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Compare Certification and Certificate Options

A certificate usually indicates that you've attended training, whether online or in person. Certification indicates that you've successfully completed an assessment that appraises your knowledge or skills on a topic.

Name type industry recognized certifies what you know certifies that you've attended or watched training receive a printed certificate
IT Training Certificate Series
Attend all workshops in a series for a comprehensive understanding of an application or topic. We offer series on Microsoft Office products, web design and development, and desktop publishing.
Certificate     X X
Pluralsight Certificates
Earn a Certificate by watching all movies in a course and passing the post-assessment test. You can print the certificate or share it with others.
Certificate   X X X
Microsoft eLearning Courses
View all modules in any Microsoft eLearning course and you will be able to print out a certificate on completion.
Certificate     X X
Microsoft Office Certification
Microsoft Office Specialist exams enable you to certify your skills in Office using the only Microsoft approved exams available.
Certification X X   X
Offers training to prepare you for a number of business, desktop, and professional IT exams, such as PMI, Cisco, CompTIA, Microsoft and others. You can also view all modules in any Skillsoft course and print out a certificate on completion.
Certification X X X X
Transcender Practice Certification Exams
Practice exams which help EdCert course attendees prepare to take industry standard professional certification exams on advanced technical topics.
Certification X X   X
Peason Vue Certification Exams
Industry recognized certification exams which enable EdCert course attendees to earn professional credentials in advanced IT skills.
Certification X X   X
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