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>> Hey! Hello everybody. Hope everyone is having a good Friday morning here. We've got the the weekend coming. We've got some warmer weather on our way, I believe. Spencer...good. Welcome to the presentation today. My name is Peter. I'm the presenter. If you need to contact with me at all during the session today, you can feel free to write a note in the chat.

Also we have a pretty small group, so if you want to you can also feel free to turn on your microphones and talk to me that way and that will be just fine. Feel free to interrupt me at any time...very laid back and relaxed here. So yeah, our topic is going to be "The Top Ten Tech Tips for IU." Let's just go ahead and jump in and have a good time here.

I'm going to do a few maneuvers on screen... and start the PowerPoint up here in just a moment. Just to make sure everybody knows where the chat is, in case you came in late... the chat can be found using the Zoom toolbar that's at the bottom of the screen.

If you don't see it there, look around the bottom, you should see that toolbar. And there's a Chat menu there, and just to make sure it's happening and everybody can see it... Why don't you tell me, If you could go on vacation to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Personally, I would go to Brazil. "Europe".. Nice answer.. "Spain".. "Bahamas"..I love it. Never been... but want to go. "Hawaii"...Nice choice. Nice choice, Elisa. Ok, yeah. If you don't want to have your camera on, no problem at all there. You're free to share your video if you want to, but there's no need to, so that's not a problem.

All right, those are all excellent answers...but "South Pole"! What? I would go there too. I love penguins. So I would love to hang out with the penguins for that. Ok, so let's go ahead and jump in here. I am going to share my screen, and we're going to start this guy up.

Great. I'm also going to turn off my video, so that you don't see me reading from my notes, and let's focus on the good stuff. All right so our topic today is "The Top Ten Tech Tips," and we've got some cool stuff to show you. All right. This is a graphic that shows a bunch of the tech services that are available to folks at IU.

And as a little game, I would like to try something here. So at the top of your screen or wherever your toolbar is, you should see a tool that's called "Annotate." And if you click on that you're going to get some annotation tools. There's a draw one, and if you click on that draw one...and grab any of those guys...

And so my first question to you is "Which of these..." You'll only get that annotation thing if you are in full screen. "Which of these tools do you use most frequently?" I'm going to go ahead and get started and say that I use Box all the time, but feel free to just draw on the screen with your tools.

Which ones do you guys use? Duo. Yeah, I should have thought of that. Canvas. Great. IT Training. Excellent, love to see that. Lots of folks circling around Duo. Knowledge Base. Absolutely. Knowledge Base. Great. All right! Nice job with the annotations, everybody. Yeah, okay, great. One dot IU. Excellent.

Another question for you here: "Which of these is your favorite tool...not necessarily the one you use all the time, but which one of these is your favorite?" Box...everybody loves Box.. so much functionality. Great. IUanyWare is super cool. Excellent. Any other's for our favorite piece of IU tech? Like it.

And one more question: "Which of these is the worst?" "Which of these technologies do you dislike the most?" I'm going to go ahead and put a big red circle around Duo. Anybody else? Yeah, that's certainly on our minds this month. I feel like there needs to be a new slang term to describe that movement when you try to log in, and then you have to reach in your pocket for your phone to get your second step authentication there.."The Duo Slide." [INAUDIBLE] So Kathleen, I just saw your comment.

here, How are people doing those annotations? If you're in full screen at the top of the screen. There's a toolbar that should say "Annotate," and if you don't see that, it may be tucked away under a More tab or something. And on that annotation thing you can then click on those Draw tools and draw whatever you like.

So it makes it really easy to interact with folks. Great. Okay, so he doesn't like Box. I understand that too. In IT Training we use Box a lot. We have so many folders and sometimes you really have to dig to find things. Great, everybody. Thank you so much for playing along.

Okay, let's jump in and check some of these guys out. So the first thing I want to say is that all of the things you see on your screen here are available to you at no additional cost. It's all covered by the technology fee. These are the most commonly used tech by students faculty and staff, but this is certainly not exhaustive.

