Services for Digital Humanities and Creative Activities series

Are you involved with the humanities or creative activities at IU? This informational series will show you all the services UITS has to offer, from 3D object acquisition to virtual reality for teaching and art education, presented by a host of experts from the UITS Advanced Visualization Lab and Cyberinfrastructure for Digital Humanities & Creative Activities group.

The format of the weekly series at IU Bloomington includes hands-on introductions to topics, lectures by people doing cutting-edge work at IU, and open sessions for exploring your questions and approaches.

The Supercomputing for Everyone Series (S4ES) of training workshops aims to bring more users into the realm of advanced computing, whether it be visualization, computation, analytics, storage, or any related discipline.

Talks in this series

  • 2019.01.17: Introduction to Text Analysis with Tassie Gniady and David Kloster
  • 2019.01.24: Introduction to Topic Modeling with Tassie Gniady and David Kloster
  • 2019.01.31: Introduction to Sentiment Analysis with David Kloster and Tassie Gniady
  • 2019.02.07: Introduction to Document Similarity with David Kloster and Tassie Gniady
  • 2019.02.14: Hands-on Text Extravaganza with Tassie Gniady and David Kloster
  • 2019.02.21: Rome Reborn: Visiting Rome in A.D. 320 with Bernie Frischer
  • 2019.02.28: Virtual Reality in the Art History Classroom with Matthew Brennan
  • 2019.03.07: Painting Virtual Art: An Artist's History through Virtual Reality with Margaret Dolinsky
  • 2019.03.21: Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality with Chauncey Frend
  • 2019.03.28: 3D Digitization with Jeff Rogers & Tassie Gniady
  • 2019.04.04: Advanced Media with Chris Eller
  • 2019.04.11: Create your own Virtual Reality Tour with Matt Mercer and Tassie Gniady
  • 2019.04.18: XR Extravaganza with Jeff Rogers, Chris Eller, Matt Mercer, and Tassie Gniady