Big Red 200 and AI Day


Attendees will:
  • Learn about Big Red 200 and the latest tools from NVIDIA to take advantage of the GPU enabled nodes on Big Red 200.
  • Receive hands-on Deep Learning exercises to help get acquainted with using Big Red 200.
  • Network with Research Technologies and NVIDIA personnel as well as with other IU researchers working on Big Red 200.
  • Learn about other services and systems supported and maintained by Research Technologies and the people who support them.


  • An account on BigRed200 (requested 5 days prior to day of the event). (
  • Basic knowledge of Unix and Python.
  • A means to login via a terminal.
  • Recommended (but not required): Familiarity with a text editor.


  • 10:00: Welcome by Matt Link, Associate Vice President for UITS Research Technologies (RT) (10 minutes)
  • 10:10: HPC stories from the trenches (60 minutes)
    • Enrico Vesperini/Vaclav Pavlik, Department of Astronomy - IUB (30 minutes)

    • Michael Robo, IU School of Medicine (30 minutes)

  • 11:10: Intro to HPC at IU with Laura Huber, Research Software Developer, RT (50 minutes)
    • Brief overview

    • Accessing system

    • Accessing packages and software

  • Noon: Lunch and networking (60 minutes)
  • 1:00: Intro to DL with Scott Teige, Research Software Developer, RT (75 minutes)
  • 2:15: 2:00: Break (15 minutes)
  • 2:30: 2:15: NVIDIA presentations with Kaleb Smith, Sr. Data Scientist and Marc West, Sr. Account Manager (90 minutes)
    • NGC containers
    • Nemo/NLP

    • Vision AI

    • RAPIDS 

  • 4:00: 3:45: Closing remarks by Abhinav Thota, Manager, Research Applications and Deep Learning and Scott Michael, Director, Research Software and Solution, RT
  • 4:05: 4:00 Optional data center tour with Matt Allen, Manager, High Performance Systems, RT

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