There are all kinds of other stuff available like 3D printing, and you can also use the supercomputers for a project. There's all kinds of cool stuff there. And what's great with so many of these is that they allow you to be productive kind of wherever you are so if you're on the go.

You're still connected to things if you need to be. It's so the first thing I want to talk about here is box. So several of you look like you're familiar with Box. If you're not using Box, you should get started. You get an unlimited amount of free file storage that's all protected on IU systems.

Your hard drives are kind of going to fail. Jump drives get lost all the time. With Box you are going to get encrypted storage that you know is safe, and it's going to be available. You can access it from any device that's connected to the Internet, and you can use box to share your files with anyone inside and outside of the universe.

So it's a great storage place for you to use and there's a few features with Box that make it especially groovy in my opinion. So the first is that you can invite people to your folders and give them different levels of access. So you can have people who you know be an editor, or maybe you want somebody who can look at the stuff that's there and maybe contribute, but they're not going to edit anything, so they could be a previewer or an uploader, or you can send files so people can just check them out.

They can preview them, but they can't actually do anything with a them. So lots of different ways to control how people are interacting with their content. Box is always really great for these Box notes. These are basically like a little scratch pad that you can use. We use these all the time in IT Training, so that if we have a meeting where some of us are in Indy and some of us are in Bloomington, we'll open a Box note, so everybody can contribute their ideas and thoughts that are occurring during the meeting in the same Box note.

We can all see it, updates in real time, and they don't have all of ...they have some cool formatting feature. Like you can do checklists and things like that, but they don't have all of the formatting stuff that has Microsoft Word, and if you're like me, as soon as you get all those options, you start playing with them.

You want the fonts to look the same and Box kind of eliminates some of those distractions...and just let's you get your content there, and you can also create bookmarks. You can get to your folders and files really easily. If you're working with a group that has a really large complex Box folder structure, you can make it in Favorites, and then they will just pop up on the right-hand side of your Box screen, so that it's very clear the stuff you use the most and how to get to it.

Another great feature with Box is the commenting and assigning tasks, so you can see here we have a little example of this. You can look at a file, check it out, and then you can actually assign team members. "Hey, you need to go do this interesting project," or you can give them a little comment like this one," Hey,great numbers.

Well done." So this really makes it easy to share your ideas with everybody and also kind of direct their work to these assigned tasks. Another great thing about Box is the version history. So everything that goes on there stays up there. If you have several people working on the document, and by the time you get to the tenth, you know, round of revisions, you realize you lost something important in the third round of revisions, you can go right back to the third round, grab whatever you need from there and stick it back into the tenth round.

So nothing is ever lost, it's really a very robust system that way, and then you can also have email notifications, so you can set up your notifications inbox so that any time somebody looks at a particular file or looks in a folder, you'll get a little e-mail that they've been in there doing something.

How many people have had the problem of not getting specific with your notifications in Box, so that you kind of get... It sends you a gazillion notifications, you got it too wide open. Anybody ever have that problem? Go ahead and type your answer in the chat if you ever had that problem.

I know I have. Yes, yes, absolutely... great. All right! A couple of other cool things about Box [INAUDIBLE].
So the second big tip I have for you is using your cloud storage. How many folks here have their cloud storage set up so that it's authorized. You have that then go ahead and give me a "Yes." Yes OK.

Somebody doesn't, somebody doesn't. OK, I would highly recommend that you do this. To do this...I'm going to actually type it here on screen. You're going to go to, and once you go there you will have to...this is the screen that you'll see... and you have to log in.

if you haven't already..CAS Authenticate. And then basically...these will open up for you in a little list. And you can just say, "Yes authorize Box" or "authorize Google Drive." Now what does this do for you? This is going to allow you to have any of these services show up on your computer as a match drive, so anywhere you go on campus, any time you log into an IU computer, you're going to have Boxes.

If you authorized Box, you have Box as one of the options where you can store your information and can pull things and drag and drop from that little icon. Super powerful, super handy. It's also really great because it works with IU Anywhere. So if you've ever had the experience of using IU AnyWhere and start work on a document, and then you want to save it to your computer.

