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IT Training Certificates

Access 2016 End-User   Desktop Publishing Fundamentals   Excel 2016 End-User   Office 2016 Productivity   Web Creation  

Topic Groups

Academic Systems   Access   Accessibility   Accounting & Finance   Acrobat   Actionscript   Administrative Support   Administrative Systems   Adobe   After Effects   AIR   Ajax   Apache   ASP.NET   Audacity   Audio   Audition   Basic Skills   BI   Box   Bridge   Business Analysis   Business Ethics   Business Law   C#   C++   Canvas   Captivate   Cisco   Cloud Computing   ColdFusion   Communication Skills   Communication Tools   CompTIA   Connect   Consulting   Content Management   Contribute   CourseNetworking   CRM/Talisma   Crystal Reports   CSS   Customer Service   Databases   Design & Media   Desktop Publishing   Distance Education   Dreamweaver   EdCert   Edge   Encore   EndNote   ePortfolio   Evernote   Excel   Exchange Server   Expression   Facebook   Fireworks   Flash   Flash Catalyst   Flip Camera   GIS   GMail   Google Apps   Google Docs   Graphics & Animations   Groove   Hardware   High Performance Computing   HTML   Illustrator   iMail   iMovie   InCopy   InDesign   InfoPath   iOS   iPhoto   IT Security   iTunes   IU eText   IU Systems   IUanyWARE   IUIE   Java   Javascript   jQuery   Kaltura   Keynote   Knowledge Management   KompoZer   Leadership   Learn IT Quick   Linux   Live Meeting   Lotus Notes   Lync   Mac Skills   Management   Marketing   Microsoft   Microsoft Office   Mobile   Muse   MySQL   Oncourse   One.IU   OneNote   Operations   Oracle   Organization Tools   Other Productivity Tools   Other Web Dev Tools   Outlook   Page Design   Parallel Programming   PC Hardware   Perl   Personal Development   Photoshop   Photoshop Elements   Photoshop Lightroom   PHP   Picasa   Pluralsight   Podcasting   PowerPoint   Premiere Elements   Premiere Pro   Presentations   Presenter   Prezi   Product Management   Productivity   Professional Skills   Program Management   Programming   Project   Project Management   Prometric Exam Prep   Publisher   Python   Quickbooks   Research Computing   Sales Skills   SAP   SAS   Search Engine Optimization   Security and Compliance   Server/Network Admin   SharePoint 2010   SharePoint Online   SIS   Social Media   Soundbooth   SPSS   SQL Programming   SQL Server   Statistical Applications   Strategic Planning   Surface   Tableau   Tandberg   Team Building   Technical Skills   Transform   Twitter   uMail   Unicom   Unix   Usability   VBA   Video   Video Basics   Visio   Visual Basic   Visual Studio   VMWARE   WCMS   Web Basics   Web Design   Web Dev Tools   Web Development   Web Graphics   Web Programming   Webinars   Webmail   Windows Mobile   Windows Movie Maker   Windows Server   Windows Skills   Word   WordPress   Workplace Issues   XML   YouTube   Zoom   Zotero  

IT Training Workshops

Accelerate Your Science: Introduction to High Performance Computing (HPC)   Access 2007: Advanced Forms   Access 2013: Project Lab   Access 2013: Creating a Multipage Form   Access 2013: Database Relationships   Access 2013: Designing & Packaging Databases   Access 2013: Forms   Access 2013: Queries   Access 2013: Reports   Access 2016: Analyzing & Modifying Data with Queries   Access 2016: Designing the Database Interface   Access 2016: Structuring & Relating Data   Access 2016: The Basics   Access: Database Security   Acrobat 9: Creating a Course Packet Using Acrobat Scanning Tools   Acrobat 9: Enhancing Electronic Documents   Acrobat 9: Forms for Data Collection   Acrobat 9: PDF Portfolios   Acrobat 9: Send and Collaborate Live   Acrobat X: An Introduction   Acrobat X: Enhancing Electronic Documents   Acrobat X: Getting Started with PDF Portfolios   Acrobat: Collaborative Tools   Acrobat: Creating a Form   Administering Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases (MOC 10775)   Administering SCCM and Intune (MOC 20696)   Administering the Web Server (IIS) Role of Windows Server (MOC 10972)   Administering Windows Server 2012 (MOC 20411)   Adobe