Intro to Deep Learning

Learning Objectives

  • By the end of the class, attendees will:
    • Create their first NeuralNet, RandomForest and function optimizer with the Deep Learning software stack on Big Red 200.

Prerequisite Skills

  • An account on BigRed200. (
  • Basic knowledge of Unix and Python.
  • A means to login via a terminal.
  • Recommended (but not required): Familiarity with a text editor.

Register for the April 2023 workshop

Intro to DL on BR200 April 25, 2023


  • TensorFlow for NeuralNetworks
  • Sklearn for a RandomForest
  • Scipy for an optimization probleM
  • Cupy for GPU acceleration of existing numpy applications

Go to the recording from April 25, 2023 workshop.

Intro to Deep Learning on Big Red 200 (on YouTube)

View hands-on material from the workshop.

Intro to Deep Learning on Big Red 200 (on GitHub)

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