Using the e-Consent Framework in IU REDCap

Using the e-Consent Framework in IU REDCap


The IU Research Electronic Data Capture (IU REDCap) offers a self-managed, secure, web-based platform designed to support data collection and data management for research, operations support, and quality improvement projects. REDCap's easy-to-use, intuitive features allow users to rapidly build and manage secure online surveys and databases.

This webinar is an informative presentation/discussion about using the e-Consent Framework in IU REDCap. Obtaining written consent is a crucial step for engaging participants in research, but managing paper forms can be a challenge. REDCap offers a user-friendly electronic method to obtain and manage participants’ consents through the new e-Consent Framework and PDF Auto-Archiver.


Catherine J. Bauer-Martinez, M.Ed
REDCap Application Administrator
Advanced Biomedical IT Core (ABITC)
ABITC is part of the Research Technologies Division of UITS Research Technologies and is a center in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University


By the end of this webinar, users will know:

  • What is an e-Consent?

  • How the e-Consent Framework works in IU REDCap?

  • How to set-up an e-Consent in a REDCap project? 

  • How participants use the e-Consent in IU REDCap?

  • Questions to consider when using the e-Consent Framework

  • Lessons Learned from using the e-Consent Framework in REDCap

    • Problems

    • Solutions

    • Lessons learned


  • REDCap account access.
  • Ability to listen to the online webinar via your own device.
  • Optional: Ability to ask questions via the online webinar through your own device.

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Using the e-Consent January 26, 2023

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