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Edge Training:

Instructor-Led Learning (what is this?)
This workshop lasts 2 hours.

The HTML5 story at Adobe has just become more robust with the recent introduction of five new products and services to support them. Collectively known as the Edge Family of products, these tools support the entire workflow of HTML5 development and design.

In this session, you will learn about all five products:

  • Edge Animate: Create interactive and animated products using design skills alone
  • Edge Reflow (beta): Create responsive web pages that scale to any size device you might use to view them
  • Edge Code: A tool for the developer who wants to write code in an environment that makes it easy
  • Edge Inspect: See your work on all of your device at one without having to first publish them to each
  • Edge Web Fonts: Deliver real fonts to the web without pixels

This session will also introduce Phone Gap Build, a tool that enables you to turn your HTML projects into stand-alone apps.

Come to this session to gain hands-on experience using Edge Animate and learn about all of these applications.

This special hands-on session is taught by Tim Plumer from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

What You'll learn Available Downloads
  • build an interactive animation project in Edge Animate
  • test it on your device with Edge Inspect
  • create a page that uses Web Fonts
  • see an application that Phone Gap build turns into an app for an iPad and an Android device
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What you need to know Recorded Session
  • a basic understanding of HTML and CSS
If you don't have those skills, consider first taking the workshop:
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Self-Paced Learning (what is this?)
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