Box: Access Files, Share, and Collaborate from Anywhere

Learning Objectives

  • How to get a Box account
  • How to make use of apps associated with Box
  • How to efficiently use Box as a collaboration tool
  • Best practices for the use of Box

Prerequisite Skills

  • Ability to use a web browser

Recording of a Previous Session

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This recorded session shows you how to get started with using Box.

Description of the video:

>> Great thank you all right welcome everybody my name is Tom. This is box. Access file share and collaborate from anywhere today is a we're scheduled to have two hours together today. I've got a list of things to go through. And once we are through them I'll have plenty there should be plenty of time to ask questions and sort of interact with each other throughout today's session we are using Zune today one thing I do want to kind of point out is you all do have the ability to turn on your microphones I would ask that unless you have something to ask or say to please keep yourself muted we're recording today to kind of have the recording available on our website.

So that others can watch I'm OK with you using your microphone to ask questions that's perfectly OK it's just law you're not asking if you could stay muted that would be really helpful Peter is here assisting today you won't see his name in the list because he is training zoom you have questions he will be watching the chats and sort of.

Kind of keep a handle on everything that's going on there. If you have it using before. Just kind of a quick thing a quick sort of demonstration of some of the capabilities you can use and notations there's a little in notate area. I might ask for feedback and if you click and it's hate you can use the draw menu in the check mark kind of draw check marks around the interface or X.'s if you're not OK with what I'm saying.

It kind of gives you a way to sort of see what's going. It's a way for me from you that doesn't involve microphones or child. So. Let's go ahead and get started. I'm going to start from the very basics of box trying to move my way so the first thing that we're going to talk about is what box is.

In prime storage and collaboration platform through all of those words mean something related to access sounds like some. Just as word soup but here's what it means enterprise means that we've got the ability to use clocks for everybody at our you all campuses everybody and I you so it's across the entire enterprise the entire organization.

X. is a storage tool meaning that we can store files and somewhere in box. A collaboration tool in that we can work with other people on those files. And it's a platform meaning it can be integrated into several other applications so it is an enterprise storage collaboration platform that's what kind of what all those words mean for us today.

So just to give you an idea of what we can do with box box allows us to store over eleven thousand different types of files that box natively recognizes. It allows us to work with people inside our you but also people across the universe the world across the universe Yeah so people on Mars can and the people over in the enjoyment of galaxy can totally collaborate with us on box but it allows us to work with people not only in I.U. but people outside of our you as well.

People that I. You ARE YOU accounts have some special privileges there were going to the air then too as we go today but anybody can create a free box account anybody who has an e-mail address can create a three X. account. So. As far as a platform goes there are are over a thousand different third party applications that use box they're like.

Trying to think of some I have off the top of my head. One of them that I use a lot is the. Back about location from a i Phone It can upload backup files directly to box so that if something were to happen to my phone I can immediately restore from a backup.

Things like that so that's integrated in thousands of different applications so it's really flexible and you can do a lot with box from just about anywhere. So we're going to spend a lot of time today talking about the collaboration aspect box but before we get into that I do want to talk about the storage aspect first because without the storage aspect we wouldn't be able to collaborate.

Box is approved for everything from restricted data down which to reverse that box is not approved for critical data and you can actually see that right here on the front page of the box landing page box hopes Ari I click on a link in what to the box landing page for those of you who are following along as just Box dot edu.

Right there that I just typed in the chat. Now what is that data classification mean well we have a Web site and I you. Data management that. Put that in the chart as well. This is going to talk to you about the different types of data and their classifications box can be used for everything except critical data so you can see here the critical data things like Social Security numbers passwords patient information tax information.

Things along those lines those are not allowed to be boxed. If you're dealing with that kind of data you will have had to have gone through some kind of training at the university level to deal with that kind of data and in that training they will tell you where you could store these types of things.

A box is not a place for that. So again going along with the storage that talks about what kinds of things we can put into box. How much can we put into Box Well are you accounts are unlimited and unlimited means unlimited It's not like there's some weird high terror by level you can store as much data in boxes you can throw out box.

Maximum file size for upload is fifteen year bytes that is best done not using a web browser web browsers have their own sort of file upload limitations then. The recommendation is that you don't upload more than five you bytes in a time if you can avoid it. And box will also allow us to store a.

I don't think this number is quite accurate anymore but I couldn't find an exact value today but my notes say ups of fifty versions I believe we can go up and over one hundred versions now in box. And we'll talk about what that means as we go. So that's kind of the storage aspect of box let's.

About the collaboration and sharing aspects next we're not going to spend a whole lot of time talking about sharing. But I do want to talk about the difference between collaboration and sharing before we dive into the application itself this is a important distinction inside of box a lot of times we throw the word sharing around to mean a lot of different things.

It's very specific and box think of it this way sharing is like you sending an email to hundreds of thousands of people with a document attached. That's sharing in sort of a broadcast it's sort of. It's one way communication it has to do with what you can see.

