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>> Morning everybody my name is Peter and I am with I teach raining down here in. Gray sky Bloomington Indiana this morning. I am going to be helping out today in the chat pods for our weapon are here on office three sixty five at you just to make sure that everybody can hear me OK and that you all know where the chap out is if you go into that upper left hand corner there and I'm still feeling a little sad about the loss of the great musician Prince So if you would be so kind as to go into that chap Pod and offer up your favorite print song I'm going to start with starfish and coffee.

And what else have a brother Prince fan seven great choice Joe Great choice he lost so much good music there are times of pearls can't go wrong they're either great it looks like our chat pot is working for us very well great to see the enthusiasm from everybody this morning.

We recommend that you use a strong Internet connection for this weapon are but if it any point you should get kicked out or have any trouble with the audio just go ahead and sign back in and that will work just great our main presenter today is Justice Samuel from i t training and we are also joined by Joe punching on from a seat here too and they will be here to answer any of your questions you have about office three sixty five are you and with that I am going to throw the mike over to Jessica let her get started if you have any questions at any time feel free just to throw them in the chap pot and one of us will try to get back to you.

Thanks. For joining. Me right there. Watching. The other day that theory meant now I think you're making it happen. And I think it started. This morning we are talking about office three sixty five and it is going to be an introduction so fairly high level this morning if you have detailed questions that you have with us this morning or that are really yours that and I'm hoping able to answer some more questions that if you have any.

And will go ahead and get started we really got a lot to cover it today and if you have questions along the way feel free to use the chat room here and Joe will be watching that very closely and I will try to keep an eye on it as well.

And I hope everybody had a fairly uneventful evening last night with the. Stars coming through so. What we're going to talk about today is off I You have talked about that So here we've got an assortment of devices and Miliard to you we all have. Various mobile devices and that's how devices whether it's sitting on your computer at home your workstation maybe even you know you have different tablets you might even have here you know kind of ambidextrous you might have a.

I Pad and an Android tablet you might have Windows devices you know something by another. And others you know they can me actually here so. What we've got on the screen is kind of your typical if you were to just dump everything you got and you might have your tablet laptop different versions of devices and so what Microsoft have.

Rolled out recently and I use taking advantage of now and late spring season. Is office three sixty five which is at its core a subscription based service with lots of options for accessing the newest version of Microsoft Office and especially the. Really main application that we're used to using for productivity so this is been available for a while in the market they.

Need to vailable or personal use or small businesses and a lot of people are using it to help manage their services and manage. You know the fact that we have so many different devices that we really all want to be able to switch devices. And still get I worked at and still keep moving and be able to work in different ways with the same documents.

That we're going to take a look at that a little bit to get started here so Office three. Sixty five at are you a specific leave going to include Office two thousand and sixteen for Windows Office twenty sixteen for mac. Mobile apps for both smartphones and for tablet devices.

The end will also have access to online web apps. Which is yet another. You know way that Microsoft is making certain applications available to it and when I think online web apps that means entirely browser based You never hit a desktop application you never open anything on your computer other than your web browser and the application functions well in the web browser and as part of this in order to help provide a central location for the files we might be working with Office three sixty five includes access one drive her business and here to you every user who takes it into the service has one terabyte of storage with one drive.

So these are the different things that we have at our fingertips now that this is available to individuals here at the E.U. and it is available at no cost to students faculty and staff so this is a really great way to. Go ahead and take a look at office twenty's it's mean if you're still on a previous version.

It's also a great way to move from office twenty eleven if you're still using Office one eleven on a Mac. now we have a point and then we also have something that might be new to you with this concept of working on the app on your smartphone or tablet still like Microsoft Word but it kind of a different way to work within the application we're going to take a pretty specific look at.

So essentially like I said office three sixty five a really big benefits are that we've got this assortment of to. Ways that we can I call it kind of entry point into our files that we can work with. Various. Computers and tablets and smart devices we also have the ability to think in manager document storage through one drive and depending on the kind of how you're working with your documents we also have the ability to collaborate real time with others in certain ways that we might fire up our applications we can share those documents and actually work on have side by side.