CC 2015: Exploring New Features   Adobe CC 2015: Interface Basics   Adobe Connect 9.4 Upgrade at IU: What to Expect   Adobe Connect for Meetings and Presentations   Adobe Connect for Online Presentations   Adobe Contribute in the University   Adobe Creative Suite 5: New Features   Adobe CS6: Pen Tool Basics for Advanced Graphic Design   Adobe Presenter at IU: Creating Narrated Flash Movies   Adobe Production Premium CS4: Using an Integrated Video Workflow   Adobe Production Premium in an Integrated Video Workflow   Advanced Web Accessibility   After Effects CS5: Exploring Effects   ArcGIS Desktop 10: Introduction to Geocoding   Audacity: The Basics   Automating Administration with Windows PowerShell 3.0 (MOC 10961)   Basic Digital Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop   Box: Access Files, Share and Collaborate from Anywhere   Business Intelligence for Report Analysts   Canvas: Assignments & Grading Overview   Canvas: Basics for Instructors   Canvas: Basics for Students   Canvas: CN Post   Canvas: Communication Strategies   Canvas: Cross-listing Courses   Canvas: First Look   Canvas: Migrating Course Content from Oncourse   Canvas: Organizing Content with the Pages and Modules Tools   Canvas: Pages (Content in Context)   Canvas: Peer Assessment   Canvas: Quizzes & Tests   Canvas: Using Groups   Captivate 4: Part 1   Captivate 4: Part 2   Captivate 7: Quizzes   Captivate 8: The Basics   Cascade Server: Building a Site   Cascade Server: Managing Content   Cascade Server: Managing Sites   Cascading Style Sheets: Layout & Design   Cascading Style Sheets: The Basics   Certified Scrum Master (CSM)   Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)   CGI Process   CGI: The Basics   CISSP ver 4.0   Cloud Computing at IU - IU AnyWARE, Box & Cloud Storage   CN Social Portfolio   Coaching Session   Collaborating in the Cloud   CompTIA A+   CompTIA CASP   CompTIA Cloud Essentials   CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician   CompTIA Linux+   CompTIA Network+   CompTIA Project+   CompTIA Security+   CompTIA Server+   Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 Services (MOC 20412)   Creating a Dynamically Generated Table of Contents in Two Clicks   Creating Accessible Documents at IU   Creating an Effective Presentation   Creating Graphics for the Web   CyberSec First Responder: Threat Detection and Response   Data Quality in a Big Data Era   Desktop Publishing Project Lab   Developing Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Databases (MOC 10776)   Digital Magazine Publishing with InDesign   Digital Publishing Suite: Creating Your Own Folio   Digital Publishing with CS6   Digital Video: Basic Editing Using Windows Movie Maker   Distance Education Student Primer: Skills for Being a Successful Online Learner   Doing More With Zotero   Dreamweaver CC 2015: The Basics   Dreamweaver CS5: Advanced Navigation   Dreamweaver CS5: Creating Web Sites With CSS   Dreamweaver CS5: Navigation, Templates & Media Integration    Dreamweaver CS5: The Basics   Dreamweaver CS6: The Basics   Dreamweaver CS6: Using Templates to Standardize Your Site   Dreamweaver: Increasing Web Site Interactivity Using Javascript and Spry   Dreamweaver: What's New in CS4   Edge: The Product Family   Effectively Presenting Data in Office Applications    EndNote Self-Study Resources (from IUPUI Libraries)   EndNote Web for EndNote Users   Endnote Web: The Basics   EndNote: A Basic Overview   EndNote: Advanced   EndNote: The Basics   EndNote: The Basics [MacBook Edition]   ePortfolio for Instructors: Taskstream   ePortfolio for Students: Taskstream   Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures   Evernote: Organizing Your Life   Excel 2010: Calculating With Dates and Times   Excel 2010: Working with Dates & Times   Excel 2013: Advanced Macros & User Defined Functions   Excel 2013: Managing & Analyzing Data   Excel 2013: Using Pivot Tables & Slicer for Data Analysis   Excel 2013: What-If Analysis & Named Scenarios   Excel 2016: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables   Excel 2016: Basic Automation Using Macros   Excel 2016: Charts & Graphics   Excel 2016: Data Management   Excel 2016: Formatting & Analyzing IUIE Data   Excel 2016: Statistical Features   Excel 2016: The Basics   Excel 2016: Using INDEX MATCH as an Alternative to VLOOKUP   Excel 2016: Using VLOOKUP & Conditional Functions   Excel vs. Access for Data Storage   Excel: Analysis Using Functions & What-If Tools   Experience Adobe Creative Suite 5   Fireworks CS5: Effectively Designing for Online   Fireworks CS6: The Basics   Fireworks: Designing an Interactive Web Site   Fireworks: Optimizing Graphics for the Web   Fireworks: What's New in CS4   Flash: What's New in CS4   Flip Camera Basics   Free Software   FTP   Get Ahead and Stay Ahead: Breaking through with Problem People at Work   Getting Started with 3D Printing at IU   Getting Started with One.IU   Getting Started with Printing at IU   Getting Started with the IU Web Framework   GIS: Introduction to QGIS   Google Picasa 3: The Basics   Google Picasa: Manage and Edit your Photos   Google@IU: An Overview   Google@IU: Groupspaces   Graphics in Word   Harness the power of GPUs: Introduction to GPGPU programming (General-Purpose computing on Graphics Processing Units)   HTML5 & CSS: Creating Style for the Web   HTML5 & CSS: Structuring Pages   HTML5 & CSS: The Basics   HTML5: Using Geolocation, Local Storage, Canvas, and Video   HTML5: Using Semantic Markup   HTTP Transaction Process   Illustrator CC 2015: The Basics   Illustrator CS6: Creating Graphics for the Web   Illustrator: Complex Illustrations   Illustrator: Creating and Using Brushes   Illustrator: What's New in CS4   iMovie: Basic Editing   iMovie: The Basics   InDesign CC 2015: The Basics   InDesign CC 2015: Using Page Masters for Efficient Design   InDesign CS6: Creating a Poster   InDesign: What's New in CS4   Infographics: How to Plan, Create, & Share   Installing and Configuring Windows 10 (MOC 20697-1)   Installing and Configuring Windows 7 Client (MOC 6292)   Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (MOC 20410)   Integrate Content into your Academic Course   Introductory Web Accessibility   IT Pro Orientation   IT Water Cooler   IU Bioinformatics Clinic   IU eTexts: Basic Skills for Instructors   IU eTexts: Basic Skills for Students   IU Student Email (Imail and Umail)    IUanyWare: An Overview   IUIE Reporting Basics   JavaScript & JQuery: The Basics   Kaltura: An Overview   Kaltura: How to Work With Captions   KompoZer: The Basics   Learn IT Quick: Analyze Data with Excel Tables   Learn IT Quick: Charting Data in Excel   Learn IT Quick: Create a Polished Resume in Word   Learn IT Quick: Create and Deliver Slides to Impress in PowerPoint   Learn IT Quick: Creating Custom Graphics Using the Pen Tool   Learn IT Quick: Creating Research Posters   Learn IT Quick: Creating Resumes in InDesign   Learn IT Quick: Improving Your Word Document   Learn IT Quick: Introduction to Formatting, Functions, and Named Ranges in Excel   Learn IT Quick: Make your PowerPoint Accessible   Learn IT Quick: Online Collaboration Using Google Docs   Learn IT Quick: Revolutionize Your Group Project Work with Box   Learn IT Quick: Tips to Create and Publish Advanced Videos   Learn IT Quick: Top 10 Tech Tips at IU   Leveraging the Risk Management Framework Tips & Tricks for Power Users Using the Online Training Library for Teaching & Learning   Microsoft Exam Cram 70-685 MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Support Technican   Microsoft Office 2007: A Basic Overview   Microsoft Office 2007: What’s New in Access   Microsoft Office 2007: What’s New in Access   Microsoft Office 2007: What’s New in Excel   Microsoft Office 2007: What’s New in Word, PowerPoint & Outlook   Microsoft Office 2010 in Education   Microsoft Office 2010: Using Templates to Increase Productivity   Microsoft Office 2010: What's New   Microsoft Project 2010: The Basics   Mobile: Making the Most of Your Mobile Device   Muse: Creating a Web Site without Coding   NVU:The Basics   Office 365 at IU: An Introduction   