Intro to Deep Learning


This workshop introduces IU faculty, staff, and students to Deep Learning on the resources UITS Research Technologies (RT) makes available to them at IU, namely the Big Red 200 supercomputer. Attendees will learn to create their first NeuralNet, RandomForest and function optimizer with the Deep Learning software stack on Big Red 200. Detailed examples with documented code will be provided and discussed. No prior knowledge of these techniques is assumed. Knowledge of Unix and Python is needed for the hands-on exercises.


  • TensorFlow for NeuralNetworks
  • Sklearn for a RandomForest
  • Scipy for an optimization probleM
  • Cupy for GPU acceleration of existing numpy applications

Go to the recording from March 28, 2024 workshop.

Intro to Deep Learning on Big Red 200 (on YouTube)

Go to the recording from October 19, 2023 workshop.

Intro to Deep Learning on Big Red 200 (on YouTube)

View hands-on material from the workshop.

Intro to Deep Learning on Big Red 200 (on GitHub)

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