The office three sixty five source introduce this little ecosystem that we can work with and they you know gotten a little friendlier with. Nak an Apple product so that and the Android as well so that we can use the device of our choice. And within those families of the big families here are windows of course and then they have fairly good this brought up pretty well among enjoy devices and Apple devices as well so considerations for here at I you.

Think to get mind to keep in mind this is specifically roll out here at I you or individuals. Who are associated with university to get access that Office two thousand and sixteen on your windows and mac. Computers and then with that we have those added benefits that we talked about earlier so if you're wondering how do I get off a twenty six team.

My home computer on my laptop. This is how are you is it recommend you do that for your personal devices and I'll get to the other side of that in just a moment keep in mind that our experience with Office three sixty five is going to be fairly unique to you doesn't mean the applications are going to look different for I you know all that means is that I U.

Kian admins here. Can choose. Which kind of bells and whistles do you include with Office three sixty five and maybe certain things that are in testing before they are rolled out to our entire versity And so when we say office three sixty five at you it's going to include the things we talk about today.

There may be someone that you know now works in a small business who has also using Office three sixty five her small businesses and they might have other things that that are included they might have other applications that you will have not heard of because. They might be turning on other types of kind of features an extra thing.

For their specific business. So it will look a little different it's a little bit you need to know how we roll it out what's available. And enterprises who choose an enterprise configuration can actually they can actually configure this pretty differently. Depending on their needs and their audiences. So what we're going to talk about today is what we have here you now keep in mind.

At I you if you have work machine that is needed by ninety pro. Or that might be managed like an F.T.C. managed computer if you're thinking about lab computers these are all going to still be on the office twenty fifteen kind of standalone. Service that is not actually integrated part of Office three sixty five and this is where it gets to be a little bit confusing.

So right now Microsoft makes available the office three sixty five experience this kind of subscription based experience. Where there are some and thought your computer there are students to your mobile devices and kind of on line apps that you can work with but right now that we have they also have and the engine they've made available and that I you we've made available to I T.

pro the ability to install Office twenty sixteen really completely separately from three to five. And so that might be the case if you have a computer at. That. I think that is managed by and I T. pro here it are you you might still be on office twenty six teams.

Installed on your computer but not necessarily fully integrated with Office three. However if that is the case you can still have the mobile experiences so use your credentials that will talk about in just a moment to activate the mobile app and be able to use as a mobile devices you saw access to the line.

It just means that your desktop install isn't necessarily Well then to the subscription service. And the actual best Top application experience will be that different you know someone who is on the stand alone office twenty sixty versus the office three sixty five. Install and we're going to look at that too we're going to look at the details of that just a little bit.

So this is where people start to say well what's going on here and this is where we didn't want to show you today what you have available to you and then you can decide which parts and pieces that you need to take advantage of and how you want to do that.

So with Office three sixty five you're at are you this is just the picture of. Kind of how this plays out in reality so you've got these sort of camps you've got your desktop experience in the upper left got mobile experiences which I have and kind of upper right of the screen you've got the web app experiences with your on the lower right and they all kind of think into this one drive storage area in different ways no there are some the best hop experience there are some desktop applications that don't necessarily need a place for file storage that won't buy the for Word Excel Powerpoint.

I know. Those who play really nicely with one drive course. And I also have here there is actually a lot going on on the slide. I'm going to take a little bit to talk through it the desktop experience in upper left you'll notice have your standard Word Excel Powerpoint one note it's all of access and publisher in the Outlook and her business that's Top application that means that this application actually is on your computer you can fire it at from your list of applications and you'll even see the little.

Icon in your task try to tell you it's an active application running on your desktop. You can't have up to five of these deaths help variances in across math or Windows computers. So this is kind of your standard. Most common way to use these productivity apps. Applications I should say.

So that's included with our office they sixty five here and I can have up to five and falls across. The two main operating system. Then we talk about mobile experiences and this is where we can have a mobile version of Word Excel Powerpoint outlook and One Note that runs as an app on our own or tablet you can have up to five installed on phone the cross windows mac an Android device and up to five and tablets across the same types of devices.

So we've already have expanded our repertoire quite a lot right. So that is across their desk have experience and our mobile experience just thinking about our devices. Then we get into the lower right corner which is our online web at be they Dan are those things when I say on line web apps think browser think that's only runs in my browser.

