address it better and talking chunk you have a recommendation I was thinking to fight Dropbox but do you have any thoughts on extra star specifically. So here's here's kind of the thing with pictures a lot of times a picture you want to be able to preview can pick infected when you want to share them with very specific people.

And you don't necessarily want to just synchronize them. When it comes to pictures there are wounds of services up there and says. It all depends on what you want to do with and you're looking just for storage. Box or Dropbox would work. If you're looking for the ability to have been up here in several places Dropbox will do that better than box but you will run into your to get by quite a very quickly whereas that box is one of your work and you can have unlimited data.

And then if you have a smartphone or you have have a device whether the Apple or Google or Microsoft. Microsoft or synchronize with one drive producing was. But Apple will synchronize with. I Cloud photos. And then Google will synchronize with the new Google Politico's So who are those are quite complicated and the depends on what you're doing then you like I said just for backup Ababil Dropbox I actually use Dropbox to back up my.

Content of my web domains because it is ubiquitous and I'm not going to lose that when I lead by you if I lead by you. But it's really it really is kind of your call. Oxen's. No longer here you know the lead story. If you're looking at really kind of math as you're probably going to be purchasing somewhere no matter what the free will run out pretty quickly.

I'm looking at the same question Don And to back up some of my photos I'm a decision making point of where do I spend the money. And since it's just the storage I've been thinking Drop Box Most likely. And there are couple there like it but if if if it's just to top it off and keep it safe it's probably something like that I use Google plus for federal sharing because the circles are nice to say who I want to share with but.

You know it's really tricky with both of us yes like I got the gun I both said if you're looking just first or Dropbox. Yeah you know I think it's nine dollars a month we're very lives and that's going to be. If I think it's nine a month for the Terra by and it's going to be really similar among all of its competitors are all on the I like nine to twelve dollars a month for a terabyte.

I think I am about the only one of the charges you annually so you'll get your storage or anyone here yeah. So feels nice hope I answered your question Tom and that was complex. OK great thank you for attending today really appreciate it and if you have any questions or glad to answer if not you can click the a valley and then you can exit either by just closing your browser or hitting the red X in the upper right corner either way or you.

Moving on. You know we really thank you for attending.

Learn about the various cloud storage options available at IU.