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>> If he won and well come my name is Kim or die you'll see me in the chest but I can only go by Kim and I am with I T training and training is presenting this welcome to google ad Are you an overview should say the Google ad Are you an overview session it would be run today by Peter meat and by Emily hunt from the support center in addition LYN WHITE and I will be here to answer questions in the chat Pod as we go along.

And so what I'm going to do is. Throw over to Emily so that we can get started covering Google I you. Just to give you a quick idea though before I do that things we're going to be covering today are what is Google Apps for education and Google at I U We're also going to talk about how you sign in and we will deal with a very add to your.

Address question as well as talk about apps we will also talk about what to do if you have other Google accounts and what happens she google account when you beat the university so all of those things are going to be covered today so I'm going to switch just to the classroom and Peter share his screen and Emily would you like to start by telling us a little bit about what Google is and what.

You're well let's go ahead and get started I'm going to have a little bit about what Google Apps for education. Google Apps for education and great communication and collaboration solutions but the mailing list and how under with the course we have at. Including file storage word processing data management and presentation.

Google I view allows users to create groups spaces Burke Lavabit or covered and one of our previous which I would recommend that you check out your answers. So in other words Google and. Which is Google's implementation of Google Apps for education many of the applications that you might already be using in your personal life like driving however that these particular apps are managed by you and with that have some additional benefits that are available for personal Google accounts.

Let's let's go ahead and talk about what some of those benefits actually are the first benefit and the reason why we chose to partner with Google Google at all you provides us with an alternative to politics sites that's the group spaces that I was just referring to a group spaces are powered by multiple Google apps that have been combined by you into one which allows you to more effectively manage your projects and your groups again check out the other weapon are it'll go into all the functionality available and group spaces if you think that that might be an option for you another benefit of Google at I you which is related to group spaces you have unlimited quotas that means that if you determine that a Google ad are you good space is the appropriate solution for your on course Project site you don't have to worry about running up against any limits I know there's a lot of project sites out there and I'll force to have a ton of files you'll be able to move those into Google and I view if that turns out to be the solution for you.

More benefit. One of the one of the benefits that I've been hinting at Google at I you it is appropriate for your work and of supported by at Yale. More specifically Google and I'll use a croup or institutional data classifications up to restricted now if you're not sure what that means or you need some more information about that I highly recommend that you check out some of the resources we have about the ADA classifications and that what.

The implications of those are Google at are you we can put some of that information in the chat Pod or get it for you to take a look at. And keep in mind when you're reading through those resources but just because you can technically store some data in Google that you it doesn't necessarily mean that you should make sure that you have a conversation with your department about the appropriate places to be storing your day your data.

Another benefit of Google that idea was that it is aware of multiple campuses that means you can share with users and different domains so I'm an item and then I have an ad I.U. that E.T.E. no address and let's say that I want to share with him at I U P Y Z my have an at I you can lie e-mail address I will I can go into the sharing settings on my google dot I can send it to Ken's username at I U.V. light edu and she's going to receive that but that's a case for any of the campus the mains at our UN that meeting you at I.U.S. that and you on and on you share it with that email address.

The individual will receive that document so that's pretty cool. The last bit of that I'm going to talk about is a single sign on you don't have to remember another password. This works in the browser if you go to Google that I. Drive the google doc. You can sign in with your I username and password res This also works for mobile if you want to log in to the rival mobile app you can use single sign on with that drive for desktop if you want to sync your vials from Google at you to your desktop.

That would. Have. Somebody with. One here has words like you. Have another option. Now the way to. Bury a little bit on the location that you. Fortunately is going to go ahead and want some of the different ways that. OK Yes thank you for that introduction Emily and let's show you a few things about how we've got you excited about Google what are you let's figure out how to get here so the first way you would do it is to as was put in the chap Pod Recently I got to this page by putting in the browser google dot edu and it only see if I do it again let's do here.