So for a Word Excel Powerpoint and one note we can have versions of those that run and he rather you can have a browser open on your computer. You can actually have a brother open on a tablet. And if you're brave and want to run one of these here.

But I don't think that would probably be that experience recommend it technically you could do it because it again runs in a browser and you can open a browser on your phone. But this is the world that Microsoft has that they basically said we're going to give you Microsoft Word Power Point one no and specifically those are basically going to play anywhere and even outlook.

Because there's a. Web app that we know already you hear you you may already be familiar with I know I use it quite a bit. It's a very in. Outlook Exchange that runs entirely in your browser. Now we're starting to get the idea that we can. Open documents the have that file format and even use certain set of tools that were familiar with in those applications really almost anywhere.

And then that's comes into our. One Drive experience so let me pause there see if there is no question that we've already talked about. And what we've talked about already. Some of the type things so I'll get a chance to tight. And some of our questions might even be answered later on and I'll go ahead and they add a working question then.

You're going to see I'm going to show you the ribbon you know if you're familiar with the idea of the red and in the applications like Word Excel and Powerpoint I'm going to show you that comparison of what it looks like on your desktop versus what it looks like on a tablet or.

You know what it looks like and on my web so I'm going to show you the comparisons in just a little bit and they are different. They are a different tool than the mobile and online experience is actually are fairly. Limited in what you can do compared to your desktop.

So we're going to talk about that. Yes So Amy do you need a special access point right we we need to have some kind of credential so any question we are going to talk about that and actually I think that is. Nearly next I do want to talk for just one second about that one drive storage right now we do have that one terabyte of personal cloud storage accessible basically for anywhere your desktop mobile or on my web at right now our storage approval for one drive.

Is only approved. Stewards for. Institutional data classified as public or university and her course you can put your own personal. Information and files on there at will but for institutional data the ability to use one drive. The classification in that universe in terms of public information or university internal information that's what we're talking about when we talk about what can go in your watch right right now and there is some great information already on the K.B. about.

Our one driver business capabilities here. And I'm going to share that and just a moment as well actually I can use my other personalities to this and maybe. This is going to really fun I'm going to open it on my other. Location here so I can get that wink and not interrupt the experience so.

Here is a little bit more information about. One drive. For. This hoping this will work OK and then we'll move on to how do we get this great Jessica thanks for sharing all this information but how do we in that play get in and start using this. Think really it is.

Actually pretty easy. The job of the thing I'm looking for here is that one drive for business and Office three sixty five from the T.V. and all of you or Peter can get that handy and type that and. That would help a lot. They're not able to use my personality like I had hope so how do we access it.

So the first thing that we're going to want to do there to really great resources for getting our feet wet and this experience the first is the visit office that I. Have this is your purpose is this is our front door and I view into this three sixty five experience.

The home page will look like the picture that I got there the other thing that you're going to want to pull up but I think it's incredibly helpful. As the second link on the slide. Kavi dot ita edu. FLASH FLASH B E X Q That. Land be where you basically want to be but then I put that you're going to act as if it was going to go.

And Judge just so folks can click on that you might offer him that chat that second K.B. article. Posting that there are so that people can jump into it has a lot of great information and actually will go ahead and take it there now. So this is no way.

And I'm just going to grab this. And kind of show you what this looks like here in a browser. And I'm going to pull up the office site as well. OK So these are the two sites that you want to have handy. You that. Off of that edu here which resolves to this.

That's fine and then we've got the K.B. documentation ready for us. So the first thing that will want to do is it will come here and we'll click on a log in and there's absolutely nothing you can hurt by starting this process OK so. Portal and there are some really great things but I want you to notice is if you remember that quiet where I showed you the different kind of areas within our office three sixty five experience there actually all here on this page if you kind of what closely.

So the brother have detected correctly that I'm on a P.C. I'm seeing this on your P.C. And really quickly it's going to say go ahead and install you know look look at this thing we like they grab that and so if you're not interested in any of the rest of this information you could of course I'm going to share with you some other things.

So this is indicating that arc and I think we're out of D.C. But what about the Mack experience if you hit this page from a mac it will actually bring you the correct answer or that. It's got a max buy in and Office three sixty five on your mac.

