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Accelerate Your Science: Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC) (Browse All Training by Topic)

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High Performance Computing Training:

Instructor-Led Learning (what is this?)
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This workshop lasts 5 days.

High performance computing (HPC) today offers three levels of parallelism: inter-node communication, intra-node multi-threading, and the usage of hardware accelerators. At the same time, parallel programming has left the HPC niche and is now also prevalent in standard workstations or laptops and has, thus, quietly entered every scientist’s domain. The workstation attached to a research instrument (such as a microscope, digital camera, or musical instrument) is the same as a compute node in an HPC system (minus the expensive inter-node network connectivity). It is the goal of this class to educate researchers in the efficient usage of compute resources which will serve multiple overarching goals:

  • Establishing a common vocabulary with the HPC experts
  • Enabling the researcher to “understand” and edit existing applications
  • Better utilization of the already available workplace resources
  • Easier transition to an HPC resource such as BigRed II

In order to achieve the goal the class introduces all levels of parallelism as well as common approaches for parallelization over the course of five days. The class contains lectures and labs so that the participants immediately put the newly acquired knowledge to work.

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Presented by the Indiana University Pervasive Technology Institute, UITS Research Technologies Division visiting scholar: Guido Juckeland, Technische Universität Dresden, Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH).

A break will be taken for lunch. Please plan to bring something or visit a local establishment; RPS Services at the CIB for instance.

You must provide your own laptop. We do not want this prerequisite to exclude anyone. Contact if you need a loaner laptop for this course.

What You'll learn
  • How to speed up your research!
  • Basic principles of high performance computing
  • A common vocabulary used among HPC experts
  • All levels of parallelism
  • How to "understand" and edit existing applications
  • Common approaches for parallelization
  • Understand and avoid the common pitfalls of parallel computing
  • Available workplace resources
  • How to transition to a HPC resource, like Big Red II
What you need to know
  • Basic unix knowledge and some programming skills
If you don't have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:
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