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And it's actually a very pretty in depth overview that we have planned so we are really glad that you have joined us. My name is Jessica Samuel with UITS IT Training and today we are going to be speaking with a few people on various ways you can interact with IUanyWare. So I've got with me if you guys can hear me, you can go ahead and let me know  if a couple of you can chat in if you can hear ok we've got with us and I see an applause, thank you for that. We are recording today so we'll have this presentation around and available for sharing or watching later. Thank you guys for chatting in and letting me know. And speaking of chat you can ... I'll go ahead and do a quick introduction. We have Stephanie Cox who is the Manager of Virtualization Services for IUanyWare. And Justin Glass who also works with IUanyWare   I'll go ahead and mute you Craig but I can tell your mic is working   And we have Maggi Ricci and Craig Eberhardt who are going to provide a special demo of exactly how IUanyWare has worked with them for custom solutions. So with that I'm going to go ahead and turn it over to Stephanie. Here's a quick overview of what we're covering today as well just to give you guys a preview, and I'm going to make sure that I can get Stephanie's mic set up and going here. Just one moment.   Justin's helping me out. Stephanie  HI everybody  I'm Stephanie Cox and I'm the manager at IUanyWare. We're officially known as the application and desktop virtualization services team. I don't know if you all heard any of that before or not  we were just talking away and realized the mic wasn't working. I'm sitting here in Bloomington today  I normally work out of the IUPUI campus. I'm down here in Bloomington with my   chief engineer, Justin Glass. Justin Hello. Stephanie  And we wanted to give you a nice overlook today overview really of IUanyWare. And I think it's worth taking a look back at the very beginning, so you get an idea of how the service has evolved and really where we want to take the service for the future. I think IUanyWare's coming on almost   years now. I've been here for  And what we've done in the last   years really is kind of taken the services from what it was traditionally maybe designed for   I think, this is my opinion, I have no idea since I wasn't here   but it looked to be an extension of what was offered in the student technology centers computer lab build and have all those apps offered virtually and also the same group of apps that are also in IUware for download. So one of the things that we wanted to do was to change that up a little bit, because there were so many applications that were being offered in one giant build. It was very difficult for us to manage in a virtual environment. So we broke it up and that's   and um, made it into much smaller builds and made those really have a great continuity and flow with them   for applications that were designed to work better with the various versions of the operating systems that we can offer. And that's what we end up with today  it's the ability now to offer  instead of offering one big large build or image   to offer a collection of much smaller and highly customizable builds to suit our individual customers' needs. And that's exactly what Justin and I focus on really trying to make something special for our customers. So that being said, you log in to IUanyWare and this is the traditional view that you see with the yellows folders. These are grouped  how are these grouped, Justin  You want to tell us a little bit of the history about how we grouped things together  Justin  Traditionally we went through and there was a separation of folders on the desktops when you walked into a computer lab, and when you logged into into iuware.iu.edu. And if you were searching for something, if STCs called it a certain folder, then we would just make a folder  or if IUanyWare called it a folder, we'd call it a folder and if IUware had different name, so if you went to look for SPSS, it could be Analysis   Modeling in STCs it could've been a different folder in IUanyWare, and then it could also have been a different folder in IUware. So we just standardized on this folder setup. Stephanie  Alright, so for those who have been around for a while, you all are really used to it. For any new comers like I was, it's probably best, just to go  ahead, and type in the object that you're looking for right in the search window here. So if you're looking for Word, you could type in Word and see all of the different flavors of Word that are offered through IUanyWare. Another thing that we have in IUanyWare are customized desktops. So this is the Desktops tab in IUanyWare. These are all of the desktops that we offer today. A lot of these, you all are probably used to seeing, like the IUPUI and the IUB, but some of them you don't see and these are some of our customized ones that are only built for certain customers. We really feel like that is what we're really good at and what the product is designed for. Grouping together applications and presenting them with the right resources and data appropriate for the delivery of those. And that's what we've done with some of our very very special customers, of which I've invited two to come and speak with and share with us at this webinar today. One of the very first customers that we worked with was the IU School of Dentistry. And I've invited Craig Eberhardt to come here today and help us explain a little bit about what those  how we evolved that special customer relationship. Jessica  I will go ahead and allow Craig to share his screen now and Craig I'm also going to unmute you. You can click Share My Screen in the middle. Ok it looks like you are back with us... Craig  We worked with Stephanie to get our clinical system working with IUanyWare. And it generally