On a mac so we can install that for you. So we've got to go through death up experiences already represented. Smartphone or tablet. Yet office on your devices. So this is where we would click to learn more about that experience it all goes back to the moment. Then we've got collaborate with office sounds familiar to you these are those on my web that I talk about word on line and line powerpoint on line and one note on line.

So we've already got that whole kind of ecosystem I talked about earlier represented here. So what I would recommend it is that depending on your preferences they of course really want to. Make being your search engine and make them that in your browser home page. Brian for this purpose it is considered P.C..

I know there are some other things in which it kind of considered a tablet but it acts like a P.C. and. So I'm going to go ahead and show you another area so if you're happy with these preferences you click install and. I will say that if you've already got something that you have already installed office twenty sixteen that.

You know even if you have office when you thirteen it's going to want you to uninstall first your other office experience and then that will run through this. Much better. So this is essentially where you would go for P.C. you can click your preferences and then click Install now it will download and then you will click on a download to run it from what whichever browser however your browser goes down but if you an installer package and let's say you have something to install that aren't going to play well with it well it will tell you what you should.

Get rid of or close this part of that install. Experience so there's R.P.C. experience. And Joe you might know I know that for twenty fifteen I did have to call on a P.C. Michel asked if you have to an assault twenty thirteen or eight and install Office three sixty five.

I. Was Yes but I don't have a track record with doing that. The other thing that you can do on his page is you can click. Other installs and I like to see this because. We can see a little bit more of what's going on so this is what is recommended here is the pro plus twenty Now this is what you're going to get these are all the apps that you're going to get as part of your office three sixty five desktop is.

This recommended that you use the thirty two bit version. And saw here as well. So again that's. Home page of the portal area that's what we've got. And the next thing that I want to show you is a little bit about the smartphone experience so I've also done a mac as well and it's very straightforward and it will live side by side of this office three sixty five experience actually list side by side with the Office two thousand and eleven again I just said for twenty thirteen it's recommended that you announced all but it looks like it's that absolutely required for.

Office twenty. I know that it really will not install at all if you have Office two thousand and sixteen already on your he c and you try to get three sixty five we'll have you on the offers. The next thing that we can talk about is let me ask you there any question about getting this on your P.C. for on your P.C. or your Mac..

You straight forward and stop process in fact a little bit about what it will and will co-exist with. But this is how we get started. Anything coming through so much talk about our mobile devices again we see little areas of smartphone or tablet yet office on your devices click on that.

And essentially what this is doing is it is going to ask you which one of these you have and then it's going to communicate with you about how to. Basically going to assume when they arrive. This is the part I had kind of wanted to show you guys on my i Phone but I won't be able to since it's on to a different computer but if you choose to send an S.M.S. or an e-mail and then hit that from your mobile device it will take you to essentially the place in your app store.

Where you can get the appropriate. Apps Alternatively of course on any device that you have that isn't family and I'll show you what that is. You could just visit the app store and search for these apps. All this experience is doing is making that little easier for you so if he are more comfortable kind of having it open up in the store where you then go through the steps I just showed you.

Otherwise you can just search for each of these. On your device. And then once you have those on your device. You'll be asked to log in at some point in the key to remember here is that your office logon. To your you know experiencing with Office three sixty five you want to get really comfortable with the idea of your username your I use your name at office.

To be. That's essentially your that's your entry point. And. When you use that logon for Microsoft it will recognize that you're part of this and it enterprise experience in the actually without your cast age. Even on a mobile device. Then you'll logon with your your name and password on that cast log in and then you'll be able to access all the features within your mobile device.

And all of that very conveniently and very well outline on a Access Page Katie so I'm going to just for a moment just for the sake of. Seeing it and hearing it and you know look at this page again before office twenty sixteen. Again we've talked about this a little bit.

This is the user name that you're going to get really familiar with using your evening at office da edu. And occasionally you will have to refinance and that that's the credentials that you want to use every once in a while since this is the service if you're in you're using That's HAVE up with Haitian that office three sixty five or mobile device you'll be prompted to sign in occasionally it's not every day but it'll be kind of on that thirty day cycle and that's the information that you'll want to get started with that.