Google dot edu And that sends you to the logon page and when you do this you're going to get your cast log in and you'll go ahead and type that in so that's how I got here initially I was already signed in so it's taken me right here now if you were on the internet somewhere else doing something else and you realized I want to go check out my google dot I you dot Dr if I go to Dr dot google dot edu.

Sorry dot com. It's going to take me here and I say go to Google Drive and it's going to ask for me to sign in and so the trick here is that you're going to want to sign in with your. At edu account if you do if you have an eye you are something like that it's going to take you to whatever Google account is associated with that so if you want Google I got it to you you got to do this and then I believe it's going to take me to cast and then I would just sign it with my typical cast lock and so that's how we get into but yes Peter I think it would be helpful for us to clarify because this whole ad I you.

Dot edu address is a little confusing for a lot of us who have not had to create that in the past you know I'm used to using my at dot edu and now all of a sudden I've got this at E.T.U. and I'm confused as to what that means and what.

Why that's they are. Just a couple of words about that sure this actually might be a good time for Emily to jump in with the difference of the multiple accounts she want to just a question. Sure but so. I think what we need clarified is just why it is that now there's this group that.

My account at edu where I used to just never have to worry about that right the reason that we now have the at the letter as everybody was given the AT I view that new address not as the fault it was just added to their account Google needed this single address to know us as wasn't needed a one address every single person would need to be able to logon.

Ernst and or your personal Google account they use at email. And I you got me to you is our equivalent to that that doesn't mean that you don't have your at the wide. Or at you and on and on an address and Google you do that exist that's there and I mentioned you can share two that are still but we needed the primary address or Google to recognize us as an AD Are you that you knew was the address that's true.

That had nothing to do with your personal email your I e-mail your exchange account that's still going to be referred to you as at I see why that he go on and on. OK And if we're using single sign on I T If we go to google dot I You don't need you to sign on then we don't need to worry about any of that we just put in our your name and past like usual right.

OK That's all I wanted to make sure we had clear before we move on Peter wanted to go ahead but I continue here so now that we've got you all excited when you get to the home page you're going to get this little. Warning here reminding you about the importance of the different institutional datas and their classifications if you need more help with this if you go to more details it'll take you to some K.B. documents that explain specifically what's critical and what's restricted so I highly recommend doing that before you get involved if you're going to be putting sensitive information up here I'm going to go ahead and say OK I got it.

And let's take a look here on the right hand side you see a few of the features and tools that are immediately available there's actually a few others but we're going to start with these for now let's go ahead and take a look at the drive. So if you've used you mail you then this is probably going to be very familiar to you but I log in here you see your typical If I want to create a new file I can do that over here ways to get at some of my different folders Here's some of the different documents are they have going if you want to change the layout here right now I have it in the list view but if you go here to these little guys you can put it into the grid view if you prefer that and get a little preview of what some of the images are.

Before you get too excited about Google Drive we should remind you once again that you it strongly urges all faculty and staff to use box as their primary means of cloud storage this Google Drive that we're showing you here is really intended to be used for the project sites so that's a little caviar at the beginning before I show you all the school stuff.

You probably should be using Box to do most of the things that we are about to do. Some of the advantages of Google Drive are that you can sync it to your desktop so you can open and edit these files on your computer but they're still going to be safe on the Google server which is always nice we have unlimited storage and drive.

Which is always nice again. Drive works really well with the mobile app you can sign in to Google at you with your phone and then if you're one of those people that does your work on an i Pad or a smartphone you can get all of that stuff.

You can pin files to make them available so they're offline of that me show you quickly how to do that and. Actually if I want to go here to this gear settings tool and I go to settings. And then I go to this offline section I can sync my Google Drive to my computer so that I can edit things offline so that's a handy feature to have right there.

If you're getting on an airplane the need to work on a file and don't have access to the Internet you can do that when you get back online and it'll sync up all of your information. It's nice because files can be previewed here you can edit any of these files you get access to Google Street search tool up here so you can search through all of your documents there's actually a way if you make notes on a i Pad using the handwriting feature you can upload those to your Google Drive and Google Drive will actually read your handwriting for any text that it can make out so that's a another great part of the search tool here.

And the other really nice thing about Google Drive especially for a project site is that you can't share all of these documents so let's take a quick look at how some of that might work so if I open up this document here. By default my document is locked and not shared with anybody it's only for me but if I want to change.

That I can go here to share and I go to the advanced search is here Vance features like a change and now you see I have a few different options for how I share this file I can share it anybody I can share it to anyone who has the link I can share it only to people at Indiana University I can share it to people who have the link or I can just make it to specific people that I choose so that sharing functionality is really great with Google Drive.

Another aspect of that sharing functionality is that you can then comment on things you can email these files to other people and send them as an attachment if you're commenting you can theoretically have about fifty people collaborate simultaneously on one document although I would like to see the server try to do that and that since a kid would be a real mess to have that many but theoretically it's possible.

As I mentioned before you can share this document by emailing it so if we go up here file. And then we go down to email collaborators we can do that or we can email it straight as an attachment to anybody that we want to and leave a little message here for them about what we want them to do with it it's a very easy to share and collaborate with your documents here and this works for any of the features were about to look at for docs or slide it's for worksheets any of that stuff you have this collaboration technology.

One super important thing to remember though is that especially if you're working in a group project the files are sort of controlled at the at the file level so whoever makes a file if they delete that file it's gone for everybody who might have access to it so that's very important if you have one of these groups sites that you have a group account that's making the files that are shared if you have a if you share a whole folder and there's still.

Files in that folder that are private they are not going to be shared to everybody. So that's one thing to be aware of the ownership issues in these collaborative sites can be tricky. Another cool feature here is that you can even if you're collaborating with many people you can go back and see the older versions so if a lot of people have worked on my file I can go to see revision history and I'll be able to access I believe it's the last thirty days worth of saved versions so a nice way here that you nothing is really lost you have that ability.

Rate a few other things here so this document that I've opened up first is called a doc a Google doc which is really the equivalent of a Microsoft Word document so if you've played around with word you know that this does basically all of that same stuff you can change the formatting you can make number of lists any of those tools that you're just the margins the fonts any of that stuff that you're familiar with in Microsoft Word.

And a few other thoughts here you can upload Microsoft Word documents to your Google Drive and convert them to Google Docs Likewise you can also download your file as a different kind of file type so even though this is a Google Doc I could download it as a Microsoft Word file or rich text format or a P.D.F. so we have a lot of flexibility moving back and forth between different formats.

We did run some tests formatting occasionally if you're moving from Word to Google Docs where vice versa the formatting can get a little off but Emily did some tests and says that it's actually pretty darn robust So unless you have a giant file with a lot of crazy formatting most of it should be able to translate back and forth.

Speaking of translating one of the really nice tools that you have here in Google is. The ability to translate documents really quickly so if we go under tools I can go down to translate this document. And then I can choose a language let's go with Basque that great region between Spain and France and if I translate this.

It automatically generates a copy so I didn't lose my original so we see here in the title it's the translated copy and now we have a little Basque language here for our Google Apps So that's a really nice feature within Google Docs. I've gone through a lot here are there any questions before I jump onto sheets.

Or if Kim or Emily have anything they'd like to add. I will take that silence as you know. Let's take a quick look now at a Google sheet so this would be the Google equivalent of Excel so if you're doing some managing some data this is very much like Excel you can see here I have put in a little data this is the number of emails that I answer every day and you can see here that you can also use functions and formulas so the cell is generated by using that you cools and then that that function summarizing all of that data so very much like Excel you can also format things just as you would in Excel or Microsoft Word.

You can as we could with the docs you can import different kinds of files or you can import Excel files text files yes formatted data and it will open up in Google Spreadsheets You can also export out of this into Excel or a text document or a P.D.F. as well so.

Lots of functionality here with this another really cool thing is that you can make charts just as you would in X. else I'm going to quickly insert a chart here. Using that data and it's suggesting that I used a bar chart and that's just. And just as in Excel these charts are embedded so you can move them you can resize them any of that kind of thing and what's also super cool is that these all of these applications the docs and the spreadsheets and the slides are all integrated with each other so I want to show you a cool trick here I'm going to go back to my.

Doc file here and I want to insert a chart that I just made so I'm going to go down here to insert chart from sheets. And we're going to choose this guy. Select. And you'll notice here that it says link to spreadsheet so what this means now is that if I change any of the data in the original the initial spreadsheet it will automatically update in my Word doc here so we're going to go ahead and show you how that works so I have imported my or inserted my chart that's from that spreadsheet and you'll see here Wednesday I don't do too many emails but if I go back up here and I change this thirty.

It's going to jump up there and when I go back here should be an option to update the sky. What has happened. My goodness well when I did this earlier today was that I think I saw Peter when you did that I thought there was a reset image maybe that when you right click the sky on there on that right click menu.

Where did it go you know it's not being very consistent it's just there earlier today well in theory not always in practice but this will update automatically here so it would jump up. Alan suggested maybe refreshing yeah we might actually get shot. It's like it's looking for to get noticed a lot but that's our legend.

I will take another look at this and perhaps at the end of the. Workshop I can show you how that works why they didn't work right now I don't know but let's move on here. You can also insert these this kind of a chart into any of the slides so let's take a look here at slots.

You can access all of these applications from this little square up here and if I go to slides. This is obviously very much like Powerpoint you're all familiar with I'm sure so you can make a title slide and again you can integrate any of your information from your other Google Docs into this you can also as we did previously you can export this Google slide as a powerpoint presentation or as P.D.F. sport text files you can insert your images and videos into this and you can publish an embed all of these kinds of presentations into a website.

Excellent a few other tools that you maybe not are you may not be as familiar with here. That I'd like to show you in the first one is forms so again forms doesn't show up in my initial ten applications here but if I click on more. I get a few more here and this forms tool is pretty cool this is a way to create surveys and polls very quickly so let me open one of these up here.

And for each of these you have questions already been done but there's different question types I could choose if I wanted to make a multiple choice question or a dropdown kind of question I have all these options here. So you can very quickly as you can see just say what kind of question type you want and then type in the question there.

And generate a poll and then you can send that out to your group or to whatever e-mails you need so you can add collaborators to this and then once you've sent it out and people have responded if you click on the file here if you go to responses you'll be able to see the data that people have responded to your your poll your survey so that forms tool is really great I know that.

I receive a few of these from my my kids' school and they're very efficient for people to fill out and I think pretty efficient for them to be created as well. Another cool tool that you may not know about is that you can actually draw in Google Apps now and this one is even more hidden so after I do that first more apps I go to even more from Google.

And moving down here. My drawing here we go so in the home and office section I can go to the Strongs tool. And then from here I can do all kinds of things so I can. Just go to straight line like. I can increase the light weight all that kind of things so you can if you needed to make some kind of easy if you didn't want to deal with Illustrator or some other fancier application you could quickly make a logo or something here and have it all within your Google space should be very helpful.

OK Just a few more things to show you here. So the next thing I want to look at is the calendar. And again this comes with the caveat that we recommend that the calendar is really for people who are using the Google Groups spaces for publishing your events this should not be seen as a personal calendar for faculty and staff we recommend the choose stay with outlook for that kind of things that everyone.

On the same page. When you do make a calendar for your group you have the ability to keep it private you can also share it with selected individuals or you can make it public to the whole world. You can sync your calendar with your phone or your tablet and you can import events to Google calendar as well so you can import the events from another calendar into yours if you need to and then you can set notifications so one of the cool things is that if you have a private eye you group Space account you could make a calendar for your group that could then be made public and imbedded in other websites to advertise your events so that is a nice feature here as well to do that I believe we go to settings to show you quickly and then we go to calendars.

And then here we have our options are right now. This is set up to not share with anybody but if I want to share it with others I can click on this share with others and then I have the option to make this counter public or to shall it to share only with people in a particular organization.

So that's how you would share a counter if you needed to. One of the other last tools that we're going to look at here is the contact rule so if you have a. Group space and you want to make a particular group of contacts it's specific to your group this is how you would do that again we highly encourage everyone to stick to outlook for maintaining most of your contacts but this is available here you can create an online address book and it will be integrated with your calendar with your Dr and any of the other Google products and you can sort your your groups here by first name by last name by things that have been started by your most contacted all kinds of ways to organize your contact data.

Moving on is to have two more things here I believe to share with you. We'll throw it back to Emily. So one of the big features of the Google Apps for education is this group's function so the groups is a way that you could get a group of individuals together to have a little group forum and a mailing list.

And this gives your group administrator the ability to easily manage the access of members of the group and other Google apps so you can have a group and you can have one person has the ability to edit documents and post documents other people just have the ability to read and.

Access things that way. It's a nice way because here the group accounts your team your department you can manage files from one location. And then again one thing to remember we talked about this earlier but in order to avoid any kind of data loss you need to assign ownership of a departmental and team data to a group account because if you have any data that's owned by an individual it will be deleted if that person leaves you so that's very important to remember.

When you're working with group accounts we also recommend choosing to share with specific people so that you can assign those different access levels at your discretion. And as I mentioned earlier transferring the ownership of a folder within a group setting is does not transfer the ownership of the files within that folder the files have to be done separately so be very aware of that aspect of ownership with files.

And then I'm going to show you something here that this again as I mentioned at the beginning the real intent behind this Google Apps for education is for these groups spaces in these groups sites so if you have gotten one of these and you want to put together your site you want to do that here using the site tool.

And once you go in here actually the meat axe is from a different account I think I can show you the whole site. Right. It did not like that. You're with me just one moment here and I will get us in the. Let us do it. Again just going to google dot ru dot edu.

And he gives me the cast logon. Rate and if I go to sites yes we have a site that I'm involved with already so this is a template that's been designed as a kind of starter site if anyone gets if you are involved in one of these you can see here you can make a little introduction for yourself you can put your upcoming events announcements you get you can add any of these tools into your site so these sites are a great way to make a kind of easy website for your particular group there are different themes that come automatically that you can set up a site different color schemes and layouts that are all very nice I'm not really going to say anything more about these guys because if you're interested you should check out the on course Project site alternatives web in our that we did and there is a recording which I believe you can throw the link up in the chat if it hasn't been posted there already but that weapon are gives you an hour long introduction into all of the features of the site and what it could do so I would highly recommend that one if you are involved in one of these sites.

Last few things here there's a couple of other cool tools that might be fun for you. To go down to. Even more tools here so for example if you're interested if you are a student and your interest. It in starting a blog there is a tool here for blogging.

Someone here we go down here at the bottom you can start your own blog and it just gives you a template to do that very easily. There is also another option for doing blogs that are you which is blogs dot I you dot edu and this is what we recommend for faculty and staff if you're interested in starting your own blog that might be a service with checking out.

Some other services here these are all available to you there's also a Google is integrated with youtube so you can start your own Youtube channel here. But before you do that I also would recommend that you think about using Cultura particularly if you're going to be using videos in a.

Canvas site or a canvas course canvas integrates really well with culture which is I use kind of personal or the university version of You Tube So if you have some videos you want to put into a canvas class if you put them on you can embed them in campus and your students will have that option of linking waiting to youtube and getting lost in mind craft videos.

A few other tools that are available to you here that might be of interest in particular the analytics if you use this tool you can find out who's visiting your website and what kind of traffic you're getting. There's also google photos maps news that translating to all that I mentioned is also available through the site as well.

OK That was a very quick introduction to a lot of content there I hope that wasn't too fast I'm going to throw it back over to Emily now so she can talk to you a little bit about more about that issue of what to do if you have multiple Google accounts.

Aren't thinking I'm going to go all her earth I want to go all right how. Big. First wishing between accounts and all that Peter would you mind. Them in everybody sit out all right. There. Their ego. Perfect. You Some of you might have already run into this already but if you have a Google account book or May ninth with an eye you know a lot of dress like you're at I you got eighty two AD and he and I.

At Ivy Y. address or you had that address added as an alias to your personal Google account you might have an account conflict now you might not know that you're in either of those situations a lot of people don't they just created the account and didn't think about it after the fact the way to tell them is if you log into Google and hit either the screen that I'm showing you right now or.

This ring if you're seeing either one of these that means you have an account. Typically that you're going to need to follow the steps here you'll click get started it's going to either remove the alias from your account which won't when you think your capital still sign into it in the same way.

The content will go away nothing is going to happen with respect to that link. Yet I ask you to zoom in a bit so we can see them a little bit better are wonderful thank you a gown is a quality that. At any rate and this is covered in the K.B. as well all of its content including the stuff that's written here so you can get willing to bat in the check but as I was saying your event in the situation where it's going to take that alias away or.

Going to have to create a new personal G.-Mail account. If you had created an account before the nine using you or at Indiana etc email address in Google that was of personal account it would name the something at you but it wasn't only by you by you rather So that's why we're asking you now to move your institutional content if you had any there into an account that actually owned by all you and your personal content in that personal account into an at G.

mail address it's confusing if you need any help reached out the support center and your campus support on it will be happy to help and to help but that are you that each of you we can help you go through this process and again it's in the Cavies step by step that should be able to.

Get you set up with the account. Moving on I'm going to go through how to switch between more Google accounts a lot of us have different Google accounts you might have your new Google at you plus a Humalog. As a personal Google account or to a lot of us are signing into a lot of it when it counts and Google's night based and that you can be Zinah to those accounts so you don't have to keep walking and modeling at the switch but it can be confusing sometimes knowing what you count your log in to at any time.

So let me show you a couple of ways that you might run into this a really good example if I were to go to Dr Scott google dot com. This is a very common situation I'm going to drive and I'm wanting to access my files I get here and it's going to.

Look at Radio. I get to drive and there's nothing here and I'm thinking no where did my files go. I'm logged into the wrong account and what it comes down to the way that I can check what you cannot log into and switch between then I go to the very top right corner.

And if I click on this little icon that's what it that is up here it will give me a drop down with my different accounts I can sign in to you can see I've got my personal G.-Mail I've got a new mail account and I've got my Google ad a.

While But as I want it or am I google out on you account so I will quote the map. And there they are that's what I was looking for a very common scenario just make sure you're looking in the top right corner to make sure that you're signed into the account that you're expecting to be signed into if you don't see your account listed here you can click addict OUN.

And sign in to whichever account you are intending to access. Another Commons green that you will see. Will actually run into if you tried to authorize your Google let you drive through I use cloud storage website. So let's say I want to. Connect my Google and I you drive only with my storage at all you I want to be able to access my Google at you files on and on one of our virtual machine something along those lines if I click to off the rights.

It's going to ask me what chip count I want to sign into very common system the city and it's exactly what you would expect you're going to click on whatever account you want to use if you don't see the account listed there they're going. Click on Add account.

Of the me I will click on my Google at I you account and shoot out. And I'm done. Well next thing and that you want to be aware of if you've got a bunch of accounts if you have an account conflict you might want to move your data between those accounts that is mostly going to be handled by downloading that content and uploading it and when you count we have documentation about how to do that we can walk you through that.

Link or the knowledge base document in just a couple minutes that'll come in handy when mentioned in the chapter. You're leaving out you. Google accounts stay with you only as long as you have an active Google and I you account specifically only stay with you as long as you have an active status at the university like other accounts for example box.

When the E.U. move into a one month status that means you're no longer active student you're no longer after them will be your account will be disabled. You'll have some time to get a hold of the support center and will help you move your content out if you weren't able to get it out by the disabled and that one hundred eighty days later at that content will be deleted.