It can be very tricky to figure out how to go through all the hard drives that it offers to you and figure out which one is the actual computer that you're on. You can have to dig through all these different things to get there. Well if you have this.

If you have your Box set up like this, Box will appear in IU AnyWhere as one of the drives where you can save stuff, and it also remembers all of your customizations and preferences for any of the programs you use. So if you use Illustrator regularly, and you have a certain way you like your interface to look, and you set up that customization, if you've got your Box authorized with your Cloud storage, then anytime you open up Illustrator using IU AnyWhere, then you're going to see your preferences.

So super cool, and this process of authorizing it is really one click. I mean, it couldn't be any easier. So I highly recommend if you haven't gotten your cloud storage set up...that you go for it... Changed my life! There's the address again: Tips three and four are conveniently put together on the same slide here for us.

So tip number 3 is IUware. I bet most of you have already used this, but IUware is this great repository of software that you have available to you for free as a member of the IU community, so you can get any of the Microsoft Office package. You can get any of those Adobe Creative Cloud programs.


>> Download it directly to your desktops so that you can run it off of your processor. They have tons of antivirus software. The other thing they have that's really important is the Citrix Receiver which is what you would need if you were going to use IUanyWare. So, IUanyWare...

Does anybody use IUanyWare? This is another one I'm curious about. If you use IUanyWare, go ahead and throw me a "yes" in the Chat there. Excellent. So you guys are using this already. Terrific. IUanyWare is pretty amazing. Is is the ability to stream software over the Internet. So basically you can run any of the Microsoft Office apps, any of the Adobe Creative Cloud, any of the software IU offers, you can run from a server, you know, that IU not actually on your computer.

So IUanyWare is great. You don't have to license the apps. If you don't have the space on your computer to download and install them. If the app is going to be too intensive for your specific hardware, like some of the statistics programs could be pretty needy for software or for the processing power, so you can do all of that, and it's all run off of the main servers, so it's great.

One thing I would say is if you're going to use IUanyWare, you're going to want to IUanyWare and download the Citrix Receiver right here. So the Citrix Receiver is this program that's going to let your desktop communicate with IUanyWare and select which program it wants to run. So it's kind of like ..the receiver.

The analogy being like a radio receiver that's tuning in different channels and those channels are different programs on IUanyWare. So you have to get this to get started, but once you get it ...and it's super easy to install and work with. Once you get it, you'll get a really nice experience with IUanyWare.

And again any computer you log into, you now have any of those applications you have access to that anytime. Great! Any questions about IUware or IUanyWare? Again, you can feel free to turn your mic on, or you can throw me a question in the chat. Either way is good.

All right. Don't see any questions coming in. Excellent... Let's continue on here. Here we go. OK... IT Training...that's where I work. that's where I work. We have offices in Bloomington and Indy, and we offer no cost training to faculty, students, and staff, and we have lots of different ways to do it.

So we have classes that we do in person in the library. We also have training that we do online like what you are doing today, and we have some classes that are actually both: you have some instructor in a classroom who is simultaneously teaching to a group of people online.

We have courses for everything you could want. Really, we have very specific courses about all of the Microsoft Office products -- everything in the Adobe Creative Cloud. We also have training on IU systems, like the IUIE, SIS, and that kind of stuff. We are also available for special requests.

So if you have a group of ten people, and you need specific training... Let's say you're a professor and you want to make sure your students know how to do charts and graphs in Excel. You can have us come into your classroom and teach for forty-five minutes. We'll just give them a real quick basic instruction on charts and graphs that will get them going on a project.

We're also moving towards having our instruction materials in Canvas and that should start happening within the next few months, so you'll be able to just do self study. We've got a great staff. We're always working on new products. All of the information you've probably seen in the last few weeks ..about DUO, those videos explaining how to get your DUO authentication set up.

And we're responsible for doing that stuff too. Our website is right there: I highly recommended you check it out and see what some of our offerings are..there is a ton of stuff there. We also have all of our materials, our workshop materials, are all available for download.

