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Pearson Vue Certification Exams

Certification exams enable EdCert course participants to earn professional certifications in advanced IT skills. Additionally, while most exams normally cost $150-$250 or more to take, participants in Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and CompTIA EdCert courses can take Microsoft exams for free or CompTIA exams for a heavily discounted price by first passing the related Transcender practice exam on two separate occasions.

Who is eligible?

To earn the exam discounts associated with the EdCert program, you must have attended at least one Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) or CompTIA EdCert course and passed a related Transcender practice exam on two occasions to earn a free voucher or a substantial discount on an associated certification exam. The SharePoint and Mac OS EdCert courses do not use MOC or CompTIA materials so participants in those courses are not eligible for this program.

What certification exams are available?

Pearson Vue offers hundreds of different certification exams. Visit the Pearson Vue external link web site for more information. IT Training offers a discount program for Pearson Vue’s Microsoft and CompTIA exams.

With Microsoft’s certification program, you must pass all exams listed in a single track to obtain the professional designation. As an example, if you are working towards your Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Administrator credential, you must pass both the 70-680 and 70-685 exams. You can take the exams in any order, but you must have passed both to earn the MCITP: Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Administrator.

Some of the most popular Microsoft certifications and the exams you need to pass to earn them are listed below:

Certification Title Needed Exams (listed by exam number)
PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Administrator 70-680, 70-686
PRO: Windows 7, Enterprise Desktop Support Administrator 70-680, 70-685
PRO: Windows Server 2008, Server Administrator 70-640, 70-642, 70-646
PRO: Database Administrator 2008 70-432, 70-450
PRO: SharePoint Administrator 2010 70-667, 70-668

The CompTIA certification program offers a broad range of additional exams. Check out the full list of certification exams on the CompTIA external link web site.

How do I earn certification?

You earn certification by passing every exam listed for that certification title. See preceding question.

How do I prepare to take an exam?

Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) and CompTIA EdCert course attendees can sign up for 30 days of free access to a Transcender practice exam. These exams cover the same topics in the same question style as are on the real exams, so they are an ideal preparation tool. In addition, users who pass their Transcender practice exam on two separate occasions and submit proof of such can receive a certification exam voucher for free or for a substantial discount, greatly lowering the cost of taking the Pearson Vue exam. See details on our Transcender practice exam page.

Additional certification exam preparation resources can be found in our Prometric Exam Prep group. Available resources include recorded presentations that help you prepare for specific exams and information about the Skillsoft self-study resources that cover many of the topics covered in the certification exams.

What is the cost to take an individual exam?

Microsoft Official Curriculum (MOC) EdCert course participants who have passed two instances of the same Transcender practice exam for a Microsoft certification will receive a voucher enabling them to take the certification exam at no charge. If you are preparing to take a CompTIA certification, passing the Transcender preparatory exam two times will enable you to purchase a CompTIA exam voucher at a heavily discounted price. See the CompTIA exam price list for more information.

How do I sign up to take an exam?

You can take an exam at any Pearson Vue center or if available via the Online Proctor process.

You can find testing locations and start the registration process for a Microsoft Exam at: external link.

You can find testing locations and start the registration process for a CompTIA exam at: external link.

Be sure to bring your exam voucher with you.

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