was just us working days and many hours to set it up on the server and um eventually we got it working very well. It's a Windows based application. And we have many iterations of it. Our production, we have faculty practice, and we have training and development. And I'll launch the training and give you a brief demonstration. Hopefully this comes up quickly. Stepanie  Craig I don't  think we're seeing your desktop  I don't know if the folks are. I think they might only be seeing a green background. Jessica I can see it  I'll go ahead and check on what you're seeing. I think I can see it pretty well. Stephanie  You can see the icons ok Alright, our other view was not showing that. Jessica  Oh ok. Craig  So do you see the log in screen now  Stephanie Yes I see it. Craig  Ok. So this is the log in to our program. And this is the view that they are presented with. So I'm just going to show you quickly what they can do. They're going to click on a rollodex if they want to search their patient. And they can find their patient. And then I'm going to click on what would be the chart for our test patient. So this is all virtualized and we have a   our dental students   have a range of different laptops which we allow them to use in the clinics and so we have Macs and Windows machines and we had a resident with a Chromebook. So this allows them to use the program and it works very well. They can get attachments. This a general consent right now I've pulled up it's a PDF and I pulled it up with no problems. We have an X ray system that is also run on the IUanyWare system. So I'm pulling that up right now  I just clicked on it so it's going to our digital images for this patient, pull it up, I can click on it. You can see how fast it is. I can zoom the image in. Zoom out. And this is our training. And the response times are really good and I also wanted to   I'm sorry I can't hear anybody   Stephanie  I think that's great Craig. I think I'll let them type in their questions and really just kind of reflect back on what it was like when we started really building this unit it's been almost   years that we've been running this Axiom application in IUanyWare and again Craig was showing you how speedy and how fast the system really is, even with the large image files that we rotate those different views through. Really that happens because everything is inside of the IUB Data Center right next to our Citrix environment. That give us a great response time. Also we're very secure, because the information, the data that you see, it never leaves the IU Data Center. Just screen pop and keyboard are the only things that are every transferred really back to the client endpoint device. Great job. Well if no one else has any other questions, I would also like to talk about when I was alluding to we have special customers, before I switch to our next special customer, how we were able, with a very small set of human resources me and Justin and another engineer, and Craig and AJ how we were able to accomplish this, because it was, it was really a huge effort and we have been through at least now two really big revisions or updates since we've been in production. It happens because of collaboration and our teams working just extremely close together for several, several, several weeks, months to be honest. We also have a very robust development test environment in IUanyWare that mimics exactly our production environment so we were able to give Craig and his folks adequate testing time, really to make sure we had all of the bugs out before we ever released to production, which is one of the great services that I can still say we can offer you. Craig  If I can say, since we went live with it, I gotta say it's been more stable, I'd say each semester. To the point where we really rarely ever have to contact Stephanie or her group, and we do troubleshoot my partner and I  a lot of the initial issues that they have, we take that step and we help them out. As Stephanie said, we have access to see if users logged in to the IUanyWare system and we can reset them and so forth and we've gone that extra step and helped out that way, but also worked with her group. There was an issue where were having problems with the imaging system I showed you and Justin and I were able to try something different, and it's resolved the problem so the collaboration, it's just continued on and I can say that it's been better and better. Jessica  This is Jessica. So essentially this is a custom desktop  he's looking at it in the Citrix Receiver view. So this what Craig's students this is what they would see too, to be able to interact, right, so it's a custom desktop that he's looking at within the Citrix Receiver but this is scaling to about how many students now  Craig  Um, we've...we have over   students using this. And not all of our students use the Receiver. Some of our students still use the web browser interface. But some of them use the Receiver. We try to put them on the Receiver when we have a chance to convince them to do that. Jessica  We'll talk about this a little bit later but  muffled  Craig  I'm sorry  Jessica They're able to access the same screen on an iPad or on a mobile device  Craig  Yes, and we do allow them to use this access from iPads. Some students even use their iPhones to connect  mainly to see upcoming appointments and that sort of thing. It doesn't scale really well, I mean, you can see things. But it's kind of hard to maneuver, but it does work. Stephanie  Thank you, Craig. I really appreciate you for sharing the service with everybody today. Like I said it's one of our or you are definitely our biggest customer in IUanyWare and really you guys have always been just a pleasure to work with so thank you today for sharing with us. Craig  You're welcome. Stephanie  So we have one more customer that we were able to