This means it is very very very important to make sure that your data is own by a group account if institutional data that you are using as part of a dodge Ector on a teen something along those lines so make sure that it's. You're using space or something along those lines and you need that.

Longer than you're going to get are you you're handling that data that played out pretty clearly and Katie you have any questions about that. You'll bring it to get in touch with your support. Or is that our teaching and learning that will be more than happy to help you.

Know about. When you're leaving the show are you retiring to actually retain access to Google that I knew of so that would be the exception to disable and. There are any questions that I think that's what I've got there well we've got a number of questions that are coming through but one thing that I wanted to mention just as it's come as it's coming in right now and I think Kevin really has.

Addressed a question that is coming from a lot of us which is there's incredible value in having all these choices and options for collaboration and storage but it's really kind of overwhelming by so many choices and so one of things that I had mentioned in the chat Pod briefly but wanted to say out loud is that we have a number of folks who are more than happy to help you try and narrow down your choices to the one or ones that will best fit your needs.

And so we can kind of give you a quick overview right now as to how we might make those choices but if you want to get ahold of us later I want to post some contact information for the support center and for the teaching and learning centers. But because we have those on all campuses but Emily if you were if someone were to come to you and say I don't know which one to choose do you have kind of a thirty second answer that you would give to someone who was overwhelmed by all these toys.

Sure I mean I would ask what they were trying to accomplish we do have a lot of options but they exist for different reasons and they're billing differently if somebody just wants to store piles maybe they want to collaborate on those files but more than anything they just need to put them someplace and share them out to other people box absolutely go to box that's what you're going to want to use if they come to me and say I need to store files but I also need to collaborate on those files and I need to have a mailing list that has a history of all the messages that I've sent everybody about this contents and I want to send that survey if they have a lot of needs that need to be filled by a single service that I'm going to recommend that they look into a group space.

We're going to those services that's generally how I would how I would do that where as. Another good comparison and we covered those that then the other weapon are something similar if somebody said to me I want to send out messages to my guru or team or what have you but I don't really care about file storage I list them that's where else on them for that kind of information and all of the needs to be we need to keep in mind that different storage options have different and approved data classifications that's very very important and that absolutely influences the decision that you're going to make so it can be complicated but we're here to have that conversation with you and your department and will be available to have that conversation with you we decided to narrow down what the needs are and I'm the one thing I'm going to have you pull up this site here that I just put into the chat Pod so we can just say a couple of.

Words about that data classification because it is something that is confusing concerning Can you zoom in on that chart it gives us some examples of the sorts of things that are considered critical overseas restricted to university internal or public and Google and I you as well as box there are both approved for restricted data so if you have something like student grades employee home addresses faculty staff even ization records detailed floor plans any of those sorts of things you can keep those at box at eye you or at Google at you but you shouldn't have them in personal accounts and the same would go for university internal information those are OK at both the box and I you or Google at you but if you have something like Social Security numbers passwords academic transcripts those sorts of things that is critical data and we cannot store that even in things like box.

You were Google what are you and that's something that you would want to talk to the data management folks about to find out where you should store that does that sound about right Emily and I captured it more or less there. Yeah absolutely and I would highly recommend that everybody really really hate to look at this because I completely understand when I say the word when anybody.

Universe of the internal That doesn't mean anything to a lot of people but brands. You know the numbers those are all meaningful words we know what that this kind of is great that I was in a very hopeful or faculty and that was. I and I was asking some questions so should you have a legitimate question because it's not really in the faculty speak I agree so if we have like an individual student assignment that would be fine and canvas and that would.

Probably be fine in box or Google so long as it doesn't have you know their so scary number or their full academic transcript for final grades I would definitely not put that in box or Google but for individual Great Artist time if for some reason you need to store it outside canvas What do you think Emily is that something you would send them to data management to discuss or do you think we have a handle on that.

I would definitely be a management and end of the day I think a lot of this is going to be it's teaching and learning if there's a student that is related to teaching and learning and i answer is yes you should be using that dating because Canada is your or teaching and learning Google that you.

