Excel: Basic Automation Using Macros

Learning Objectives

  • Create simple macros to automate complex actions
  • Learn about macro security issues
  • Assign a macro to the Quick Access toolbar and a keyboard shortcut
  • Edit macros

Prerequisite Skills

  • Enter data into cells
  • Use built-in functions
  • Sort and filter lists

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IU faculty, staff, and students

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Non-IU learners

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This course is part of an IT Training Certificate Series, which awards a certificate on successful completion of a final online exam. Learn more about the Excel End-User Certificate Series.

Additional materials and files

For IU learners, if you're interested in the content for Excel: Basic Automation Using Macros, but prefer not to enroll in the online course, you can download the PDF and exercise files below.

Please note: The PDF and exercise files provided here formed a basis for the online course, but will not be kept in sync with the online course.

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