Oncourse Project Site Replacement Options   OneNote 2013: An Introduction   OneStart: Navigating the Portal   Outlook 2010: The Basics   Outlook 2016: Calendar Essentials   Outlook 2016: Email Basics   Outlook 2016: Managing Your Email   Outlook: Taking Charge of Your Account   Page Design & Layout Basics   PC Hardware: The Basics   Perl: Dynamically Created Web Pages   Perl: The Basics   Personalized Learning with Playlists, Assessments and More   Photoshop CC 2015: The Basics   Photoshop CS5: The Basics   Photoshop CS6: Extras   Photoshop CS6: In-Depth Healing Tools   Photoshop CS6: Restoring & Blending Images   Photoshop CS6: Using a Tablet to Create Your Images   Photoshop Elements 7 and Google Picasa 3: The Basics   Photoshop Elements 7: The Basics   Photoshop: In-Depth Layer Effects   Photoshop: The Basics   Photoshop: What's New in CS4   PHP: The Basics   Pluralsight: Advanced Technical and Design Training   Podcasting FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) from Apple   Podcasting: Publish a Podcast Using Oncourse's Podcasts Tool   Podcasting: Record a Podcast   Podcasting: Subscribe to a Podcast using iTunes   Podcasting: The Basics   Podcasting: The Basics (GarageBand)   PowerPoint 2007 Project Lab   PowerPoint 2010: Customizing a Presentation   PowerPoint 2010: Enhancing & Packaging a Presentation   PowerPoint 2013: Creating Customized Backgrounds, Graphics, & Animations   PowerPoint 2013: Setting Up a Slide Show with Audio & Video   PowerPoint 2013: Slide Masters   PowerPoint 2016: The Basics   PowerPoint: Adding Narration   PowerShell for SQL Administrators   Practical Cybersecurity for Open Science Projects   Premiere Pro CS6: The Basics   Prezi: The Basics   Python: Dynamically Created Web Pages   Python: The Basics   Ready, Set, Robots!   SAS: The Basics   SAS: The Basics   Security Matters Cybercamp   SharePoint 2010 Site Administration: The Basics   SharePoint 2010: For End-Users   SharePoint 2010: Intermediate Skills   SharePoint 2010: Workflows with Nintex   SharePoint Online Training Resources   SIS Academic Advisement Report (AAR) Programming 1   SIS Academic Advisement Report (AAR) Programming 2   SIS Administrative Center   SIS Assign Advisors   SIS Basics for Administrators   SIS Degree Audit Exception Processing   SIS Job Aids   SPSS: The Basics   SQL: Advanced Data Retrieval and Data Modification   SQL: Data Retrieval   Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Faster Work, Safer Storage (an introduction)   Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Gateways to Scientific Apps   Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Introductory Parallel Programming for Supercomputers   Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Performance Tuning Summer School   Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Software Carpentry Workshop   Supercomputing for Everyone Series: Intermediate Parallel Programming for Supercomputers   Supporting Windows 8.1 (MOC 20688)   Tableau Training   Tandberg: Using the Tandberg Video Conferencing System at IU   Technology Resources for Students   Transform: Easy Web Form Processing   Troubleshooting and Supporting Windows 7 in the Enterprise (MOC 6293)   Twitter is for Everyone   Understanding the Cloud Storage Options at IU   UniCom and Lync for the IU Community   UniCom at IU: Moving from Lync to Skype for Business   Unicom Training   UniCom: Using Lync for Collaboration   UniCom: Using Pexip and Lync for "23" Conferencing   Unix: File Permissions   Unix: The Basics   Upgrading your Skills to MCSA Windows 2012 (MOC 20417)   Upgrading Your Skills to MCSA Windows Server 2016 (MOC 20743)   Use Your Free Software Better   User-Centered Web Design & Usability Testing   Using LinkedIn for Hiring   vi: Unix Text Editing   Video Basics: An Overview of Tools & Resources   Video Captioning: DIY Method with YouTube   VoiceThread: An Overview   Web Accessibility Evaluation   Web Creation Project Lab   Web Publishing on Mercury - Mac   Web Publishing on Mercury - Windows   Web Publishing with CS6   Web