persuade to also come and tell their story of how IUanyWare has sort of helped them in delivery of their service. And that is Maggie Ricci from the  she's going to talk to you today about Online Learning. Maggi  Thank you, Stephanie. Yeah, I'm Maggie Ricci. I'm an instructional technologist and I work with Elearning Design and Services. We're sort of a stealth group, but we're part of the team that is bringing IU Online into reality. So my major responsibility is for online courses. And one of the big issues we have with online courses is really thinking about access how do we give access to all the students who want to be involved, who want to take online courses how can we level the playing field for people with different sorts of devices that they would like to be able to use to take an online course. And you know you could sort of have a tag line like your hardware shouldn't determine your major. And so the first uh real problem that we came to the IUanyWare team with was ArcGIS. So if you're not familiar with geographic information systems software, it's big  it uses big data files  it has a lot of file access going on during a session  and it had historically been a problem to run in a virtualized environment in sort of the standard folder based version of IUanyWare that Stephanie showed earlier. We discovered that there were problems not only with the performance of hte application itself but also with the actual physical location of data files. And as you heard with the dentistry program, it was important for them to be able to have good performance with a lot of the large image files and things that they use, to have their um, to have their actual file and data servers inside the data center. So we took a similar approach with the ArcGIS application. First we had it put on a desktop  and I'm going to share my screen and show you an example of that... Let's see, coming up here... And ... Let's make it a little bigger. So are you seeing the desktop there Jessica  yeah. WE see it. Maggie  Ok. Um good. So we were concerned with um getting the files in the same physical proximity to the actual Citrix servers where the application was running. And that made a huge difference. And in doing that of course, we were going out and working with courses in a number of different colleges, a number of different campus. There were a couple places that wanted to run ArcGIS courses and so we had to be able to make this simple for users all over the place. So some of the support issues were a little bit tricky but one thing that you get when you have IUanyWare is that your support becomes actually much simpler because again you're going to have people accessing these programs from a Mac, from a PC, from a Chromebook, from a tablet, but once they get into the environment, they're all in the same environment and Support Center has access to this environment and can troubleshoot within the environment also, so that makes a big difference. I'm going to exit my full screen here 'cause it's making me confused. Um but so what I've got pulled up here is an ArcGIS Arcmap program and you can see there are data files and they're all over the place but one of the big things that was accomplished with the IUanyWare and the virtual desktops was the ability to get cloud storage hooked up with in a really seamless way so that all the cloud storage   any cloud storage that I have access to as a user shows up mapped as a drive so you can see here that I have Box but it's mapped as a drive   it's got a drive letter. Um different ArcGIS data sets that I have access to are mapped to a drive letter and this makes a huge difference in helping the students to understand what is they're supposed to be doing. So this was also another big step. Using cloud storage and getting, and simplifying that for the students. So really what we have is that the instructors now can worry about teaching, right, and they can know, they can be confident their students have the resources that they need to be successful with any of their assignments. It's not a question of oh, you know, is my computer suped up enough to run ArcGIS, or is my computer suped up enough to run a graphics intensive program or whatever it might be. And of course with the IUanyWare environment and these custom desktops, a desktop can be configured with the appropriate amount of memory, the appropriate processor speed, whatever graphics capability that you would need. So it's really not a one size fits all kind of a situation. You can work closely with the IUanyWare team and get exactly the things that need. So that was one big thing, was being able to do these large data intensive programs that were really having trouble performing in the original IUanyWare environment. Now another application that we have for this in online courses is basically what you could consider an online computer lab. So we had someone come to us and say, well I'm teaching an online course and actually it's in sound engineering and it's a whole lot of electronics and they needed to put up a limited number of licenses into a virtual environment for their online students to use. So were able to do this in IUanyWare, able to manage the correct number of licenses and take care of giving students that access. So those are kind of our big uses at the moment. We're looking at some more statistics courses that have some of the same problems of needing to deal with large data sets and we're also going to see some more I think of this idea of the virtual lab for very specialized software. So those are a couple of the things that we've worked with with the IUanyWare team to make things easier for online students and I will say that everything we're doing with designing this stuff for online courses has applications for face to face teaching and learning and of course one thing that we find is that when students