If you don't have time to go to an actual course, you can go to the website, and you can download the instructions and the actual exercise files for any of our workshops. So say you want to learn about Photoshop, you can go there... Check out Photoshop Basics, work through a study at your own pace.

We also have some certificate series. So you can be recognized for completing the Web Development series or the Excel series, and that's another little quarter-inch on the C.V. that looks good, and then we have some actual certification programs as well for Microsoft products. It's a little bit more of an intensive process, but you'll get that certification at the end, that again proves that you're a Microsoft guru.

So that's what we do at ITTraining, and let's continue on here. All right, so the other big change that's come down the pike recently besides DUO is that Adobe Connect, which has been IU's online conferencing solution, has been phased out, and we're now moving into the world of ZOOM.

Everybody who has an IU username has access to their own room. So if you go to, you'll be able to check out your space. The Zoom rooms are great. It's a really kind of personalized meeting space. You can do video, you can do screen sharing, you can send files to the chat.

A couple of other nice features- if you have a recurring meeting that you know every Monday you have to meet with your team, you can set up recurring meetings that automatically start up and everybody can get in. It's pretty easy to get up and rolling, I find it a lot easier than Adobe Connect.

Again lots more robust with the options for video and having everybody use their mics at the same time- easier to do that than in Adobe Connect. And also there's another cool thing, there's a little widget you can get that will connect with Outlook, so that you can schedule meetings in Zoom straight from your Outlook meeting with somebody, and it'll get them an invite with all the information they'll need to get into the room.

So Zoom is super cool. Have you guys been using Zoom much in your work lives; and if so, how do you feel about it? Do people like Zoom? Not yet...but you Will. OK great--so uses it all the time--loves it. Yes, we are in Zoom right now. This is a Zoom room and I am sharing my screen, so that's what you guys are seeing.

But again Zoom has this cool annotations tool that we were using earlier. We're going to make it easy for folks to interact, share their work, cause also in Zoom you can share like a whiteboard, so that everybody can draw on the screen. If you like how you like to craft ideas and brainstorm together.

You can also share your screen from a mobile device really easily, and yeah, there's also a Zoom app! So you can do some meetings from your smartphone or your tablet or something as well, so it's really cool there. We are doing a training on Zoom around the same time next week, next Friday, I believe, that's going to be great.

Some of the top administrators for Zoom will be there helping us out, and will be sort of exploring all the ways to use Zoom, and all the tools and things like that. I highly recommend coming to check that out as well. And if you hang out with me for another hour.

All right, that was tip number six, burn through these, let's go ahead to tip number seven. So at IU you get tons of support. We are available twenty-four hours a day. Multiple localities that make it really convenient, so again, all the support is free, so as long as you are in classes and faculty or staff, you get this tech support for your personal devices.

The phone number is right here. 855-6789- Pretty easy to remember. And then we have email here. You can chat during business hours, I believe, with the IT Help Live folks, and they are very helpful. And then on the Bloomington campus, there are walk-up locations, you can go to the Wells Library Learning Commons and the Union, you can go there if you have a problem.

If you have problems, you know if you forget your password, and need your password reset or something like that, you can go to those walk-up locations and talk to those folks in person. Great!....Next up: Knowledge Base. How many folks here use the Knowledge Base--the K.B? It's for those do-it-yourselfers, when you've got a question like, "How do I set up my phone so that my emails connect to it?" "How do I get my gaming console fixed...?" "Am I on the right IU wireless network?" or "How do I set up Zoom?"...All of that stuff is there on the K.B. They have, you know, thousands of pages of detailed explanation screenshots and everything you need to get going on things, so it's really a good solution.

A lot of times at work I'm like, "How do I do that?" and we just go to the K.B. Usually the answer is there. There are also some other cool ways that you can get support from folks. So there is AskIU. This is a service where you can ask them really anything, and they will try to answer you as quickly as they can.