OK it's what you can see that's what the sharing is all about. Now the real power behind boxes with the collaboration. Collaboration is a two way street collaboration defines what you can do to a document so when you're collaborating in a box you're not sending out and broadcasting documents to people instead you're inviting collaborators to a folder in box once they're in that folder they can work on the documents inside so sharing is done with access levels collaboration is done with permission levels so the permissions allow you to do things the access levels allow you to see things remember sharing is seeing collaborating is to weigh what you can do sharing is one way there are any questions about those two a lot of times people will sort of.

In conversation though use the word share to mean both sharing and collaboration like hey let's share this folder with each other we'll work on the documents inside of it that's not what we're talking about and that's to for. That's called collaboration not sharing. They're handled very different ways.

He questions about what boxes and what it can do before we dive into my sort of my demonstration for today. You can type in the chat you can turn on your my can talk however you want to handle questions. All right so I'm going to go ahead and log in.

There are a couple of different ways you can get to the box logon screen the first is by going to the box. Page. Here there is also the sort of web site version of box is. Boxed dot com. You can also directly. Log into the I you version of box from I you dot Box dot com.

All three of those places will get you to exactly the same place here's the thing about it though so here is the box that I you know edu page. This is Box dot com. And this is Box dot com OK They all look different. But this is the thing about a platform these are all basically doors into the same house OK from any of these places you can click logon.

You can click log in and you can click I guess this is continue on the two are you pages the box that I used I.D.D. you in the Box dot com You'll be sent to cast the central if it's a question service. At which point you just log in as yourself OK I'm going to close one of them and I'm going to go ahead and just leave one to sort of I don't for a second.

Let me show you how to get here from a non I you branded box U.R.L. So if you're in an application on your phone or an application on another computer and you're integrating with box in some way you'll see a screen like this you can sign in and one of two different ways here you can either type just your e-mail address so the e-mail address I'm using.

Thirty two. To you and it sign then. Or you can click here sign in with S.S.O. and last you for your mail address as well. Do not. Do not type your eye you passphrase unless you see the cast authentication page make sure you're at Indiana University Make sure you've got the H.T.T.P. as colon slash cast you don't need you before you type in your pass rates so if I just type in my e-mail address here and click sign and it'll take me to Cass OK you should never have to type in your pass phrase in anything but a consequence occasion window for box for using Box.

OK so I'm going to go ahead and log in. And when you log in you're going to be taken to. The box sort of portal if you will this is how we end up inbox every time we log in. You'll see something like this I do want to kind of point out a few features here.

As we get going just to kind of give you an idea of the interface first of all we get our file tree here. We get our favorites over here I'm going to show you how to create your favorites in a second. We have these upload a new buttons new allows you to.

New document of any sort of type here. You've got your sort of search bar and profile information profile notifications and whatnot towards the top. Now one thing that I am doing today is I have set up this box webinars August twenty sixth team folder for all of you to join if you would like to sort of play with some box things today so I'm going to type a U.R.L. here into the chat it's a go down I got edu U.R.L..

If you click on that link it will automatically invite you to this folder and you can go ahead and do things in this folder. It's code are you not to use last one lowercase C. uppercase K. lowercase Y.. Again you don't have to but you're more than welcome Sid work in this folder today you can do whatever you like here.

Shortly after today's session it's going to just be deleted and everybody's going to be kicked out of it so. Let's talk about all the different folder types we have in box this is really kind of a basic level. Piece of understanding what you see on my screen as you'll see three different types.

Three different types of folder. Hold on that's what I want to do. This is what I want to do we see this blue folder and here's the OK so if you have probable trouble perceiving colors or contrast both the blue and the gray folder might look the same but if you look at them you'll see that they both.

Have people. On the icon OK They both have people on the I cut these are folders that are set up to be collaborated OK. The blue folders. Show folders that are collaborated inside are you there set up some would be work there are there. You've been invited to that folder by somebody at you.

Gray folders you've been invited to by somebody outside of are you OK somebody who's not I You will talk about the interesting cool things with those in a second. The third type of folder you will likely see inbox. Is this. Wanted. So you were all still learning how to use zoom here is this Manila colored folder with no people on it this is a private folder that means nobody else can see what's inside this folder.

At any time you can invite people to a private folder and they'll be able to see its contents Now this does not mean they'll see the contents of every folder leading up to that private folder This means that they'll that the folder they're invited to it means that they'll only see the contents of that folder.

Questions about those. I now I'm going to if you do have questions go ahead. I'm going to kind of keep going so to make sure I get through all the content that I need to get through. Today So let's take a little bit of a look at how these folders were.

Here's our box weapon our August twenty fourth twenty fourth folder you can see if I look over here that I've got several people who've joined here they've joined with the permission of you or uploader We'll talk about what that means in a moment. I want to show you what happens if you go to an externally owned folder.

So if I go to this box Web and our own externally folder watch what happens you see how my interface changes if this was owned by somebody at say Clemson University I would see the Clinton University branding if this was owned by somebody at say I you health I would see the I you health branding if this was on by somebody at you know any number of different institutions I would see their branding it's owned by somebody who just has their own box a cow.

It will look like a box website so the branding will change based on who owns a particular folder. The other thing I want to show you while we're here. Is how to create an upload some files. Because that's kind of the important thing to do here. There are lots of ways we can do this and I don't think I actually have.