begin to understand   even face to face students   begin to understand that there's a virtual lab or a virtual place to access some of these programs, they all want in on it too. Stephanie  Thank you, Maggie, very much. Maggie, can you talk a little bit about what your or how you guys, I know every Craig's model is a little bit different but what your support model is for the students Maggie  Sure, yeah, and again like I mentioned before, it does make it easier for the instructor, but we're able to have the students, if they have troubles, they can just call the Support Center. And this is really really important for online courses where um, you know, you don't want the instructor to have that kind of responsibility for doing a lot of technical troubleshooting, especially because online students for one thing may be anywhere in the world and for another thing, they're students, and Lord knows when they're going to actually be in the environment working so we need to have someone available at   in the morning who knows something about the environment so students that are having trouble with the IUanyWare environment can call the Support Center and if the Support Center can't   can't take care of their issue, which a lot of times is, you know, getting the latest version of the Citrix client or that sort of thing   but if the Support Center can't help them with their issue, they can escalate it right to the IUanyWare team and then you know you are gonna get taken care of. Maggie Yeah, that's something I can't really stress enough. We have to have the support center. They save us so many times, don't they Justin. We hardly ever...we get very few tickets that are moved to our tier   support level. Compared to the number that actually come in, it's a very small percentage. The Support Center probably fields at least  percent of those calls. Those people are getting their problems addressed at the time, I mean, immediately. So we just really encourage everyone if you are an IUanyWare user to call the support center. They do a marvelous job in helping to support. Stephanie  Thank you, Maggie. Maggie  My pleasure. Jessica  We do have a question from Ian if anyone can request a desktop program or if anyone can basically work with you guys to set up a custom desktop. So I thought I'd let you talk just a little bit about Big Picture how that process works. Stephanie  Sure. So the answer to your question, Ian, is yes and it depends. But anyone can make the request and we love to talk to folks to just find out, you know, if it's just an idea that you have and you just want to talk to us to see, hey, Steph does this even make sense or is it something that you could virtualize. We love having those conversations, Justin and I. Not everything can be virtualized, but a lot of things can and it really just depends on how many users we want simultaneously using the application or the desktop, what type of data that you have and where that data needs to reside are also key factors. We can do a lot of really highly customized and difficult things. Like we had to do for dentistry. And sometimes some of our other desktops we do...a smaller one for IU School of Medicine Notre Dame network, that's more customized and tailored just for a small pocket of people. So the answer is yes and there is also a fee associated when we do do a higher more customized desktop offering. But we really try to keep those very much in line with fees that are available today through intelligent infrastructure. The real truth is, yeah we can. you should put in a footprint ticket, call the support center and we would love to start. We call them the kickoff meeting is really just an open dialogue about what you might be interested in. Jessica  Great and so the best way to kick that off is to Support Center just to start that conversation. That will get routed through to your group That is exactly right. They can just call in an inquiry. Jessica  Alright. And Stephanie, did you have anything prior I was kind of looking at the things we were going to talk about, anything before we jump in to frequently asked questions to talk about with either the demonstrations just a general overview Stephanie  No, I think Justin was going to talk a lot about the Citrix receiver because I think that is probably the most... oh, it's the headache that you have to get on your device and getting working well to use with it. So, we're going to spend some time talking about that and data and also some new things to come. I think I'm OK with just going right into that. Jessica  OK, sounds good. So Justin, I'll go ahead and keep the slides up that way the folks online, you can click the KB article links if you like. And Justin, take it away. Justin  Sounds good. As Maggie mentioned, some of the issues she had with students calling Support Center to have the Citrix receiver updated and that's justin the Citrix world the instead of saying,  Have you tried turning it off and on again  We typically say,  Have you updated your Citrix receiver . And so, that is just a huge component to making sure that you have a lot of the functionality needed to do some of the tasks in IUanyWare. In the past, we've had users who you know couldn't hear voice mails through Outlook on Mac receivers, but now with the update we actually work with the Citrix development team and we actually got it fixed and so that's something. When someone comes to me with that issue, I usually know immediately that they just need to have their Citrix receiver updated. And the KB that is linked here is a great source for getting started with pretty much any device that you are going to use with the university because it talks about going out and where to get your Citrix receiver which is an easy one to remember which is receiver.citrix.com. And that site is smart enough to check your device that you are using