Email address and. That's your kind of front door that's your key to the front door I should say and then you'll be redirected to Cass. Office on line that is essentially just launching in your browser. That is the moment and the mobile apps. So this is. What we just talked about get Office on your devices and then when prompted for an e-mail address and jury or your name at office that you.

And it will redirect you have. Something that you may be familiar with already is maybe you already had the free version of those up on your phone I did before I. Took advantage of the office three fifty five service here are you and if you're in that battle within the apps that you have installed you can actually hit your.

In that account area on the app and sign and with a different account. And then you'll find and with your that same e-mail address that we've talked about and it will activate your office three sixty five version so what's the advantage Microsoft makes available some of those apps for free already Word Powerpoint fell one note or the big ones.

That are not. At the office three sixty five version. That he already had the free app. You'll probably want to go in and have and make sure to sign into the app with this new identity that you have. Through your office three sixty five a cad I.E. you.

Can't. And then of course one of the things I did not show yet we've got that's up experiences we talked about that we talked about smartphone. Tablet and then for office on line there are a couple of different ways you can do this right now you can hit right from the portal page you can open Word on line.

And the nice thing about this is that. You'll notice and this is what I always tell people if you'll notice you're on a browser because you're going to do something like the application that you're used to but your browser U.R.L. actually be active you're completely in a browser you're just being cool then I think that you're used to seeing in the actual application.

You can launch it from that coral page and I you may already be aware of this but you can actually also want the same exact applications from within box. If you're working on a box that I use I.E. you and you go to open a compatible application like word cell Powerpoint you'll have the option to open it in the application or the online version of that app.

And this is it will take you to essentially the same tool the same ribbon and it will all look the same here but you gotta think about your front door and your destination you know right here your front door is office and it's going to save to one drive front door as often as you use the web at your destination is one drive by default.

If you enter your box in your front door a box you use the same on my web at but your destination where you save it is going to be back but. That's a little bit confusing. But that. You're using the same. Essentially the same. App in both experiences just that your front door and your destination are different.

OK questions about mobile period so far that we've talked about questions about the online. Web apps so far. Just for the sake of having the information for a moment I can't go through all of this right now but I do want to. Mentor mation about. My you know connect windows in a way just one second I want to send you guys the.

Firemen. This is specifically going to take you to the mobile device section on that page you'll see desktop requirements and basically system requirements if you're curious about that for your desktop experience. Most of the memory and displaying graphics should all play pretty well you'll want to pay attention to the operating system section.

A little bigger so for P.C. We're looking at the listed operating system there. And for mac it's going to be less X. ten ten but the best experience with this they're basically saying you just want to be on the latest operating system possible but if you're looking at windows that it will be compatible your desktop installs will be compatible with Windows seven or.

Your mobile device requirements were looking at. Across windows I.L.F. and Android. Requirement that you want to get familiar with so for a full three sixty five period during a want to be on Windows ten on. A mobile device. Or Iowa or an i Pad or i want to be an island eight or higher.

And they have a note here about i Pad Pro you'll be eyeless nine or higher so check your. Take your operating systems both on your desktop and your mobile devices just ensure that you're compatible if you're up to date there you should be. In pretty good shape but I don't want to.

Tell anybody Ross you know the official system requirements. And then for Android it's going to be work or later. And browser is simply Shipley will our current Firefox of all the current versions of the. Antics. And finally we're going to want to talk about what is available here at you and.

So to do that I'm going to bring up this K.B. document that again I think that's a really nice job of explaining. What's available where and that is at. K.B. to ease the slash eight C.. And so this is a great breakdown of OK I know that we've got several versions of Office like me and were.

You but. What do I need to know what's available where so. I mentioned that to get it get started because this experience we got off of that I knew if you were to visit Are you aware that I got easy right now it will talk to you about this office three sixty five experience it will do throughout you right back that page that we showed earlier.

You can certainly use that as a front door it's available there but it will route you to the steps that we've already shown. So I do like to point this page out I think it was a really nice idea by support center to put this together she's to help us understand what lives where but then I knew.

And so we've got things that we've talked about already. Our guests have experienced is already top. Five lines and then we've got our mobile app experiences in our online Africa during the last two lines of the able. And so. We've got a lot of options here so kind of up to you to.