My recycle. Let me get some files. From somewhere. I should've thought to get some files for so let me just I'll just create some files here and then I'll show you how to upload them and download them and things like that. So inbox how do you create a file Well we click new and here's the cool thing about box if you've kind of been following the office three sixty five.

And the office twenty sixteen stuff one of the things that office three. Sixty five offers is the ability to use Web versions of Word Powerpoint Excel to work on documents. And I use the only way we can get to those is by using Box they're integrated into our box installations so I can click new Word document.

Just create a new Word document it's automatically going to open this well this is going to open it for me and my desktop version will talk about why this is happening in a minute but I can add some content here and save the file close it and it'll show up in my box OK So here's the demonstration document here you all can add whatever sorts of documents you like.

Inside this folder feel free just don't put anything that's private in here because everybody who's in this weapon are in everybody who. Potentially people who view the recording could be able to get to this country as well. So I can create files that way I can also choose this upload button to just upload files or folders OK so if I wanted to upload I don't know I have no idea what web site let me maybe I should look at that index studies to know first.

Before I you know. Uploading it from my recycle then. Says it's zero kilobytes it's probably just in there to document the file so I can upload files using the upload files. Browse to my desktop. And find the file here. Or. Or I'm going to go ahead delete this.

I delete it by selecting it using the check mark and then clicking the trash can. I can also upload by seeing to seeing the window here you know how when you're in a file browser file Windows Explorer you can upload files by dragging I can also do that here in box I could just grab the file and drag it to wherever I wanted to be inside a box as well.

So getting in the collaboration. We could see that. Has created this file called a doc X. and somebody is editing this with Office Online. I could also jump into office online and start editing that as well so I could click the little lips this open with word on line.

And now we are both going to be able to edit this document at the same time so you can see somebody added a D. M B C I don't know. Is a. I don't know it's an abbreviation of tell time Cool so you can see that Nadine is also editing this he can come in and actually change some of the things or maybe even can come in and actually change some things he sees his current cursor moving around now.

So you can kind of see what's going on. Here with word a word on line you can do the same thing with Excel on line and powerpoint on line as well and when I close this works kind of like So we've we've always compared this to Google Docs because people used to be really familiar with X.

but this works very much like Box notes Google Docs you know anything cloud based where as soon as you're typing even if you close this that's like saving the file. OK you can turn on track changes inside the desktop version so let me just kind of show you that briefly.

So I can open up word for desktop. Turn on. Track Changes. Save and close this document. And then every chunk of changes that are made so that document. Will be tracked so any number of you could go in and start editing that this is a demonstration document they'll be tracked.

And then when I open it back up and word for desktop be able to see all who said what and when and all the different changes that were made to the documents actually really cool it's a new way to collaborate on Office documents. I did get a little sidetracked there.

And you want to talk about how box deals with. Files so you kind of already saw me coming over to this little ellipsis. And choosing open with this functionality for the dust top is handled by an application called Box at it I'll show you in a little bit how to get there this is installed on all the build machines I think most LS fees are getting to the point where they're provisioning mess.

Some new US out to there. Now the not the answer to your question there is a lot of the notes that I have from previous versions of this weapon are say fifty but I believe I've seen versions out the higher than one hundred lately. So I think that is something that has changed I don't know what the maximum number is but that is plenty of versions for most things.

So let's talk about other ways we can get here so I can download if I have permission to download upload a new version so a lot of times what people will do is they will have. Budget proposal B. budget proposal B. new budget proposal B. new new new.

You don't have to do that with box you can just call it budget proposal twenty sixteen seventeen and just upload new versions every time you need to work on it. So joining me or Joe Joni Joni. Has uploaded for us a four year plan I apologize if I.

Completely mispronounce your names I'm a native Hoosier and I have very. Strong beliefs apparently on how the words should be pronounced no matter how hard I try to change them this looks like Joni. You can actually just click on the file and it will show you. A preview of the file.

If you have boxset it installed and you have the ability to edit the documents. Got it. If you have the ability to edit the document you will see. E this open option. If I'm in an office document I will see it as a dropdown list so I can choose whether to open it on my desktop or online if I have installed.

But the preview is a way for us to we can add comments. You can even use the at notification. To notify people directly that you've made a comment on a document. There is this concept of a task. So if I'm out of it adding a comment. I can turn it into a task.

OK I can assign it to. Somebody given a due date and tell them what they need to do. OK and then assign it. So you can do those kinds of things you'll get emails for this. Depending on how you're notifications to set now show you how to customize those later and yes box that it can be used with a P.D.F. You know here's the thing.

To Remember you can use here's the sort of caviar I have I guess you're asking about adding P.D.F. A lot of times people want to be able to edit P.D.'s as a sort of way to submit. Form data or to submit some sort of allow some sort of form keep in mind when we're using Box and here in this way.

We're just making changes to one document OK if you have a document that you need multiple people to fill out and submit their own version of the document we'll talk about different ways to handle that today. But you can see here that I could grab the highlights tool.

Highlights and text. Save it and close and I'll get a little notification saying that there's a new version of the file available click yes and you'll see my highlight So there's my highlight So yes you can any kind of document that your computer can handle locks and it will work on it in case of whatever your computer is whatever you have on your computer that's set up to handle P.D.S. for example that's where it will open.