and actually tell you or show you the version of the receiver that you need for using IUanyWare. Stephanie  As Justin has said. Why is it important We should also let you know that Citrix update those neighbors of the receiver often. And when I say often, I mean sometimes like once a week, right Laughter  So they are constantly fixing things and putting them in the new receiver version and putting them out there on the site that we have listed there in the KB. So even if you are really not having a big problem, sometimes there is new functionality in there, right Justin  Yeah Stephanie  I think I just read that if you are an iPad user, that new receiver for the iPad gives you the ability now to have a splitscreen. Justin  Yeah, you can now have splitscreen. You can have two different applications open at the same time. Stephanie  So just always new little things like that. So we do encourage you to keep your Citrix receiver updated. Jessica  Is the package to update similar to the one to install or is it the same process Stephanie  I didn't hear the first part, Jessica. I'm sorry. Jessica  Is the process to update the receiver essentially the same process as to install it Stephanie  It is. You just kind of route out to that citrix. receiver.com and it just sees your device. It sees what version you are on and then it'll you know ask if you want to update and when you click on it you are automatically going to get the latest one. And it should update right over the top. Jessica  Terrific. From Ken, what's the latest recommended version for Mac or how would you find that out Justin  Receiver.citrix.com Stephanie  I think  . is that right Justin  It's something   now because they just updated recently and I know I just updated my Mac upstairs. But off the top of my head I can't say what it is. There's just so many different ones that we track down. Stephanie  We probably did update to  Justin  It could be  now Stephanie  Yeah. Somewhere in that ballpark. Jessica  Alright. And I see one more question coming in. The question from Tiani is,  Can any staff member access IUAnyWare for personal use Stephanie  Yeah. Absolutely, the tools are there for anybody with a valid IU ID, an ads ID. So, yeah, we want you to...we offer, oh goodness, I think around   maybe close to  applications. So there is probably a lot of stuff out there that you've never used before. And, I think it's a great way to try to also develop a new skill. Get really good with maybe some of your Office applications that you are not real familiar with. We try to have everything installed with the most enhancements that we can offer under our license agreement for those particular applications. So, it's not dummied down version, it should be a very robust experience. Jessica  I know Office   is available now. So that's a good example of something you can take a look at even if you don't have it downloaded on your computer. And Kyle asked, this is probably a question for either one of you, but can you update the Citrix receiver without being an administrator on your computer Stephanie  You can. You didn't used to be able to. I remember when they put out that bad version a while back. Someone didn't get it quite right  But, yeah, you should be able to do that without being an administrator on your machine. Jessica  OK, We're going to go on to the next slide. Probably shoot it to you a little bit more Kyle as we go through, if you'll stick around for a little bit after the webinar we might be able to talk about your situation. Good question though. The next thing that I know we wanted to talk about and this gets to an earlier question from Michael about setting up your cloud storage and being aware of how you are managing your data. So I'm going to turn it over to Justin again to talk about what that process is like. Justin  Yep, and that's right behind me asking you if you've updated your Citrix receiver, I am going to ask where is your data located As with every application, IUanyWare, a lot of them use data that needs to be ran from a server location as opposed to your local desktop client. And we really try to urge everyone to not use local storage on their devices but try to move everything up into the cloud storage location because working in IUanyWare you have to keep that connection going between the network of your local device and the IU AnyWare session to use your data in IUAnyWare that way. We all know that network isn't always the best between your local device. Sometimes the wireless drops or you are like me and you live out in the boonies and you have a very slow internet connection. So, I have one and a half meg download and . megabyte upload at my house. And I use IUAnyWare all the time from home without any issue and the reason is I use the cloud storage location. So, my location where my data is being accessed is not from a data center in Bloomington to my house out on the southside of Bloomington. It's actually from the IU data center straight to a file server or from a data center straight up to Box so even if I lose connection Citrix is smart enough to reconnect and all my sessions will still be sitting there using the cloud storage location. So I won't have any of those little pop up messages saying that you've had an error or that you lost connection to your data and that the application totally has a flip out moment and starts throwing up red flags. And the other part is it just makes it easier. You don't have to go through and say Oh where did I leave that Word documents I have to look at  You know, if it's up in Box you just got through, you sit on a laptop, you open up Word from IUanyWare and you can go straight to your Box folder and open up that Word application, save it, close it, walk away, go to another computer, and it makes life much easier for me in my world because as Stephanie knows, I like to wipe my