Working with Content

Creating Assets

Since the menu bar no longer exists, many existing users have problems finding the asset factories available for them to create assets. The same asset factories you had before still exist, they've just been moved from the "New" menu item to the "Add Content" link at the top of the page.

Take a look at the following screenshots to see the change:

So as you can see, the asset factories remain unchanged, they've just been moved to a new menu item as Hannon Hill streamlined the asset interfaces. 

For more information about creating content in Cascade CMS version 8, see the video, Content Creation, on the Hannon Hill Knowledge Base.

Editing Assets

As you're working with Cascade CMS version 8, it's helpful to remember that the experience has been redesigned to streamline the processes for working with assets. Editing content in Cascade CMS version 8 is a good example of this. For example, here's how initiating an edit has changed:

In Cascade CMS version 7, you could edit assets by selecting the asset and clicking the edit tab or by pointing to the asset, clicking the small downward-pointing triangle, and choosing edit. 

In Cascade CMS version 8, you can edit assets by selecting the asset and clicking the edit link or by right-clicking the asset and clicking edit. 

See the following screenshots for examples:

The edit interface has also changed significantly. In Cascade CMS version 7, the edit interface was a separate page. In Cascade CMS version 8, the edit interface is an overlay.

Save vs. Submit

Let's look at the two different ways of saving your assets in Cascade CMS. Specifically, we're talking about drafts and versions.

A version of an asset is the publishable iteration of that asset in Cascade CMS. A draft is a way to save changes to an asset without creating a new version.

Let's look at how this is accomplished in both Cascade CMS versions 7 and 8: