InDesign: Using Page Masters for Efficient Design

Learning Objectives

  • Configure and apply page masters
  • Create headers and footers
  • Create automatic “continued on” segments
  • Thread a story with in and out ports
  • Copy and paste with the Content Collector and Content Placer tools
  • Modify a frame and content independently
  • Resolve missing links and fonts
  • Package a publication for sending
  • Export in Portable Document Format (PDF)

Prerequisite Skills

  • Experience with using Adobe tools and panels
  • Experience creating and modifying frames
  • Experience applying styles to text
  • Experience with importing and placing graphics

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This course is part of an IT Training Certificate Series, which awards a certificate on successful completion of a final online exam. Learn more about the Media Design Certificate Series.

Materials and Files

For IU learners, if you're interested in the content for this title, but prefer not to enroll in the online course, you can download the PDF and exercise files below.

Note: The PDF and exercise files provided here formed a basis for the online course, but may vary from the online course.

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