computer several times in a year. So, I don't ever keep anything local so that means I can do something like that. Stephanie  I think one of the other things as we look at the picture out here of what's Box and MySites and so forth, the other thing that you can do with IU cloud storage is also list your department chair. So, if you have a place that you place files when you are at work inside a server on the IU data center, you can have that path also listed right here in the IU cloud storage. And, it just makes it easier when you are working if you are in IU AnyWare and you need to pull up a file that you know you had earlier that day at work, if you've already established that particular filepath in your cloud storage when you log into, let's say, Word in IUanyWare Boom, it's going to be an option to go right to that file that you worked on earlier even if you didn't work it earlier from IU AnyWare is my point. Justin  I don't remember Maggie actually speaking about it, but Maggie would you like to show what you do with Canvas and broadcasts Maggie  I would be happy to. So, let's see, let's get a new Canvas up. So, what Justin is asking about here is...it is...you can have your students and I see things going by in the chat about students needing to visit cloud storage to designate Box's location. We actually have an application in Canvas now that will allow you to put all the necessary data files that you are going to need for your course into a cloud storage location pretty much at the touch of a button. And not only does it put the files where they need to be for the students, but it also sets up the cloud storage for the students. If you want me, I can share my screen here...let's see...yep  waits for computer connection So if I'm looking you're seeing I'm in Canvas here and I've opened a little application called Broadcast. It's available in all Canvas sites. You can put it on your navigation from Settings and I'm not going to go through that just yet or during this little session today but basically what it says is, I want to use Broadcast and here's what I can do. I can send this set of files to the Box accounts for all the people in my site or I can send them to an approved file server. So, I'm just going to say, let's say I want to do it with Box. And now it's going to ask me to select from Box and I can select any folder in Box and say so I would have set up here are all the homework files needed for my students. A big set of let's say Excel spreadsheets that they are going to need to use during the semester. And I can set that up in a Box folder. I can choose that here from Box and it will go out and set up the cloud storage, even if my students haven't set up Box as a cloud storage place. It will create that folder in each of the students' Box accounts labeled as I ask it to be labeled. And it sends them an email and says,  Look, you have a Box folder full of all your stuff.  It sets it all up for the students. We've used this with the file server for the arcgis applications. It's where we use the high speed file server right in the data center. This is the kind of thing that Stephanie was talking about earlier. Same thing, you can set up a zipfile and that will set that all up so that when the students actually open IUanyWare they're going to see either that Box folder or this file server which they probably don't have a clue how that works. They are just going to see a drive map with their data in it. And that's how simple we're getting around to getting this done.And these are the kinds of things that really makes IUanyWare viable for really the kinds of teaching and learning things where you have a lot of students trying to figure this out. This is one of the things that has really made it work. Jessica  Just to clarify too if they do use this method, then do they also need to separately designate Box or file share from cloud storage or does it do that for them just through this method Maggie  Yeah, for the students it's completely seamless. They don't have any idea that this has gone on. They may have never have heard of Box, they may never have heard of the approved file server. When they open up IUanyWare and look at what they have available on their computer, they're going to begin seeing some of these other drives mapped and to them it doesn't really make a difference where it is. They just know that if they go to drive L they are going to find that arcgis data. And that's what really matters for the students. And for the instructor who doesn't have to really explain it all. Justin  Thank you, Maggie. I think one of the things also important about the cloud storage is that our environment is really...bring us your questions about what you need. Because when I started the CUMULO client didn't exist and there was a need to get access to your cloud storage location and the CUMULO client was created. And now there's a site called cloudstorage.iu.edu. And whenever we started working with Maggie we started going through setting up a file share and then it came down to well how now do I get this to all of my thirty students and next thing you know Broadcast is designed. So we're constantly building and working around what the needs are of the faculty and staff of the university to continue at research and education. So, you know if you don't see a functionality in IUanyWare today, come to us and engage us, See if we can't get something going because that's what this whole service is continuing to grow. Stephanie  Yeah, I would like to second that because it's true. When we first launched the first few courses that were using ArcGIS on the online virtual PC, the support issues were a lot about the students really being lost in the virtual environment. Before we had Broadcast and that sort of thing, we have solved some of the performance issues that we had seen with IUanyWare