So you have these examples: "Where is the nearest Jimmy Johns?" "Who is my advisor?" "When is a fall break?" They can answer all those kinds of questions for you instantly. You know they can't help you with life problems. I wouldn't ask them like what should I major in, or should I buy that car or those kinds of things, or existential questions, but I think they help you with the basics.

So if you're someone who needs that, feel free to check out AskIU. Ok, Tip number 9: This is the new service that's been around for I guess about a year or year and a half. And it is a kind of one stop shopping for all of the things you need to do to interact with the IU system.

So if you're a student who needs to register for classes, you can go to To enter your grades, you can go through one.iu. You want to pay your bursar bill? One.iu. If you need to put in your P.T.O. time for your vacation. one.iu--- it's all there. Check out your health benefits and that kind of thing, you can do almost all of that through

It's got a nice kind of dashboard look, so it looks a little bit more like an app store. That was the idea behind it. And one thing that you should also know about is that it was developed in-house based on user feedback. So if there are things about one.iu that you like, you should let the developers know.

And if there's things about it you don't like, you should also let them know because they are responsive. They're constantly updating it, trying to make it more user-friendly and effective, so if you have feedback for the applications and things you use at one.iu, you should definitely go ahead and let them know.

Our last tip- It's about on-campus wifi. So if you are on campus and you're walking around with your smartphone and you want to use wifi, you may have noticed sometimes that there are a few options there. The service that you want to be connected to is IU Secure.

It's going to keep your data safe. It gives you full access to the wireless network, and it has also access to print stations, so you can use that to send your files directly to printers on campus. As opposed to the ATTWifi network, which you also will see somewhere, that's really meant for visitors.

I believe the data there is not protected in the same way, the service is not going to be quite as good. It's not running on as many wireless networks there, and you don't get the access to the print station, so that's one thing to be aware of. If you are off campus, remember you will also want to get the VPN connection, which is now done with Pulse secure.

Pulse Secure you can find on IUware, which we looked at earlier. One thing to know about Pulse, if you're using it now: Pulse requires two-step authentication, so when you log in, you'll enter your username, your pass phrase, and then it'll ask you for your secondary pass phrase and what it wants then is one of the six digit codes from DUO.

So you'll have to pull out your phone, or however it is you get access to your DUO authentication, and get one of the six digit codes to put it there. It's not intuitive the way it's set up right now because Pulse is a third party app, and it doesn't know that it's talking to another third party app, so it doesn't explicitly say, "Hey, go get your DUO passphrase for the second thing." So just a little heads up there that if you're going to be using the VPN now, it's two-step authentication, and you do need that six digits to get in.

All right, I flew through those really quickly, and that's about all I have to share with you. Do you have questions about anything that I've shown or anything else that I might try to help out with? Jalissa looks fully satisfied with a big NO with an exclamation point.

Excellent. We aim to please. Terrific, if I don't see any more questions, then I am going to throw a URL into the chat here, and that is a place where you can do an evaluation for the webinar today. I do see one question here: "For Zoom training, do we need to register first?" Yeah, I would go ahead to the page and register for that training.

It is filling up, and we have a maximum of three hundred people. Last time I checked it was at one-fifty or one-sixty, so there are lots of folks going in that, so if you want to check that, definitely go through registration first. Excellent, any other questions? That was a good one.

"Is is possible to get my email on an app for my phone?" Yes, it is. If you go to one.iu, there is a mobile app called one.iu that you can use to check a bus schedule, you can check your your email, or you can check your Box. Well, there's actually a separate app for Box, but you can check everything you can do at one.iu, you can do on the phone.

Great, any other questions? If you have to use the bus service too, I highly recommend getting the one.iu mobile app. It's really cool, you can actually see in real time where the buses are on their routes and how far away they are. Excellent. Well, if there's no more questions again, if you have a few minutes, go ahead and fill out that evaluation there with the link I posted earlier.

That helps us know what we're doing well, and what else to improve, and that's it for questions. Thanks, have a great day. I will stay in the room here for a little bit. If you have any questions, feel free to type them in the chat. Goodbye, everybody.

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