Get familiar with your options and decide. You know what you want to have running and where Office three sixty five is going to be the recommended. In software for your own devices it's twenty six. Right now S.T.C. labs are still running for the most part office twenty thirteen or P.C. in office twenty eleven on Macs and I don't have an E.T.A. for if and when that lock.

In then we've got I eat anywhere course have be twenty eight sixteen and twenty thirteen versions of the desktop experiences in two thousand and ten to. The P.C.. So this table will either fresh right you or it will make you really happy I don't know if it will do anything in between depending on what kind of information you're looking for I know it made me really happy because I thought it's all laid out very nicely but it might be might be a little overwhelming too so that's a reason I just wanted you to be aware if it would be helpful to you.

If you see someone typing them in the C.. If there's a question coming for. You. While our waning moon will have moved to. Canada this comparison page this is where I think. OK Thanks Joe I thought that question Michael and I think. I think you've got your Basically your tracking list though they're all available as a standalone very.

As well but primarily three i t pro. As a standalone version. So the comparison here is that there's another kind of looks a little busy but I want to show you you've got your desktop Windows ribbon across the top this is in this for Microsoft Word this is just an example application.

You know show you couple the differences here. And I think what this tells me it will do another weapon are sometime in the summer fall civically about how to use some of the these applications on mobile devices so that is it's very different but it's pretty neat there's really a lot you can do so across the top we've got the best have experience or a P.C. So Windows operating system of this is your ribbon and word you'll see we've got.

Quite a few options across the top and really this home ribbon It may not be the very best representation of what features kind of what drop off so cross but what I really want you to pay attention to is the tab sequencing that home insert design layout references mailing through view.

You have got a lot of different options here and within each one of those you're going to have you're probably aware there are lots of different tools and ways that we can use Microsoft Word on a desktop the. You know we get into word on line now this is in a browser is that experience they showed you where you want it completely in the browser and so you'll see that I have.

A few different and less pads here and then what you'll notice when you start to play around with this that even the features on the insert halves are fairly different so it's. Less quality featured experience I don't want to give anybody the impression that you're going to have new that same tools and capabilities of your desktop application when you start it then would start working in like a rather be that position of it's going to act a little differently and you're not going to have as many tools and bells and whistles.

That something to get you through as something to be aware of I want to set the right there and then again here is the tablet. What a quote ribbon is on an i Pad I would say that though this is not an android this is not i Pad.

And you'll see we have some kind of the call out to the ribbon it's got some tools across the top or tattling that if you Tabs even and draw layout your view it should be using this little. Tool we hope. That we've got. Specifically taking a look at you that have top.

Your will dry. And then what tools are available in each one and so you're basically going from fully featured to a little bit less fully featured to a little bit less whole a feature and then we have the phone experience here this is on I fell and you'll see that the closest thing we have to ribbon is here and then we have an option to kind of expand it he has got that.

Here. And you have some more options and you get something that kind of will give you a ribbon It's eerie and but everything within. Me the options in just a little bit less well less less functional are less willing featured. So this is kind of that. Right down to get used to in your mind as if you really have a lot of heavy duty work to do and you've got a lot of heavy formatting you're going to want to try to work off of a desktop experience.

If you. You know you need to make them quite edits you need to insert some pictures you might formatting. You can be pretty safe in the version. And again if you're just need to review something really quickly and make some tax at it or if you have a fairly simple document like an outline or a purely text document.

Formatting you can get away with that in a public version and then phone have kind of where I think people will decide you know whether they think that they are going to get comfortable with it or not I I do like it or thimble documents and they document I will go to my film at it's easy it's in my hand it's with me all the time but usually I do that for almost.

Like you know taking documents or things that I'm kind of working with on the go. Certainly not something that I'm going to turn to and I have a very. Detailed proposal to. The roof they called it I would not start and finish that I feel. That my personal experience with these are going to be up to you to find what I think you know what you think works.

But these are the experiences the kind of get used to. Thinking about when you think about office three sixty five. The other thing I wanted to. Point out is just the mac experience a little bit so you'll notice that this is the same Robin but on The Office three hundred sixty five version of Word on a Mac..

I think they and it resembles much more B. P.C. experience than it did in private in that I pulled. The same Robin and MAC twenty eleven just as a comparison as well pretty pretty big change. Twenty eleven to now the three to five version that's available when a sixteen or even standalone it's resembling much more the.

