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Unix: The Basics (Browse All Training by Topic)

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Unix Training:

Instructor-Led Learning (what is this?)
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This workshop lasts 3 hours.

Unix is a popular operating system used on many central systems and web servers. This workshop is intended for people who have little or no experience working with Unix from the command line. It gives a quick overview of how Unix works, explains the directory structures, and provides guided practice with core file management commands and setting file permissions. File archiving, file compression, and secure file copying are also covered.

Note: At IU, Unix and Linux are the operating systems used to run research systems, the central Web servers (www/webserve, mypage/Mercury), storage systems (RFS, MDSS), and many enterprise information systems.

What You'll learn Available Downloads
  • maintain UNIX accounts
  • manage files and directories
  • set file permissions
  • archive and compress files
  • share and copy files
  • get help
What you need to know
  • launch an application
  • use a keyboard to perform typing tasks
  • perform basic computing and file management tasks within Windows
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