It's all based on your computer. OK Let me show you how to get box at it. Like I said chances are you probably have box at it installed on your machine already. If you don't you there's a good chance you'll be able to install it without contacting your L.S.P. if you come to this.

Come to your name at the top click your name drop down. You'll see this option for apps. We're going to be talking about two different apps well three different apps today. The first is box at it this is the quintessential box app OK The cool thing about box this is my wife uses it this way she's got a computer that has limited storage.

She won't install she'll only install applications on her computer she won't store documents on her computer she stores all of her documents in box and box and it allows you to do that so from here you'll see ADD or install I don't remember exactly what this button says before it says removed.

But you'll be able to download it. And install it from. From here. It will bring you here. There are mobile applications you get these mobile applications and your. Eco systems stores so I know that I can go to played google dot com Since I have an Android phone and I can look for box.

And here's the box out I could install it directly to my device from here you can do the same thing from the why I don't know if you could do it from the web in the i Tunes store which however you get applications to your i Phone. You can install the box app on i O.

S. and enjoyed these are fully featured everything you can do on the Web you can do in these apps. OK everything everything you can do on the Web you can do in these apps completely full featured Windows Phone Blackberry good luck. Not very full featured at all. Want to throw that out while we're looking at applications.

So a box edit quintessential out absolute must have for using Box second application then I'll quote you two for using Box is this box for office. OK What box for office does is box it adds the ability to create files and save files here I'll show you here in the screenshot.

It allows you to create files and save files directly from office it also allows you to browse files from Outlook that are in box and either attach them or link to them from an email so again you don't. I have to the cool thing about box is you really don't have to store anything on your computer you can all store it all and box so it doesn't matter where you are you know you could be on a tablet you could be on a phone you know you can be on a computer it allowed you could be on a thin client with just web access and you could use your documents in box that's the really cool thing about it.

So you can save two e-mail links from and directly collaborate for office from office into box. I don't think so. The question is can you be logged into multiple box accounts of once on Android I don't think so you can log out log back and log back in I haven't experimented with that but I don't think you can.

So my number one box out box out it number two box out box for office notice I haven't talked about sync yet. Here's the thing about sync sync is not a preferred way to use box. I'll say that again sync is not a preferred way to use box using Box you can synchronize individual folders to your desktop and you can see I've got a few of them here that are synchronized so I've got.

These little circle arrows here. Here's when you would want to sync. If you were using a document. Over and over and over again you're using it several times a day you might want to sync that folder. Keep in mind everything you do to that folder on your desktop also happens in box.

Now you'll see here. That I have this collaborative folder sinked. That's dangerous if I were to delete something from that folder on my desktop it gets deleted from the collaborative collaborating folder on box so nobody else can get to it all right. So same as I mean yes it's great if you want to get on an airplane and work on some documents because as soon as you land your new versions will be uploaded.

OK. But. Be careful with saying you only need to want to sync what you absolutely need to say. This account that I'm using here today has a lot of collaborated folders only two of them are saying it's only two folders or say that's common. And you don't have to sync the entire folder.

OK you can actually come in to. That's not it you can actually come into the say take three O. one this might have a sub folder some folder and a some folder of wine and I can sync just this folder by choosing the little dropdown. Properties sync to computer.

The little ellipsis properties send to computer. So I can see just this folder that's kind of how you want to use you want to sync the least you need to be able to do your work. QUESTION So far. If you don't like downloading applications to your computer. You can use Box dot com.

Box dot com as a mobile optimized website for a box it's mostly fully featured. It's not as fully featured as the apps. But you can see you can do a lot here. I cannot go into folders and this you know this would be on a phone or a small screen.

You could this is a way that you could log in to multiple accounts on a phone use one account a browser use the other account the app. You might have different web browsers where you could have even more than that. OK. So how do we get people to collaborate with us.

How do we get people to collaborate with us we're going to come up here to my box web in our folder. I believe you all. Have the ability to invite people as well you can click invite people. This is one way. You type in their email address. I know that this person has a box account and I give them a level of permission well I need well this is the best thing that I can show you for learning what these permissions mean.

It's a little matrix you can click where it says learn more and pops up if you want people to be able to. Work with the documents but not delete anything so you want to be able to collaborate with them but you don't want to give them the ability to delete you or upload or is the lowest you.

The highest you want to give them. You can see that editors can delete documents. They can do everything in a viewer upload or can do co-owners they also own the folder meaning. They can do to the folder whatever you do to the folder you could do You could delete the folder remove collaborators change permissions on the folder on shared assets everything right this.

Good link has to do a sharing. So I can get the sharing link for a document. Preview means that they can click on a document here let me just send this and. So preview download upload. So I'll send us an invite off to me. So preview means they can use this window.

And it means they can use box and it downloads means I can download the file comment means they can just comment on the files OK without using the preview. So you can invite from here you could also create This is how I got you all and into this folder you can create a self inviting link.

At a particular permission level for people to get into your folder that's done under the ellipsis. Properties. Folder settings. And if I scroll down. Invitation link. I can enable it choose the role. And then take this hyperlink and send it off to a massive amount of people this way people who want to help collaborate can people who don't want to don't have to you can do other things here like.