Publishing: An Overview of Tools & Resources   Web Searching Logic   Webmail at IU   Windows 10: An Introduction   Windows 8 and Office 2013: An Overview   Windows 8.1: An Overview   Windows 8: Choosing a Version and Device   Windows Vista: Exploring New Features   Windows Vista: Least You Need to Know   Windows Vista: Quick Start Guide for Home or Office   Windows: Basic Computing Skills   Windows: Basic Computing Skills   Windows: End-User Security -- What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You   Word 2007 Mail Merge: Using an Excel Data Source   Word 2010: Collaborative Tools   Word 2010: Desktop Publishing   Word 2010: Mail Merge   Word 2010: Regaining Control with AutoCorrect & Styles   Word 2013: Advanced Features   Word 2013: Creating a Dynamic Table of Contents    Word 2013: Graphic Features   Word 2013: Macros and Custom Ribbons   Word 2013: Publishing Research & Longer Documents   Word 2013: Sending Group Mailings   Word 2013: Stop Doing That!   Word 2013: The Essentials   Word 2013: Using Graphics in a Simple Page   Word 2016: The Basics   Word Processing: Basic Skills   WordPress: Getting Started at IU   XHTML: Structure & Description   XHTML: The Basics   XML: The Basics   XML: Transforming Content with XSLT and XPath   Zoom: For Adobe Connect Users   Zoom: Getting More from Your Experience   Zoom: The Basics   Zotero [MacBook Edition]   Zotero: Advanced   Zotero: Self-Study Resources (from IUB Libraries)   Zotero: Self-Study Resources (from IUPUI Libraries)   Zotero: The Basics  

IT Training Events

SIS Basics for Administrators Wed 4/26/2017
Web Creation Project Lab Thu 4/27/2017
Learn IT Quick: Revolutionize Your Group Project Work with Box (Webinar) Fri 4/28/2017
Google@IU: Groupspaces (Webinar) Mon 5/1/2017
Canvas: First Look (Webinar) Mon 5/1/2017
Canvas: Assignments & Grading Overview (Webinar) Tue 5/2/2017
IUIE Reporting Basics Wed 5/3/2017
Canvas: Organizing Content with the Pages and Modules Tools (Webinar) Wed 5/3/2017
Zoom: For Adobe Connect Users (Webinar) Thu 5/4/2017
Learn IT Quick: Analyze Data with Excel Tables (Webinar) Fri 5/5/2017
Zoom: The Basics (Webinar) Fri 5/5/2017
CISSP ver 4.0 Mon 5/8/2017
CISSP ver 4.0 Mon 5/8/2017
Canvas: First Look (Webinar) Mon 5/8/2017
Canvas: Assignments & Grading Overview (Webinar) Mon 5/8/2017
Zoom: Getting More from Your Experience (Webinar) Tue 5/9/2017
Excel 2016: Formatting & Analyzing IUIE Data Wed 5/10/2017
Access 2016: The Basics Tue 5/16/2017
Photoshop CC 2015: The Basics Tue 5/16/2017
XML: The Basics Wed 5/17/2017
Getting Started with the IU Web Framework (Webinar) Fri 5/19/2017
Excel 2016: The Basics Thu 5/25/2017
Excel 2016: The Basics Thu 5/25/2017
Access 2016: Structuring & Relating Data Tue 5/30/2017
Illustrator CC 2015: The Basics Tue 5/30/2017
HTML5 & CSS: The Basics Wed 5/31/2017
Excel 2016: Charts & Graphics Thu 6/1/2017
Excel 2016: Charts & Graphics Thu 6/1/2017
Word 2016: The Basics Mon 6/5/2017
Access 2016: Analyzing & Modifying Data with Queries Tue 6/6/2017
Page Design & Layout Basics Tue 6/6/2017
HTML5 & CSS: Structuring Pages Wed 6/7/2017
Excel 2016: Data Management Thu 6/8/2017
Excel 2016: Data Management Thu 6/8/2017
PowerPoint 2016: The Basics Mon 6/12/2017
Access 2016: Designing the Database Interface Tue 6/13/2017
InDesign CC 2015: The Basics Tue 6/13/2017
HTML5 & CSS: Creating Style for the Web Wed 6/14/2017
Excel 2016: Basic Automation Using Macros Thu 6/15/2017
Excel 2016: Basic Automation Using Macros Thu 6/15/2017
SIS Basics for Administrators Thu 6/15/2017
JavaScript & JQuery: The Basics Fri 6/16/2017
Outlook 2016: Managing Your Email Mon 6/19/2017
InDesign CC 2015: Using Page Masters for Efficient Design Tue 6/20/2017
Dreamweaver CC 2015: The Basics Wed 6/21/2017
Excel 2016: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables Thu 6/22/2017
Excel 2016: Analyzing Data with Pivot Tables Thu 6/22/2017
SQL: Data Retrieval Thu 6/22/2017
Outlook 2016: Calendar Essentials Mon 6/26/2017
Desktop Publishing Project Lab Tue 6/27/2017
Simplifying Technology, Enhancing Productivity and Skills