before. Now we had to make it so that the students could just get in and do their work. And they didn't really have to understand a thing about cloud storage or like I said where things were. And just I'm super sensitive to the student experience and also the instructor experience of having frustrated students who've never seen you face to face trying to deal with all this technical stuff. The IUanyWare team has been great in getting that technical stuff out of the way so that the students can learn about the topic they are supposed to be learning about, not learn about how cloud storage works. And that's super important to me and to teaching and learning. Jessica  And I think that's a really great segueway and for the sake of time I am going to segueway us. So Maggie talked about helping the students have access to the Support Center as well in addition to streamlined technology, if there are issues, and I see a couple of issues in the chat. Let's talk about the recommended way to engage IU AnyWare for support. So I'll let Justin, you can talk about that and then in the time remaining, I'll let Stephanie go over mobile and our coming up dates. Justin  Yeah, and this is a quick slide. You have any issues in IU AnyWare, contact Support Center. They have all the tools they need to assist you. And they've grown with IU AnyWare and been able to grow and are a great troubleshooting support group for our team so contact them and if they have issues with what they are doing, they will send it up to us. And the more people that contact them also helps to alert us if there is an actual major issue. We're up   of the time, so we don't get called too often. Stephanie  And you can get your questions in one of our Knowledge Base articles too, right so we are always trying to add more to the KB. Alright, well thank you, Justin. Silence Jessica  So Stephanie is going to share her screen and show a few of the views of how this would work on mobile. So all of that is coming up. Just wanted to make sure you guys. It looks like it's working, Stephanie. But it's still working on it for me. Since we're getting near the end of today, if you are with us it looks like we probably will go right to time, but if you can stick around for some questions afterward please do. And if you have questions, be thinking of those so you can put those in the chat. Looks like it's just now coming up. Stephanie  Alright. So, real quick, people ask us all the time about what kind of mobile device to use preferably or do you like  And me and Justin, we both like this Acer Chromebook. This one is, we got this a couple of years ago. We did pay like   for it. I think that the price comes down on those. We don't have a fancy Chromebook but it works really well with IU AnyWare and the desktop of the Chromebook looks like this. You just go right out to the internet with your Chrome browser. Go to the Citrix receiver site, grab it. This pops up to configure. Here you type in the storefront url. That's storefront.iuanyware.iu.edu. And you land back to this is what our Citrix receiver storefront landing page looks like. So these are the apps that are available to you through IUanyWare. You can also click on the Desktop tab and you'll get to that top view. So I'm running fast but one of the things that we wanted to talk about real quickly was what's coming up next for IU AnyWare. So, I was showing you the yellow folder before and saying that they are kind of arranged funky. And you saw the green screenI just showed you with the green bubbles and all of that. We are going to get rid of that. Right, Justin Justin  Yep Laughter  We're going to go with something that looks a lot more IU Stephanie  A lot more IU. And so this is in our development environment today. We plan to do some other updates on our infrastructure this quarter and then some major changes for the summer. So for the fall we anticipate the look of IUanyWare to look about like this. This view that you are seeing here is what IU AnyWare will come on looking like. The School of Dentistry is one of our categories that we have. Kelley Business. This one right here is IU Online. But you pretty much can just click on your app version and pretty much see everything that is available on IUanyWare. So it will look a little bit...trying to make this show up better for you guys... Justin  And what you see here, this blank page will be what you'll see when you log into IUanyWare and hopefully this fall. And essentially what it's saying is  Your Favorites And with the new environment instead of going through and seeing like the apps page where you have to have the list of all these applications, you can actually go and choose your favorites. And when Stephanie was showing on the other page with the categories, we actually had the building so that if we have a special unit that's working with us, we can choose all those applications that you have in that unit, put them into a special category unit and then a person can click on that category, click at all, and the next time they log in to IUanyWare or if they go back to their Favorites, it will show just those applications in their favorites. So, they don't have to search through and click on each individual one for their classes they have. They can just click on say Kelley School of Business or School of Dentistry and it just populates those right into your favorites. So you have them right there anytime you want to use IU AnyWare, no searching. Just those applications you want. Stephanie  And the other great thing is they look like that regardless of what device you are working from. So, if I login right now from my chromebook and it looks like this, when I switch later on this evening and I login from my Mac, it's also going to look like this. So, we're just really happy and pleased with the new look and feel that Citrix is giving us. Justin  And