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Page Design & Layout Basics (Browse All Training by Topic)

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InDesign Training:

Instructor-Led Learning (what is this?)
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This workshop lasts 3 hours, and is part of the certificate series Desktop Publishing Fundamentals 

This workshop introduces basic page design theory. It is not a “hands-on” experience, except during a group project. The workshop is designed to provide basic instruction on how to plan a publication’s layout.

What You'll learn Available Downloads
  • Learn how readers perceive and view elements of text, graphics, and "white space"
  • Explore how to best convey the purpose through placement choices
  • Learn about the anatomy of typography and usability
  • Learn how to examine and troubleshoot type, graphics, and visual elements
  • Learn to plan color in a document
  • Gain a basic understanding of publication terminology
What you need to know
  • Use a mouse
  • Use Windows command menus
  • Save and organize files
  • How to open a file, place, and modify objects in Adobe InDesign
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Self-Paced Learning (what is this?)
Simplifying Technology, Enhancing Productivity and Skills