You know restrict the collaboration to within are you only meaning people can't invite not to you folks to a folder This is all depending on what you're doing in that folder if your folder is going to hold restricted data and you're going to collaborate you probably want to restrict it said with an university only.

You can have. Box put watermarks of who downloaded it when on the files you can this is kind of cool this is a way that you can set up. Sort of a drop box so if you've got your teacher. Class and you want to have your students submit to you there.

In the product you can allow uploads via email take this e-mail address and they will be able to send a file as an attachment to this email address and it will show up in folder. Yeah you can also control notifications on a folder by folder basis this is important when you're involved collaboratively and many many many folders so if I go to.

My box account. My personal box of. Sorry I just changed my password is I have to concentrate type it. So you'll see that I've got you know this true group box account. I've got social media I've got all kinds of collaborated folders here right. Anytime there's a change to one of these folders by default you'll get an email but let's say that this group box account is particularly noisy it sends out a particularly high number of emails I can come into this folder and I actually change the notification settings.

For this folder so I can uncouple it from my account defaults and change the kinds of notifications I get here. Which is pretty cool. Let's see I get going and I just show you new features and show you new features and I forget something to my notes. Great.

I think we're in good shape. OK so back in my demonstration account here. So the ways that we can invite collaborators collaboration Ling invite link if we're inviting many people and we don't want to type in all their email addresses. I just want to go to. Boxed out.

OK There we go I got stuck in the mobile website loop there for a second. I could also go to a folder. And buy collaborators here. How do you manage collaborators How do you keep people in kick people out. It has to do with this dropdown list you can change if you're the folder owner.

You can change so since I was picking on Genie already I could change her. Level of ownership OK so now she's a co owner of this folder. I can also remove people I'm not to remove any of you all but instead I'm going to show you how to see all the collaborators You can either click your words as you all or click yours as collaborators.

These are all the people who decided to join our folder for today check this out look right here. That's an external collaborator. Notice that they have a little globe next to their name. That means that that's a visual indication that some of the not from my you is in this folder.

So you go to indications not put restricted data here to the way. Because that is somebody it's me it happens to be me but that is somebody who's outside of I you. So how do I remove somebody well if I wanted to remove my other account I click on the dropdown and choose remove.

And then to remove that person from the folder I need to clear and clean out my annotations here is how they don't make any sense. To look at that that sounds like a cool app. OK. I showed you suffer inviting links. Here you see on the collaborators window where the collaborators screen you see this ability to mail all.

This Think of this is standing in a room with a megaphone I'm sorry let me try let me try that. Again standing in a crowded plaza with a megaphone shouting information. Once you shouted through the megaphone it's gone. There's no record of it it's just gone that's how this works I could send everybody in this folder an email I'm not going to I'm not going to clog your inbox is but I can send you all an e-mail that says something but there's no record of that inbox it's just shouting and saying hey do this thing or hey this is here now that's it.

The preferred way to communicate with the your collaborators is by adding comments. So you can see that their comments here you can add comments. That's that's really the sure fire comments and tasks there's the sure fire ways to communicate. Inside box. Any question about the main collaboration features there's one more thing I want to show you about collaboration.

Sharing and then get into some of the other apps. Let's see any typing. OK. Box notes box notes are supercool. They are online only. Documents so if you create a box note in a folder that sinks there is no sort of sinking of a box no doesn't download you can't download them they only live inside a box you can create a box by going to new box no or you can click this write a quick note.

And. Let's try to get everybody into this box not that I'm creating So everybody who's in the folder I just created a box now called webinars box. You can click on that. It'll bring you in here and this is a collaborative notepad OK so you get these little note heads notes heads off to the side and you can you know I'm making a shopping list.

And in the shopping list I can create a checklist I need milk. Eggs. Cheese chips. Peanuts and everybody who's here so I see that we've got. Looks like Virginia Deborah Nadeem. Jeannie you can all add this document in real time with me so as I bounce around you can bounce around to.

So I can add a table here. This is. Why. She's We still need to talk about. Bookmarks. So you can create tables you can do things like you know change your phone color bold make it big hopping list now that's red. You know. Images the images are kind of cool because you can either upload an image from your computer I wonder if I have any pictures on this this is a lab build machine so I don't.

Really know what's here. But what I can do is I can go. Get a picture of some puppies. Like this cue ball dog. Get the hyperlink. I had the image to the document. OK so you can do some pretty cool things here with box notes these are great for taking collaborative meeting minutes.

And collaborative meeting minutes and box notes are great. It's also this we use them here we're going to start using them and I see training to kind of keep track of our documentation our documentation for how we do things changes a lot so we're going to use box notes to kind of keep it sort of more organic so and when it changes somebody just goes in and it's a few words that it's changed.

You can leave comments on Box notes you can look at the version history so you see we've only got one version because you know there's only one version one group of people editing right now soon as everyone exits out there will be a version created you can have up to twenty people here at a time editing if you want to print out a box note from the box menu if you have the ability to download in the folder you can click print and the print out the box so there are a series of keyboard shortcuts that you can use here.

