Intro to High Performance Computing


  • Users will learn about the HPC resources and support services RT provides
  • By the end of the class, users will be able to:
    • Log into the systems
    • Create a remote GUI session on Carbonate from a graphical desktop on their laptop
    • Move a file to the systems
    • Use the available software on the systems
    • Create and submit a job to the queues


  • Carbonate supercomputer account (
  • Recommended: S4ES: Unix The Basics
  • For in-person training: bring your own laptop if you would like to work in your own environment.  Check the registration link to see if you are required to bring or borrow a laptop (most courses are taught in classrooms with computers available at each desk).

Agenda for in-person training

  • Overview of HPC at IU and RT services
  • Short break
  • Hands-on exercises

Online Course Available in Expand

Enroll in an equal course (called Carbonate)

The Supercomputing for Everyone Series (S4ES) aims to bring more users into the realm of advanced computing, whether it be visualization, computation, analytics, storage, or any related discipline. Let Research Technologies staff take you to the next level of computing.

Supercomputing for Everyone Series workshops and seminars are led by personnel from Research Technologies, a division of University Information Technology Services and a center in the Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University.