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This is a FAQ for IT Training's products and services; for more general technology help at IU, see the Knowledge Base external link.

What training options are available?

IT Training's award-winning instructor-led workshops are available on more than 80 beginning to advanced computing and information technology topics. Certificate Series combine multiple workshops in a sequential order; they enable you to earn certificates and increase your skills over time by attending a series of related workshops.

IT Training also offers online webinars and blended learning workshops, along with a wide range of self-study training resources. Learn more.

What certificate and certification option are available?

A certificate usually indicates that you've attended training, whether online or in person. Certification indicates that you've successfully completed an assessment that appraises your knowledge or skills on a topic. IT Training offers several certificate and certification options

What should I expect in an IT Training workshop?

Most workshops range from 50 minutes to three hours long and combine instructor-led lecture with hands-on practice. Each participant is provided with step-by-step materials and a computer. Assistants are always available to help workshop participants during the workshop. Most individual workshops meet in our classrooms and use exercise files which you can download from our site if you want to practice on your own.

What should I expect in an IT Training Coaching Session?

Coaching Sessions are free sessions where an IT Training staff member is on hand to answer your questions about how to apply what you learned in the workshops to your real-world projects. Any subjects we cover in our workshops or IT Training Tips blog are fair game! After you register for a coaching session, we will contact you for more information about which topic you’d like coaching on and to schedule a time to meet with you during the coaching session meeting time. You will get a minimum of 20 minutes of direct one-on-one consultation with IT Training staff; the total amount of help time you receive will depend on the interests and training needs of other participants.


  • It is important that you respond when we contact you regarding what you want to learn in your Coaching Session so that we can make sure that the appropriate staff member is available. Please make sure that the contact information in your IT Training profile is up to date so we can contact you. If we do not receive a response from you, we may not be able to serve you during the session.
  • To allow us to provide the best service you must register for the Coaching Session at least 3 days ahead of time. Walk-ins are not allowed.

Who can attend IT Training workshops and events?

IT Training's primary mission is to serve the students, faculty and staff of Indiana University, but we welcome everyone in the community to participate in our workshops and events. Feel free to contact us directly if you can't find what you need.

How can non-IU participants take IT Training workshops and webinars?

To be able to register for workshops, non-IU users and IU Alumni need to create a Guest account external link. Please use the Account Management System to create a Guest account external link which you can then use to log in.

What is the cost for attending workshops?

Most 2 to 3½ hour workshops cost:

  • IU students, staff and faculty: Free
  • IU Alumni and IU affiliates (IU Health, IU Foundation, IU Credit Union, I-Light etc.): $20
  • Non-IU members of non-profit organizations, and general public: $30

Most 4 to 6 hour workshops cost:

  • IU students, staff and faculty: Free
  • IU Alumni and IU affiliates (IU Health, IU Foundation, IU Credit Union, I-Light etc.): $30
  • Non-IU members of non-profit organizations, and general public: $45

Most 90 minute workshops cost:

  • IU students, staff and faculty: Free
  • IU Alumni and IU affiliates (IU Health, IU Foundation, IU Credit Union, I-Light etc.): $10
  • Non-IU members of non-profit organizations, and general public: $15

Most shorter than 90 minute workshops cost:

  • IU students, staff and faculty: Free
  • IU Alumni and IU affiliates (IU Health, IU Foundation, IU Credit Union, I-Light etc.): $10
  • Non-IU members of non-profit organizations, and general public: $15

Multi-day EdCert workshops

  • IU students, and eligible staff and faculty: price varies from $200 to $600 depending on length of workshop

Note about IT Training Certificate Series: Paying participants receive a 10% discount when they register for all workshops in a Certificate Series at once.

Are retired IU faculty and staff eligible to take workshops at no charge?

Faculty and staff with official retiree status (see external link) can register for IT Training workshops at no charge.

How do I register for a workshop or Certificate Series?

You can register online for individual workshops, register online for a Certificate Series, or contact us so we can register you for the workshop or series you want. Cash or check immediately before a workshop in Wells Library IC103 can be accepted through the UITS Support Center. (Note: this applies only to IC103 workshops.) Please note that since the materials for most EdCert workshops are ordered from a 3rd party source, you must register for EdCert workshops 3 business days in advance of the first teach date to guarantee your seat. If you have missed the cut off date and would like to register, please contact our IUPUI office and we will try to accommodate you.

What can I expect if I arrive late to a workshop?

We often have waiting lists for workshops and need to attend to the needs of all workshop participants. Consequently, If you are late to a workshop you may lose your seat to a walk-in participant. We also reserve the right to not seat or assist participants who arrive more than 10 minutes after the workshop start time.

How do I best prepare to attend a workshop?

Please check the description of all workshops you are registered for to see if they have recommended skills or a prerequisite workshop. If you don’t have the required skills already, you can get them by taking the prerequisite workshop or acquiring equivalent experience on your own beforehand. This will enable you to get the full benefit of the workshop you are attending.

