Introduction to R

Daily Descriptions

Day 1

The goal of this section is to get you acquainted with R, both the environment and the language.  We’ll discuss data types, manipulation, the structure of commands, how to get help and more information, how to load packages, and how to use the environment.  The hope is to make using R more intuitive.

This session does not focus on any individual analysis or demonstration.  It focuses on reading and making sense of the language (this is very helpful for new users or anyone currently copying, paste, and hoping).


There are no requirements for this section. Basic Unix skills (how variables work, cat, pwd, etc.) are helpful, but we won’t be using command line at all.  

Day 2

This session will provide you with the chance to practice what was learned in Day 1. Day 2 is an lab-type activity where you will obtain sequences from NCBI and do some basic analyses.


This is a lab based on the material covered in Day 1, so familiarity with that material is strongly encouraged. Day 2 will be posted for registration after Day 1.

Day 3

Go deeper into R by learning how to read, understand, and troubleshoot R code. This session will introduce classes and functions. Classes and functions are a large part of R, and therefore a large part of understanding the syntax and function of the language. We will also introduce graphing and script creation in R.


A basic understanding of R, covered in Day 1.

Day 4

Practice what you learned in Day 3. This session is a lab-type activity where users will modify the code from the first lab (Day 2) to make functions and graphs.


This is a lab session based on the material covered in Days 1 and 3. Additionally, this lab builds on the Day 2 activity. Starter code can be provided upon request.