Theory that we're used to. So there's a quick comparison of the before and after. Or the mac as well. So like I said I had kind of wanted to show you some more about the more things in a mobile app but I didn't really get a chance to show you that looked like I probably would have had time anyway there are great great resources on A.V. right now for all of the information how to access how to troubleshoot your and.

What you need to be aware of with Office three sixty five right now and this info share is just the kind of bring all of that information to the war cry and help you to. Get comfortable with the idea and see how you might want to get started with Office three sixty five.

And of course I can reach out to the support center with question their I T help live that I got eighty you had the live chat or the K.B. article that I have listed there or have. Contact information across the campuses in different ways that you might need to reach out to support center we have about five minutes left I want to open it up for question and I think we've had a few that were kind of going on here and I was.

You have questions. We go ahead and take the next five minutes to cover those hopefully. Learn something that will be helpful. And are starting to kind of get familiar with what this might look like for you. In jail if I forgot anything critical of course simply. And you and chime in here and.

If there's anything from the chap that you like to summarize feel free to do that as well. You know I think there is something in a chat about the. Outlook and that's a good point right now they're recommending not to use the mobile app users. Because of security concerns so it looks like it.

You can download it but you all actually be able to set it up properly thank you for clarifying that Michel and Joe. That we had. Yet Michael your question about the comparison Yeah it's pretty different. You know when you go through these experiences the kind of drop off different features and I know I've talked to some people who.

Have some issues with the online app and even a mobile app that's. You know they are not going to treat your document a little bit differently might affect your formatting as well so if you're looking to move to that. Web app it kind of a good idea right now if there's heavy formatting on that document just make sure you've got a copy saved somewhere but where you work with it too heavily and if you think that the formatting could get moved around a little bit I think it does it personally I think it has a better job than some of the other like Google Docs I think it actually.

Better job than some other online lead that I've seen but. For things that I really have only especially formatting formatted you'll want to be a little careful. He's sure you have a backup before you pull it and one of. You know quite I think some people can just you can you hear me.

Yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah OK some people are asking questions of about setting up. Three sixty five or you know family members that you are allowed to do that. Just to be aware that any of so say you have a child in high school and you have a laptop with them and they're wanting to use those twenty C.

that's entirely appropriate for you to do because that licenses or personal use but what you have to be aware of is that if you set it up and you store anything in one drive any device that you have connected to your three sixty five account will be accessible to that storage so if you put anything that work related which right now is only allowed to personal or university internal nothing critical or HIPAA related should be stored in there at all because it's not accrue to that but if you do have something that's University internal other family members and your children would be able to access those documents so just be aware of what you're storing in one drive for business if you're doing that kind of set up for family members.

That's a great point. And I also wanted to let you know if you're curious maybe you already have a one drive that you use personally I did before. The apps on your. On your mobile devices that leaves for Iowa are playing really well for me it's just adding the additional one Dr account and then I can actually talk between the two so I if I open a power plant I.

Have got it they're all connected service. And I can choose whether to start in my personal one dry or and what this new office three sixty five one drive spaces you'll see it says something like trustees of Indiana University or something like that. That's what I have I thought anyway but I can toggle between those two different want to write.

You can actually maintain your personal one drive. And so you need you need to start asking yourself you know where do I want to put. You know I'm using I want to use the application but what is my destination what should it be kind of start thinking about that even as you're working on your documents.

Will become pretty important I don't see any other questions coming through which means that I either can use all of you or have made everything crystal clear so I'm going to really hope that the second hope it's the latter. Of you guys an option here and wants to.

Put up a screen that has our evaluation. So you'll see that now we should be able to click on the web in our evaluation only next to the chat window just to the right of that and let us know if you plan to offer a similar arrangement again.

So your feedback will really help us understand what you're looking for. And other ways that we can help support so free to fill that evaluation out and we'll hang on for just a couple minutes if you need to drop off eleven o'clock which is the time that we had so thank you guys so much for joining us if you have additional questions we'll stick around after a couple minutes to answer.

This session helps learners understand benefits of using Office 365 and provides visual demonstrations of the types of applications available at IU via Office 365. We also review the differences and similarities between traditional and Office 365 apps.