that will follow. The favorites will go from each device. So, once you set your favorites and you login to storefront, the IU AnyWare.iu.edu, in the future or IU AnyWare once we get switched over, it'll just...any device you are on will look the same, they'll have the same favorites there, if you take a favorite away, it'll take it away no matter what device you are on. If you add favorites to it, the next time you login to a different device, it adds it right back. Stephanie  And, if you are like me, and you still don't like all that, you can still just type over here in search and you can find your app. But that's pretty much it. And I know we are about out of time, but we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what we should have in place for the fall. Jessica  Looks really nice. And is this the browser view as well  Or will it be the same in the browser view and in the Citrix receiver view Stephanie  That's right, Jessica. No more split view. One view is what you get. Jessica Well that will be great Stephanie Yeah, it is. It will look exactly like this regardless of how you come to it. Jessica  Wonderful. We are running low on time but I want to leave time for questions. So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to move us, the room will just shift a little bit because I want to give those who are with is a chance to fill out and evaluation. You'll see in your Connect window right above Stephanie's screen next to the chat there's a Webinar Evaluation link. If you are with us and you don't mind answering a few quick questions, just a few seconds, that will help us to know if this was helpful or if you want further IUanyWare training, that information will help us out a lot. And as you guys are looking at that evaluation hopefully and also thinking of your questions We'll hang out for a couple of minutes to answer any questions. We covered a lot of ground today. We knew that we had a lot to cover. But hopefully you learned a little bit more about IUanyWare and have some ideas of how you want to leverage it even more than maybe you are today. Stephanie, is there anything that you would like to add as people are thinking of questions or filling out the evaluation  I know we had a big agenda today and I think amazingly we got through most of it. So I'll turn it back to you for any closing thoughts. Stephanie  So although I just thought of it when she said that, each fall actually we do it late summer, we do reset the IUanyWare profile.We're going to do that again. Mainly that just keeps...it helps us for a lot of reasons. We can clean up and for reporting purposes it helps us immensely. So we have a lot of KBs out there. If you've got some customized things, let's say your signature in Outlook or maybe some other defaults that you set in your different applications, how you would want to back those things up. And we'll be here to help you. But that will happen a little bit towards the end of the summer. We do our profile reset and...I don't know. What else big do we have coming  New apps are constantly going up. Justin  April  th is our tentative deadline for getting applications for summer and then May  st for fall, I believe. Stephanie  If you are teaching and you need something now, mostly it's for version updates. if you've got something out there and you know that you're going to teach and you need that version updated or the fall or next semester gear to those deadlines. When is it for the summer Justin  I believe it's April  th for the summer and May  st but the sooner you get them in the more likely we will have them ready for you because being virtual as Stephanie said, not everything works great with virtualization. We may have to work with Maggie or we may even have to work and design something new for it. Stephanie  Some things are hard, some things are easy.Yeah, I think that is it. Jessica  Alright. I don't see any questions, I know we answered all of them that we could during the actual session. So if you have any that you are sitting on, we'll go ahead and let you type those in. I don't see anybody typing anything in now so if you are, you know, we're at time, you are welcome to close out of the Connect window if you don't have any further questions. And we really appreciate everybody attending today. Thank you. And thank you so much Maggie, and Stephanie, and Craig, and Justin. We had a full house of panelists and a lot to cover. Thank you, guys, so much. Maggie  Thank you, Jessica. Jessica  We've got one question. Desktop view for Chromebooks. What is the purpose of the desktop view for Chromebooks Maggie  Well, we have a customer that wants to, I think that they want to use the Chromebook in a maybe like a public area. And so we looked into having the Chromebook in a kiosk mode and also upon login to that device that Chromebook having it boot straight to a desktop like you see with IUB or a regional desktop. So, that's one use for it. And that was mainly the reason why I wanted to show the Chromebook. A lot of...we have a new interest in people wanting to use them in that manner. Justin  For me, I typically, when I have my Chromebook, I've never been a Chrome person so I've always when I have my Chromebook I just automatically go in and launch one of the desktops and bring up the Windows   looking desktop. And I just work straight from the desktop on my Chromebook so essentially turning it into a fully functioning laptop. Maggie  So, yeah, that's great. That and the folks who want to use them in high traffic areas like the kiosk type low end cost device to give you functionality of a whole desktop. Jessica  I don't see any other questions coming in so I will go ahead and I'm just going to stop the recording.

In this recorded session, participants explore the IUanyWare site and learn from the IUanyWare team about the best ways to leverage the platform.