Need. OK let's see so. Trying to look through the chat Pod to see if there are other questions that we can address out loud. And you know I think for those of you like George and Cindy who are dealing with multiple groups and you have a legitimate point the reason why we've gone with so many options at this point is because it has happened for multiple reasons some of it is because there are some tools that are better suited to the sorts of things that need to be done at the university than others there is unfortunately no one service that will really meet all of our needs efficiently and so it's unfortunate that we end up for those of us trying to manage multiple groups kind of herding cats in that way and that's where doing your best to determine from the start we are tools going to meet the best needs is the best way to move forward but there's no denying that it gets complicated.

It is complicated and I think the reality technology is that technology is you know that people have been using I am a personal drive user I've been using it for a long time and I use box when I'm at work if he does is the ecosystem we're living in right now and try to deal with that the best we can we get information out there how to make choices between different services but it is just a complicated technical while we're living in and right now.

The best we can do is write it try to get the information out there and try to keep it I use information in use under our use of well and that is one of the reasons that we now have Google that you know that people are using their personal Google accounts for their I use.

OK so for going into the. Setting up a group site we do have a weapon our recording that goes to talks about the different projects site options if you had an on course Project site and one of the sections in that is actually how to set up your group site in Google and I you and so I'm going to put that link to that again into the chat Pod for you so give me just a second I'll do that Peter are you seeing any other questions that it would be helpful to address out loud.

No I see a lot of very understandable venting about the. Amount of options people have these days but I think Emily did a really nice job it's explaining that it's best possible at this point. There is more coming here from Douglas. And Lee perhaps you can address that one too.

That is that's a point of deception Well one of the things to know about Google apps that I you under. You will especially keep talking about what we're going to do one we haven't pushed it out and that is. Like technology the nature of any technology it's going to grow we're going to listen to what you guys are asking us you know and your nation changes at changes that kind of thing where we're taking in the information that you're you're asking us and we're going to be trying to responsibly make those changes over time so I don't have a specific answer for you right now but it is definitely a part of a conversation and if there are plans to integrate the accounts in that way you'll definitely know as soon as.

We've gotten to that point we have a few people so I mean really. Yeah actually I was going to suggest that we talk about the need to to back up things that are stored in Google and I you know and my mission is that it is backed up on multiple servers yes.

That is correct. For what it's worth I am coming from support so I always recommend that people back up in that multiple places but it is backed up so it isn't necessary OK It does look like that we've got some desire to get into the details about setting up group spaces I think if there's enough call her that that is something that we could address in another weapon are what I'm going to do is add a link on our page or in the next session to the evaluation it please mention if you have time to fill out that I value I should be very helpful and mention the sorts of things that you would like covered because we can create a separate webinars for that we try to cover a number of things we get kind of an overview of Google that are you in the session but I think if there are people who need more details like Northwest and George both mentioned then we can absolutely do one of those as well we want to make sure that people's training needs are met so just mention that in the evaluation or send an e-mail to training at a utility you are going to type type that in.

I was typing in the website accidently. So I feel free to send a message with that request because that is something that we would be more than happy to range I think that's a very reasonable request. Like I said this was an overview we had a lot to cover and there's a lot of questions and this is a new service.

So we wanted to give the best overview that we could but as we find tools that need more targeted training we can certainly address that as well in the meantime we'll stick around for some minutes to answer additional questions if you have a question you feel wasn't really addressed by those of us in the chat Pod or outloud feel free to.

Copy that back into the chat pot and we will do our best to answer that if you do need to leave us today we ask you to take just a couple of minutes to fill up that web in our valuation that would be a huge help. And like I said will stick around to answer additional questions but thank you very much for attending today we hope that you are excited to get started with Google and I you if it seems like something is going to meet your needs and again don't hesitate to contact us if you're not sure which tool will meet your needs we're happy to help as best we can.

This recording provides an overview and demonstration of Google Apps for Education (GAFE), available through Google@IU.