IUIE Report Information

Report NameStudents Enrolled in Courses Previously Graded Incomplete
Folder PathStudent/Records/Enrollment/Student Enrollments/Standard Queries
Purpose of ReportLists the students who have re-enrolled in a course which they have previously taken, and have received a grade of “Incomplete”.
ResourceJulie Teague

Report NameRD Edits (IE_SIS_SR_RD_EDITS) and
Folder PathStudent/Records/Enrollment/Student Enrollments/Standard Queries
Purpose of ReportFor those campuses who offer courses with a Requirement Designation (RD), Bloomington has written reports to track and support the maintenance of RD courses. If your campus does not offer RD courses, you will not need this report. An example of a RD course on the Bloomington campus is the College of Arts and Sciences intensive writing (RD = IW) course. There are two edits in the standard query, RD Edits (IE_SIS_SR_RD_EDITS). One edit lists all courses offered with an RD by term (List of Classes), and the other edit lists students with either grades of incomplete or blank for RD courses (List of Students). These jobs are parm driven, including campus, term and RD value.

To assist with managing the requirement designation for students who were originally awarded an incomplete, there is one more IUIE edit, called Removal of RD Incompletes (IE_SIS_SR_IW_STUDENTS_WITH_INCOMPLETES). There have been times when instructors have failed to indicate that the course included an RD on their removal forms, so we don't always know that we need to adjust the RD value as well when removing the incomplete.
ResourceLisa Scully

Report NameEnrollment Reports
Folder PathStudent/Records/Enrollment/Summary Data Statistics/
Purpose of ReportTo gather statistics on Enrollment.

Report NameSummer Enrollment Reports
Folder PathStudent/Records/Enrollment/Summary Data Statistics/Enrollment Reports by Summer Session
Purpose of ReportTo gather statistics on Enrollment specifically for Summer Term (Session 1 and Session 2).
ResourceJulie Teague

Report NameIneligible to Enroll Flag Edit PDQ
Folder PathStudent/Records/Student Term/Standard Queries/
Purpose of ReportTo identify all students whose "student car term" record has the Eligible to Enroll flag set to "OFF". You may want to run this edit prior to registration to ensure that all students' "student car term" records are appropriately activated.

It has 2 parameters:
Institution - can be set to a single institution or left blank for all
Term - can be set to up to 3 terms - this is a required field. Data is returned in the form of a spreadsheet.
ResourceLisa Scully