In a box note as well. You could share a box so by hyperlink. Or invite people to edit. I can also lock this box no so if I come out of it and I come back over to my document I can choose the ellipsis and lock the file.

And now with this document locked it is read only so I only I can edit it everybody else is in the box no should only see read only at the top. OK so you can make documentation or whatever you want. As read only as well. Although I think knowledge because you're in it you can edit it so if you leave and come back you'll see that it's really only.

Questions about a box no it's me unlock this. Box So it's a cool i like box and it's a lot use them when I need to take quick notes to myself. So I can come back to them later. So this I showed you the editing in word earlier the collaborative editing in word earlier this used to be the only way you can do that sort of real time collaborative editing inbox.

If you're a student I strongly encourage you to create your. Group project reports or your group project documents in box and you can do real time collaborative editing you don't even have to be in different parts of the world although you could be you can do your realtime collaborative editing on the word docu on The Office documents through the office online features that's a really cool thing I've been starting to see a lot of people a lot of people doing for group homework and what.

Any questions about the collaboration tools we've talked about so far we're going to kind of shift gears a little bit and talk briefly about sharing. But I want to make sure that the collaboration tools are clear to everybody first. I don't see anything popping up in chat. Now this is this is true about anything not just technology.

But even something as basic as. Tying knots learning how to write learning how to read. If you don't keep practicing it you're going to kind of forget things as you go. Before we shift gears into sharing I do want to say point out to you all a service by box that we can use for free.

Training da box dot com This is called Box University. When you log in with box this is boxes sort of boxes learning are. This is a good place to go if you have are wondering how to do really specific task box. I already did all of this thank you.

You can you know look at the course calendar browse for training you can search trainings. So this is kind of like the training from the source if you're interested I would definitely check it out is there something in the upcoming topics that you want to learn more about go deeper than we have time to go.

Today's session. Training dot Box dot com. OK. Let's talk about sharing I don't have to know to. List items we're sharing first is how to get the sharing link. Second is how to use the sharing link. That's about it so. Your question to me makes your. Sure let me look for a quick.

Via collaborators for my health box and they're not able to access parts OK So the question it's sort of a statement but I'm sure it's a question. It's I have invited people from my YOU health to collaborate but they cannot access box so. They're going to have to create their own tax account.

I don't know if I you health has enterprise box like I you does are you health and I you are despite the names or not really. They're not really one in the same so they can go to. Zero I mean you knew they could go to box. If they don't already have box documents they can sign up and get a free box a cow.

Then they should be able to collaborate with you. So once you sign up you see that they've got this three. Hundred personal plans it's free. You can sign up for that and they can then get into your content their. Thanks very sick box how can I help you you can't sorry I know how to use box Thank you.

Does that help answer the question about are you health and box you know despite the are you in for the name the folks who work for you health do you not have all the same. I t provisioning the people who either work for or are students that are you have.

Their kind of intermingle but not really when it comes to that. Nadeem has the question is there a way to directly save an online image into box without using boxing that's a good question. You could do it without using boxing sure. And here's here's how. That would happen so here's my impossibly cute little bulldog I'm going to download it by dragging it's my desktop.

And then I'm going to upload it in a box so that's one way. I don't know so there's this option for a bookmark. So if I grab this U.R.L.. If I create a bookmark of the U.R.L.. I wonder if that. Note that just creates a link to that document so that's one of the other things I want to talk to you about you can keep a list of bookmarks.

In the lot inbox as well which is really helpful that will take you to very specific places around the web. It's useful if you're sharing a folder for a conference and you're storing external resources and so on. Does that answer your question. That's about the only way I know to do it.

To test out and drag it into box. You might be able to do it this way so if I pulled these apart I wonder if I can go browser window to box and see that's experiment. No. As to come from your computer. OK turn my notes back on here.

Let's talk about sharing. The same I want to share this picture of the impossibly cute puppy. I do that. Well I click share this file this is one way. It creates a shared link and one of the things we need to know about share links is that they can be complicated.

You can take the link copy it send it to people you can e-mail it directly by default. The access level is sets of people in this folder meaning people who are collaborating in this folder will be able to access whatever is behind this hyperlink. If you want to share something with folks that are you.

You could you people in your company in box anywhere where it talks about company that's I you know people with an I you can access this hyperlink so I could send this off to anybody who's not a part of this folder but they are part of are you and they'll be able to get to this hyperlink.

That's unless you need to share with people outside of I you that's about as far as you want to go you don't want to go any more public than that. Now if you're creating a public link that you're going to put on a poster to advertise something like.

A guest speaker that you want to kind of pack the house for for a conference. You can do people with a link and this is absolutely public. You may look like that U.R.L. is skated but there was. A. There is a way that you can program magically you know pick what boxes next U.R.L. is going to be.

I can't find it right now but there is an article published. Anyway. Some researchers have found a way that they can be predicted so this is this is not security by obscurity by any stretch of the imagination. Now there are ways that we can sort of make this a little more secure if yours and me into a group of people who are not.

Are you under advanced settings the first thing you can do is give it a custom pass so I can say. Whew bulldog. Q. dash bulldog about that. You can password protect it. You could also disable the link on a particular day which is kind of cool so this link will only be active through the thirty first.