How do I get to the IT Training classroom and where can I park?

See our directions & parking page for this information.

What if I need to cancel a workshop enrollment?

In the unlikely event that we cancel or reschedule a workshop, we will notify you and refund your enrollment fee.

If you register for an event and cannot attend, you need to cancel your enrollment at least 24 hours before the date of the workshop, to receive a refund of your enrollment fee or protect your free registration privileges (see below). If you have extenuating circumstances please contact us. You can cancel enrollments online from your account or by contacting us. You can also reschedule your enrollment by contacting us.

Important note for paying IT Training Certificate Series participants:
If you register for all workshops in a series at once and receive the 10% discount, you will not be able to cancel an individual workshop enrollment from the website. If you are in this situation, and a conflict arises that will prevent you from attending a series workshop you are registered for, contact us and we will work with you to reschedule you into another session of the same workshop.

What is IT Training's free workshop enrollment cancellation policy?

Our workshops are popular and we therefore strive to ensure we have seats available for everyone. Accordingly, anyone who registers for and fails to attend or give adequate advance cancellation notice for three free workshops during an academic year will lose their free registration privileges for the rest of that academic year. If you need to cancel a free workshop enrollment, you must cancel your enrollment at least 24 hours before the date of the workshop to avoid this problem. If you have extenuating circumstances please contact us. You can cancel enrollments online from your account or by contacting us.

Anyone who loses their free registration privileges will still be able to register for a seat in free workshops by paying a registration fee. They will also be able to take advantage of the free registration option by walking in and registering at the workshop itself provided seats are available.

What accommodation does IT Training provide for those with accessibility issues?

All of our classrooms are wheelchair accessible. We can provide assistance for persons with disabilities. Advance notice is important, so contact us if you have a need.

What do I need to attend an online presentation?

We use several online conferencing solutions, such as Adobe Connect and Microsoft LiveMeeting. Regardless of the platform, to attend and participate in an online presentation, you will need:

  • Broadband connection
  • Cookies enabled in your web browser
  • Speakers or headphones

What is the difference between an online workshop and a webinar?

You participate in online workshops and webinars through your web browser, so in that sense they are the same. But webinars are presentations that do not facilitate speaking or hands-on practice exercises for participants. Online workshops are like our regular classroom workshops in that they do facilitate assisted hands-on practice. Participants can also speak in the online workshop classroom using microphones if they want to.

The table below describes the differences:

  Webinar Online Workshop
Attend from anywhere X X
Use headsets to listen X X
Ask questions via chat X X
Ask Questions with microphone   Optional
Hands-on practice exercises   X
Need application to participate   X
Need IT Training materials to follow   X

How do I request a workshop for my academic class, department, group or business?

You can request a specially scheduled session of one of our instructor-led, hands-on workshops for your academic class, department, group or business.

How can I customize my IT Training experience with my user profile?

You can use your IT Training user profile to let us know your preferred contact information and to tailor your site experience and communication preferences. See details below. We will not share any of your personally identifiable information with anyone; please see our privacy policy for more information.

  • Basic Demographic Information
    • For users associated with Indiana University, your profile is automatically created when you log in. The listed demographic information is the publicly available information on IU central systems, but you can specify your preferred alternate emergency phone contact information.
    • For non-IU users, the general demographic information you see is what you supplied to Indiana University when you created your IU guest account, however, you must also select your status to be able to register for workshops. You can specify your preferred phone contact information for emergencies and an alternate email address if you prefer that we contact you at an email address different from the one associated with your IU guest account.
  • Additionally, all users can fill in the following optional information to customize your IT Training experience:
    • Site Preferences
      • Allows you to select one or more preferred campus locations so you will automatically see events for those campuses only when you log in.
    • Communications Preferences
      • These preferences allow you to:
        • choose whether to get an automatic email reminder from us 2 days before an event you are enrolled in is to be taught.
        • choose to receive our once a month electronic newsletter it2go

Please contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you have regarding your IT Training user profile.

How does IT Training protect my privacy?

The privacy of individuals who visit the IT Training web site, attend our workshops, and use any of our other services is of the utmost importance to us. See the IT Training Privacy Policy.

Does IT Training offer a guarantee?

Yes. If you pay to attend any IT Training event and are not completely satisfied with it, contact us to let us know and we will cheerfully refund your registration fee.

What is required to complete an IT Training workshop?

In accordance with 38 CFR 21.4254 (b)(6) Nonaccredited Courses, the Grade Policy for UITS Training workshops delivered online or on campus at IUB or IUPUI, the program's pass/fail criteria is based on attendance for each course. To be marked present, the student must attend the majority of any single training workshop or session, that is, more than fifty percent. In some cases, instructor discretion may be used.

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