So now I could save that link now I could copy this and now I could send it to folks. And then they could get to it up until the end of the month. That's really all there is about sharing notices says Link disables on August thirty first that's really all there is to know about sharing.

Questions about those. All right. Now I'm going to spend the rest of our time together going through the rest of my notes first off we're going to. Talk briefly about how and what the workflow is. For. Working in a collaborative folder with so you don't step on each other's toes Specifically we're going to talk about walking documents.

OK so I'm going to go back into my folder closed my box. Let's say I want to work on this demonstration document. I don't want anybody else to work on it while I'm working on it I don't want to collaborate I just want to make some changes. And then proposed changes to a group of people.

Excuse me just a second. Sorry about that had a little tickle in my throat. If I go to open with word dustup if I'm opening with a desktop application I'm going to be asked. If I want to lock the file to prevent others from modifying so you can lock it that way.

That's not the best way to do it but that is one way that you can lock a document. You could unlock from the ellipsis menu as well. Here's how I suggest you lock a document. I know I need to edit this document usually when you're going to be editing a document you kind of have a ballpark idea of how long the editing is going to take you.

So if I come into this ellipsis and choose lock file. I can determine whether or not people can download while while it's locked I can also set an expiration time so let's say I'm making a short and it. It might take me ten minutes I'll say fifteen. And they continue.

It's going to lock that document for fifteen minutes. Here let me change this a little bit. I want to change it to something that's a little bit more. Little bit smaller of a time frame. So that we can see it on lock so this is only locked for five minutes now.

So to seventeen this will unlock and anybody can edit it again you can see who's got the file logged by pointing to it here. And this is also tell you when that lock expires OK. So make sense. This is the. Save yourself from accidentally leaving a file locked when you go on vacation.

OK now I believe owners and co-owners can unlock files so. Janine or Joanie sorry who Johnny see if you could unlock that file I think you should be able to. The viewer uploader is cannot. Let me know if you can or can't. If you're still here. But it's OK thank your time.

You have four more minutes. Anyway that's that's how I suggest you do your locking OK first lock the file then open it somewhere that way or you're setting that expiration date so that you're not completely tying up the documents ever OK. Any questions about blocking. You might have to refresh genie.

Joni My gosh Joanie. If it's not that. It's not a big deal I think I think the owners and co-owners can. Turn it off let's my way here let's talk about version history. If you click on the I and. You so you see it says version five a little V three V T V five here if you click on that it will show you all the different versions.

You could download a particular version go back and make a change. Right so co-owners can unlock so if I refresh this is an unlocked file now you know. Great thank you. You could download files previous versions so I could download this version. Open it up take a look.

You know whatever. You could make an older version the current version so if I wanted to go all the way back to the first edit that was made I can make that be the current version so now there are six versions because I just added a version. So the document.

I can also see information about access who's accessed it who's viewed it was downloaded it. Who's data that it. OK. All from. Here is well that's that's gathered by clicking this link stats. If I need to rename a document I can click the little pencil next to the document.

Give it a new name this is actually changing the file name. I can also add a description. So if I click on the left says properties general info for The File this is a thesis. For example and you'll leave that note underneath I can also do this for folders so I could come into general info for a folder descriptions as well.

And they'll keep the description up at the top of the folder. You'll see when the little toast goes away so right here. Let's see what else can you do with files. Or marking you can tag documents. The tags are there they're kind of cool. So this is. Thesis.

And physics so you can see I've got tags out for thesis and physics to sort of categorize your documents. Or to make sure I'm not missing something. Here. OK. Let's talk a little bit just briefly about how this integrates with the other cloud services are you. So. And are you we have this service called Are you anywhere we also have our student technology centers we also have managed desktops.

So an L.S.T. manages the applications on your desktop. Using the client called Kumo. You can do. Some drive mapping so to speak so if I click on the browser here you can see that I've got Turing box Google. Drive Dropbox one drive I've got all those things mapped there's drives here meaning I can actually come into my box folder.

Go directly into. I don't know. Let's go and I do training stuff this is where this folder is coming to my workshops. And here's our webinars folder and here I have all those documents that are inside that folder This is done through a service that I you called Cloud storage it's a cloud storage.

That I.U.D. you. And when you log in. I don't. Owe a can logon that's kind of the agent's I'm logged in as a demonstration account but what you can do is you can authorize box or authorized storage to mount your your box account into you anywhere. The student Technology Center computers and any manage just stop where you log in the L.S.T. is set up to use the Kumar client to synchronize stories onto your machine you could do it with Dropbox cool drive one drive and network file shares as well.

But the thing I want to show you is the box and it actually creates this mapped drive. On your computer if you're in an S.D. see if you're using Are you anywhere. Or if your L.S.P. is installed the clients aren't here. That's kind of how box integrates with the you anywhere virtualization service.

And makes it really easy to use your documents if you're already storing them inside a box. OK so I told you I would show you how to make favorites I don't suggest that you make favorites this way unless you want to keep this folder as a favorite until your you no longer have access to it.

But this history of time that Nadine and I are working on I could favorite this. By clicking the ellipsis and choosing favorite you could favorite files and folders. And once it's been favorite. If I go all the way back to the. Top level of my box account so when I log in that page to do that by clicking on all files used.

And I've got a history of time. Period I think if. It's. OK. I've also got. Website and allow people to kind of see what's in your in the folder so they say you've got some power points and bookmarks if I come to the folder I could do this so I can do this from the top level too so I can click the ellipsis and choose sharing embed widget.

Or I can go to the folder use the ellipsis at the top of the sharing and then which it. OK this is going to create I don't have a good way to show you this but this is going to create something looks like this. OK And based on the permissions that a person has for this folder that's going to determine a side based on the.

Based on the premise Yeah the permission that somebody has based on their collaboration that's going to determine who and what they can see inside this folder online so you see I've got my dog time Bulldog I can go directly to that. I can click. Excuse me any of these documents and loping up here inside the widget so I can see what's there.

You can see I've got upload capabilities because I have. Owner I can add files I can change the folder properties here so this is kind of like its own little sort of window into how box. It's kind of a window into a box that you can put in other places so think about a canvas course where you've got all your resources in box right you can embed a box which it on canvas or in your canvas course and you'll have all your files and bookmarks and content there so you can manage all your files in your content in one.

Box and then share out the Create widgets for the folders you have the visible canvas where you need them to be so that's one option. That's available to you that's what the embed widgets are. They're kind of like little windows into a box. And you can create them here and then you just take this code place it wherever you want to be and a web page.

Now the last thing that I have on my state list to talk about are your user preferences. So we'll talk about those then I'll open it up to any sorts of questions that you might have. Your user preferences are accessed appear in your name in the upper right.

You choose account settings. And here's sort of where everything gets set up. I would strongly discourage you from setting up an external password here. They're inherently weaker than using central authentication to get into a box however the one caveat I will give you here is if you are a Unix user a Linux user and you want to be able to access your box documents and Linux and work on them and edit them the only way you can do that is by using the web that I have.

And the only way you can access your box account through web DAV webbed out of is with an external password you cannot use a full sign up so you will need an external password if that's something you need to do. Under profile One other thing we've got this whole switching from Indiana dot edu IP Why did you whatever to the whole.

Edu because of the Google contract you can add I do you only aliases here so if you are like me and you have an Indiana and I you do you address I can add those both those emails here so it doesn't matter what somebody. Sees Me Doesn't matter what email address somebody uses to invite me I'm going to get that invitation only I you aliases are allowed.

Not I You aliases are not allowed here so I can't add my personal e-mail here. On your profile this is where you can set up your. Profile photo. So I'm going to take a picture. Maybe. Shirts take a photo whatever it's a black square because I've been patient.

So you could take a photo out of here that's because you know why it's doing that it's because. My camera is taken up by zoom. Your company name you can't read it because you're in I I you you cannot it your website title phone number and address if you like you do not have to.

Under security this is going to show you who when and how. Your. Your your account was accessed. If you're having. It so if you're having technical problems call the support center first always call the support center first if they cannot solve the problem they may ask you to grant box access your account this is where you do it do not click this unless you absolutely are told by somebody at the supposed center you need to.

For content and sharing this is where you can sort of set your accounts defaults member by default. External links and I you are people in the folder only. You can change that. So people within your company. Whatever you want to do people can download and share the items you can change the different permissions here.

This is something that. I don't like. Personally I don't like to have an able. It's the you know auto accept invites to collaborate collaboration folders. I don't want to do that because one of somebody invites me to a folder and I go to that folder and then I don't know it's an unsolicited invite it might have something malicious and I don't want it in my box account so I like to accept the invites when they come in this is completely up to you you can do this however you like.

But I prefer to have this unchecked so I don't automatically show up in the folder. Notifications is where you set your account wide default. I like to tell you to keep your log in activity. Get emails for logon activity this user account that I'm using doesn't mean it has email but it's used for Outlook workshop so I don't like to flooded with e-mail so I try to keep you know to a minimum coming from the sick out inbox.

You do have to save on each screen it's not a universal save. You can change the number of documents you see in your. File list. I like to have mine turned up to one hundred. The Central Time Zone will tell you your IP under general. The apps tab.

Allows you to. Rant or revoke. They have Savile take you to apps. The security tab allows you to revoke access you've granted through like a third party application or the mobile app on your phone something like. And lastly mobile in sync basically brings you to a place where you can get mobile apps you can download the same.

However you want to do from there. And remember on a folder by folder basis you can change those notifications settings so if I come into this folder I could come in to. The folder settings. And all the way down at the bottom I can override my defaults and get notifications from everything if I would like or I can use my defaults either way.

Let me give a quick once over to my notes and make sure that I have. Talked about everything I want to talk about OK yes I have other any questions from you all that I can answer now. And we're done a half hour early there's a whole half hour Bilton you know answer questions or just generally talk about box in this workshop.

If you want to go Peter can you. Use me. Peter could you grab the evaluation link and thrown up in the chats for the folks you need to take on for early. Otherwise I'm more than happy to stick around and answer questions. I am. What some folks might call a box champion I try to get.

As many people using Box and using Box well as I possibly can. Yes So the U.R.L. is the training that I united use last eve our.